UPDATE: We’ve removed the recording of our livestream because it didn’t explain how we’re going to compete with Microsoft, wasn’t any fun to watch and it’s too soon to reveal the details of what’s coming next. We’re working now and will show the results when they’re ready to actually be seen!

Next week on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 9pm Eastern US time (click here for time zone conversion) we’ll be doing another livestream Q&A on our YouTube channel. We’re accepting questions on this form to answer during the session.

In case you missed the previous rounds of this, this is a streaming broadcast featuring:

  • Austin Meyer, owner & creator of X-Plane
  • Ben Supnik, desktop product manager
  • Chris Serio, mobile product manager
  • Alex Unruh, art director
  • …and a handful of other special X-Plane friends.

If you can’t make the live broadcast, a recording will be available afterwards as well.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

70 comments on “Live Q&A Next Week

  1. all my flights are in Vr. In order not to have to remove the oculus helmet: is it possible to add a move VR icon in the RV device? “In order to have ATC information and weather in place”. The mouse takes up a lot of space! The writings of the G1000 are hard to read. everything else everything works fine with a fps of 40.

    1. We have been alternating between ‘early’ (lunch-time in the US east coast) and ‘late’ (after dinner in the US east coast) so that sometimes Europe doesn’t have to stay up late, and sometimes it’s not early in the work day in the western US. The last one was early for Europe, so this one is late for the US.

      The Q/A video should be available to watch later, so you can also just submit a question now and see if it is answered later.

      (We are not going to attempt to answer questions directly off the live comments feed during the video. This is not because we want to avoid awkward questions – we made the assumption when planning this that we’d get asked about FS2020 and concluded that if we really didn’t want to talk about it, we should cancel the whole Q/A. Rather we’re trying to get questions in advance because the live comment feed goes by really fast and it was really hard for someone to pick off the interesting questions in real-time.)

  2. OK, I have this question: Is it realistic to assume that a working (read: with reasonable resource requirements and performance and no new bugs) Vulcan implementation will come within X-Plane 11? Or are there too many issues left that need much more time?

    While I’m at it: Is it expected that the collision modelling will be improved within X-Plane 11? I mean: Will it be possible to fly through houses and trees forever? The ideal solution would allow to use the corner of a building and a wing-tip to make a tighter turn 😉 Likewise Would it be hard to implement”persistent damage”, that is damages (to the plane) that are saved with the plane or flight? I think that would add some more realism.

    Personaly I feel that such internals are more important than additional eye-candy.

      1. I disagree
        What X-Plane made it is today is better flight physics not eye candy.
        I’m sure a great but small company like Laminar Research would doing hard to compete the giant MS at eye candy.

        Let FS2020 be the better game, X-Plane should be the better flightsim in the futere too.

        1. Sorry, I disagree. Isn’t the main difference between XP10 and XP11 the visuals, performance and the user interface? I find it hard to believe that X-Plane suddenly became so popular with its eleventh installment because the physics suddenly improved a lot…

        2. well will find out on the 21st if that will still be true or not but it looks like this team working on FS20 may be updating the flight model to be BETTER then XP has

    1. Don’t forget IFR. In the “mountainous west” the XP ATC descends me into mountains for CFIT every time. Not to mention that it always and only clears for a visual, even with the weather set well below minimums.

  3. Now that Microsoft has announced their new flight simulator, has that changed any plans you have/had for x-plane or will you follow your roadmap as planned?

  4. 1) Will X-plane 12 include volumetric clouds and realistic looking water?

    2) New road/street types, junctions, bridges etc. in the future with smoother curves and improve behaviour of cars and trains to follow the roads better?

    3) More variety in trees / vegetation for different world regions?

    4) Improve the realism of how wind and turbulences affects GA planes? Currently, it seems like most planes fly straight without much effort in flying. If you increase wind or turbulence, the plane starts shaking very much like moving its direction using sinusoidal waves which feels unrealistic. Should be much more random.

    5) World Map for easy selection of airport in the menu (Maybe in X-plane 12)? The map should ideally show all 3rd party airports / sceneries from the custom scenery folder, and all x-plane built-in airports with 3d scenery.

    6. Vulkan and multi-core!

    Thank you very much for your hard work! 🙂

    1. Why do you talk about X-Plane 12 when v11 hasn’t done its homework?
      Remember: X-Plane 10 should have had better ATC. Did it?
      X-Plane 11 is expected to get better ATC. Did it? (I mean compared to what competitors had about 10 years ago when RAM and CPU power was really low)
      I think the way to build a flight plan (any “easy mode”?) is still very complicated and it needs third-party tools.
      On the winds: Don’t mix up “chaotic” with “random”: Random means there is no pattern, while chaotic means the pattern is too difficult to grasp 😉

      1. I like # 1 #2 & #6 especially. I don’t care about #4.

        Yes, Ulrich, 10 years ago FSX still had better features than x-plane. ATC, Ground Traffic, JetBridge movement etc. all built into the sim by default.

  5. Hi guys, I have a question: Is there any plan to make visual and relatively simple to use tools for terrain editing in X-plane? Maybe as part of WED. This would be a big help for scenery development. Thanks for all the great work! 🙂

    1. Yep. I (for those who don’t know me: I’m developing XP custom-meshes – new meshes, but also editing existing meshes – for a couple of years now) recently published an article on my website, describing why a (official) tool, a (common) terrain-patch-repository, and of course also a user-friendly (in XP integrated) terrain-patching-mechanism would be very welcome.

      I also made some suggestions for possible solutions (and already realized some parts of the proposed solutions). In short: WED to edit terrain meshes, or – to be more precise – to create terrain-patches, is also what I would suggest. Further reading: .

    1. Maybe because most of them read only the title; that explains some awkward/stupid comments you can find around the blog.

    1. Mobile is a waste of time, it’s not ergonomic to hold a phone and tilt it continuously, plus the viewing angle is limited. Put the focus all into desktop and drop mobile

  6. Entry level user experience suggestion: As an entry level user I would like X-Plane to determine the optimal environment settings based on the actual performance of my PC (Win/Mac/Linux) by optionally running through self-tests (like the detailed output generated by the command line tests) based on the locations I indicate I tend to fly most in, so that I can squeeze the best visual performance out of my hardware.

    I am continually amazed by the wonderful work being done and reported on by the team regularly on all aspects of sim development (flight realism, environment realism, visual realism…) and am just hopeful that some of the amazing analytical tools I’m sure are used internally for testing sim performance under lots of different situations could be packaged in some more minimal form and made available to users to click a button or two to say “take some time, run a bunch of scenarios or tests and tell me what will likely be a realistic upper end to settings in the sim”. I know some people prefer visual minimalism but need absolute minimums of fps with high flight modelling and environmental fidelity, and others may care more for just eye candy, but really an intelligent set of tests analyzed by some generally intelligent script will often do far better than the average person.

    I recognize there are general presets and simple sliders…I suppose I’m just wondering if the sim could offer more of its analytical muscle itself to drive setting decisions based on analyzing actual performance data. Over the years I’ve written many bash scripts using the CLI tests to attempt this to some success, but ignorantly believe many others out there might appreciate the sim applying its own smarts even more along these lines to help optimize the experience on each machine individually.

    Thanks for considering.

  7. Very disappointing, each live stream is more underwhelming than the last. I expect that once the FS2020 is released most people that came to XP11 will leave again. Out of a lack of better options a lot of people came to XP11 3 years ago. There is a lot to like about XPlane, mainly the open nature of the sim, ability to highly customize it and very active freeware scene (Zibo alone is probably responsible for good portion of your XP11 sales). However there is also a lot to dislike – things that have been requested over and over again for at least 5 years – weather that does not suck, traffic that does not suck, atc that does not suck. None of these major things were addressed in the past years and it does not seem they will be addressed at all in the foreseeable future. Instead we got Austins electric plane which nobody except him cares about, great. And mobile, nobody cares about mobile. There was a huge gap in the consumer flightsim market for at least 5 years but you guys blew it. Over the past 6 years I invested a lot of money into the Xplane ecosystem but unless MS completely screws it up even I will probably make the jump. And why not? If it works nice, flies nice and looks nice what’s stopping me? I like Xplane and I’d much rather give my money to a studio that is in a business of making flightsims instead of a soulless corporation but the lack of any progress in these key areas is incredibly frustrating. Are you guys aware that there is about 10 different weather modification addons and the same number of traffic/atc addons? Clearly this is what everyone wants. But in the end they all suck because they are limited by Xplane itself. What have you guys been doing in the past 3 years?? I guess we will see what XP12 brings. Sorry for the rant.

    1. Hi Bob,

      I think I’ve said almost all I have to say about this in my reply to Brian, but I do have to comment on “nobody cares about mobile.”

      Our mobile users do.

      Now we’re writing a simulator that is _mostly_ shared between mobile and desktop. The effect of this is to _widen_ our user base. It lets us sell X-Plane to more people. And X-plane’s development is completely funded by _the money we make from selling X-Plane_.

      So it just makes Chris and I _completely_ crazy when we get a stream of “drop mobile! Forget about mobile! Just focus on Desktop! Did you know Microsoft is coming?”

      Why would we intentionally cut off a big chunk of users to save a _small_ amount of coding work? If we’re going to compete against an extremely well-funded competitor, having X-Plane be a smaller product is absolutely _not_ a winning strategy.

      1. In support of Laminar Research, I know what it’s like to be a software developer working in a small team on a popular product. There are always plenty of ideas to implement but not a lot of hours to devote to each good idea. Yes, Microsoft has decided to once again re-enter the market. So what? Will it encourage Laminar Research to step up their game? Of course! Competition is a good thing. It brings out the best in people. Will Laminar Research suddenly decide to abandon the flight simulation market because it isn’t making enough bank for them? Unlikely. Return to the “serial market-place abandoner” if you want but I’m sticking with X-Plane because it isn’t developed by a soulless corporate giant. It’s developed by people with a passion for flight simulation, not necessarily making eye candy.

      2. I must say that for the last couple of years I was using xplane 11 instead of p3d and fsx since it was the most pleasing experience. I still do. However to be honest I will buy MFS2020 from day one and probably if pleased from the new product I will at some time uninstall xplane 11 but always remember it for giving me lots of fun from the many hours of simming. The reason is that asides from the new lighting system, pbr etc etc once xplane 11 came out the whole visual experience is exactly the same as xplane 10. I am mostly flying at dusk or at dawn since at daylight the scenery feels so outdated. Of course simming is not all about the visuals but you have to admit that it plays a huge role in giving us a feel of reality.

        11.40 is a great update but what about the weather system, what about the turbulance which feels so unrealistic. What about the clouds ?
        Xplane is a product thats not new, but still has the same issues unsolved such as atc,weather…for years.
        I understand that Microsof is a huge company with huge funds but I must say that the people who come out and talk about the product seem full of soul, excitement and care to hear the feedback from the community. You also seem to have a passion for flight simming but you seem to be very introverted.
        As for the q&a video it was very disappointing, very unproffesional and it did not give us anything back. Hope that you will step up your game so that we will have to choose and not go directly to MFS2020.

        Sorry for being so blunt but thats my opinion….thanks

      3. Ben,

        While X-Plane mobile might be important for mobile users, I bet hardly anyone of the users who came to see your stream from the dev blog page link ever bothered to load it even once. When I came to the stream 10 minutes late after it began and then had to listen about mobile for 30 minutes and then about other largely vague or unrelated stuff for the rest of the time, it really left me emotionally emptied in the end. Please, take the path that Asobo took which is turn towards your users. Otherwise, this emotional emptiness towards your product will just grow up to the point that X-Plane will repeat the fate of MS Flight. Time to change, and drastically…

        1. The funny thing is, every time we mention something like Vulkan or anything desktop related, our mobile users climb on our roof and shout “but where is mobile? Screw desktop”. To say that the mobile user base wasn’t watching the live stream is ludicrous, because every live stream (this one included) we get a lot of people asking in the chat about mobile.

          I’m also not sure what you mean that we aren’t listening to our users. Development doesn’t happen over night, roadmaps are made well in advance. But you know what? They are made based on user feedback. A long time ago we have decided to do the Vulkan and Metal port, because the overwhelming feedback we got for X-Plane is that it’s great, but it should run faster and without stutters. And that is completely true, which is why we invested so much time and resources into the port. Granted, we were hoping to be long done with it, but it is what it is.

          1. Would it be fair to say there are two camps that are pretty much ignorant of the other – generally speaking? It would be too much to ask for separate Q&A’s for sure, but if you let us know in advance what will be covered first, and what second, perhaps that would douse the fires of angst a bit. Something like setting expectations so that each user type knows they’re going to get their fair share of your time. A format of sorts?

            Part of all the angst that we’re reading here in the comments is likely due to the free-form, stream of consciousness style of presentation.

  8. That Q and A was, I believe, a mistake. Who at LR thought it would be a good idea?

    Bad sound and video was just the start of a largely uninformative experience, featuring a great deal of in-house, nodding compliance and too much talk about matters only remotely connected to XPlane users, such as VTOL and the promise of an XPlane Lancair just like Austin’s. There was no mention of how you will resolve the long-standing and serious shortcomings in this simulation, which you are aware of and I will not list.

    The recording was badly produced, and watching it was painful. The LR team sitting like nodding dogs around the boss made you all look like a little band led by an overwhelmingly powerful leader.

    Inviting questions by email but only picking a couple to half-answer them confirmed my suspicion that a personal contribution might not be worthwhile. In the event, the wandering off-topic, led by Austin and his pet pre-occupations of the moment, gave me no sense of a community-based LR purpose.

    Staging that session was, in my view, a bad decision, albeit made with the best of intentions. If you want to do this stuff, hire some professionals. Meanwhile, stick to the knitting at which you are so good at.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I thought it was a good idea – and by that I do not mean that I thought it went well or that I am happy with the results (I am definitely -not-). I thought it was a good idea in that I thought it was better to come out and talk than to hide when MSFS 2020 is around and we are being asked about it constantly, and the idea to get questions ahead of my time was my idea because I was frustrated that it has been so hard in the past to find questions in the live chat because the interesting questions get buried under an avalanche of junky posts. We got over 1000 questions and spoke on topics covering a _lot_ of them, but there’s no question in hindsight that we should either take the questions live or not take them at all.

      The truth is, this was a really awkward time for us to do a live stream.
      – Vulkan and Glomo are coming out next month – so we have big things we have been busting our asses on all summer that we thought were relevant.
      – Our work on the desktop sim post-Vulkan, the things that are probably most relevant to competing with MSFS – aren’t ready to be rolled out to the public yet.

      So I don’t know. I don’t like the results of the video, but hiding in a corner when we’ve almost finished Glomo and Vulkan doesn’t feel right either.


      1. Welcome to Catch 22. Or something like that. 😉

        Asking for pre-questions was a decent idea. There were really two primary issues from my standpoint, and I think that they may make sense to you fellows.

        1. If it’s 9:00 in the evening, chances are good you (the group) are tired, full of dinner and perhaps an adult beverage or two. (No judgement!) This may not have been the best scheduling choice.

        You’re recording the stream, so do it at a time that’s convenient for the team. You’re providing a valuable connection to your user-base that we thoroughly enjoy, and that in turn is valuable to you. You want to present yourself when feeling at your best, and that will prevent disappointment in the results.

        If there’s a way to disable the chat stream, do so. That way no one is distracted, or no one should have a laptop open in front of them. (This will also prevent irritation by the anti-mobile/anti-desktop trolls).

        2. Review the questions first – talk about what you’re going to talk about before the live stream. Someone then needs to be the designated referee during the chat to keep you guys on topic and the event flowing.

        I’ll likely never use X-Plane mobile. I’m practically hard wired to my various desktop systems. But I think what Chris is doing is staggeringly important for the viability of the sim in competition with any other flight sim, let alone the shiny new offering soon to be on the block.

        In my mind the biggest differentiation between FSX and X-Plane has always been the ease of developing additional and sometimes experimental aircraft. Being able to bring 3rd party aircraft into mobile would be huge, and that could stimulate all kinds of sales for all kinds of people. Naturally, that brings the SDK and plugins along for the ride too. If the code is sufficiently common, this should be very do-able. (But what do I know… ?)

        Not everyone understands that you’ve been trying to keep old rendering processes unchanged, and to some point broken if they’re broken, in order to keep OpenGL X-Plane stable enough to measure your Vulkan/Metal progress. Then again, not everyone is a developer.

        Keep fighting the good fight, Ben. Just like SpaceX, every step forward, even if it blows up your shiny rocket, is a chance to learn and improve. Thanks for taking those steps. But please don’t blow up your rocket!! 😀

        1. yeah i stopped using mobile after the tutorial had me reduce power and then showed the plane decelerating. that’s completely wrong. if you pull power on a plane and touch nothing else, the airplane will DESCEND, not lower its airspeed.

      2. I agree that hiding in a corner is not right, but this is definitely NOT a good time to improvise.

        Those are really tense times because there is a huge expectation around Vulkan, Mobile and MSFS (I guess you already know that). And for each one of those there is a insane battle going against:
        “Vulkan is garbage, you should just port everything to engine [‘name’] ”
        “Drop mobile, yadda yadda yadda”
        “MSFS is going to kill em all”
        …and so goes on.

        The team got all the important questions in advance (like a week before?), had time to prepare and plan the best strategy to answer them all in order to both calm people down AND excite them for the future. IMO, the best way is to just make a script and follow it from start to finish. It’s like politics: the speech is always planned ahead with a mission in mind, politicians just make it sound like it’s spontaneous 🙂

        It’s ok to tell a joke, bully your buddy on the right or pet the cat, but since people are on fire right now, keeping focus on answers will also demonstrates how focused you are on what’s coming ahead.


      3. Thank you, Ben. I appreciate your candour and I naturally support LR’s desire to maintain a dialogue with users, which it already does well – for example, via this forum.

        You say you’re in two minds about fronting up or staying quiet in a corner. I’d suggest that if that session was in some way a reaction to the hype surrounding FS2020, it could never have matched Microsoft’s super-slick marketing techniques. Nor does it need to.

        In my view, LR might do better to remain off-air unless and until it has something dramatically important to announce.

  9. I’m sorry for you guys. I think people has become a little crazy after MSFS second trailer.

    I mean, I’m the first who want to try the new sim, with those stunning graphics and features. But coming here to attack LR just because doesn’t have the same features yet, or because they talked about GloMo and not about what you want them to talk, or because of the mic position (I can hear it perfectly from PC or IPhone. Not the best quality but good enough) … it’s a little childish.

    With that said. I know your first steps now are Glomo and Vulkan. But, even as you said, you are not ready to talk about it yet, some words about what you actually got in mind about the next steps could have been great.

    Anyways. Let’s see how well Vulcan evolves.

  10. Dear Ben,

    I’m telling you, the right answer to MSFS is defenetly NOT the scenery, not even the flight model (and not the mobile version). It is the performance, the gameplay and the Content(!) of X-Plane 11! I think you did X-Plane and the community a great favor in delevering some more content. Some thing people can notice other than loss of performance. For example: A (working) Baron 58 with a G1000, a (graphically) properly modeled Columbia 400. Why no Avitab Support for all default Aircrafts. Why no KAP 140? Why not let the user switch the AP variant from within the cockpit. It’s all almost there. Why focus on airports and ships? Focus on the cockpit textures. Why no AP pop up window for the King Air?! This is no science. It’s a wonderful plane. Why not always keep the aspect ratio when rezising a garmin pop up. A shortcut to “readback last transmission” (!). How long will this take? A shortcut to “set the QnH”, Wind Information right within the window where you pick the runway from. Isn’t that all obvious? MSFS will be released without ATC, so go for it! I could name hundrets of ideas of which half would be easy to achieve and improve X-Plane immediately without any loss of performance. Yet no energy is put into small inovative ideas. Still I hope that the energy will be put in the right direction, cause I know you are working hard! Please don’t put everything on one card: The Zibo Mod.

    1. ” MSFS will be released without ATC, so go for it! ”

      Well, the Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator at Xbox Game Studios, Jorg Neumann, stated that the team is working on AI-ATC and Real-time tracking ATC. Basically two modes available. One completely controlled by MSFS AI, pretty “standard”. The other is much more impressive, they are going to inject real-time ATC traffic inside the sim (basically tracking transponders/ADS-B data).

      He said the latter is really hard because the sim has to insert you in a credible way between all that massive real-time traffic. That is going to be a major immersive quality of MSFS 2020.

      And yes, every one appreciate the hard work of Laminar on X-Plane, but, on top of ATC, eye-candy is still, to an extent, very important for immersion if it is coupled with competent ATC, weather system and of course flight dynamics.

      There is always room for improvement in XP of course (like Cyber Truck’s broken windows… XD) but MSFS 2020 LOOKS LIKE (emphasis on that, maybe it will suck) it is going to be a very very tough competitor in every aspects. Even the offline terrain representation is probably going to be better than X-Plane’s default one (wild guess). We shall see. And I know Microsoft as an unfair advantage by owning Bing Maps and Azure technologies coupled with massive funding.

      So eye-candy may not be the most important thing but if the whole package is successfully “mixed”, we are going have an explosive cocktail with the next MSFS.
      Laminar surely knows they have to shift their priorities, I guess, what do I know…

      I already posted here, in another post comments thread, that they should maybe stream their own version of high terrain quality, UHD like quality or superior, for XP12, à la XP Mobile Glomo. They could do it (with bathymetric data for natural coastlines ?). As well as using, in some capacity, ADS-B data to fill the skies with traffic. Of course with better ATC overall and weather as well. And there are probably other things they can do to step up their game. It’s a lot of work, but their are perfectly capable of it.

      My only real concern is not the devs at LR but how Meyer as reacted to MSFS 2020. I don’t know, I get he is confident but brushing it aside so easily like he is not taking seriously what is coming up to compete against XP is concerning for me. From an outside and “simple consumer” point of view anyway. I know XP has been around for a long time, even with FSX as a competitor at that time, but I’m not sure we can now draw the same comparison today. The technology leap is much bigger compared to the old FSX and I’m not sure XP12 will stack well against MSFS 2020 if it doesn’t make a big jump as well instead of a more, and usual, evolutionary step.

      Before someone shouts, yes, the Vulkan/Metal rendering pipe is a massive feat, very important for XP “tech future proofing”, but is it under-the-hood (duh) and pretty invisible marketing wise. No one cares about MSFS 2020 being only DirectX 11 if the end result package is looking to be so good and well balanced. I’m not saying XP will not survive like others think, but it’s going to be more tough for them if Meyer stays in his “whatever” attitude with all of this…

      That’s my uninformed opinion anyway, I’m probably wrong. I’m very curious to see what will XP12 will offer to compete against MSFS 2020. And it goes both ways, Microsoft surely keep under wraps other things about their sim as well. Next months are going to be very interesting indeed !

      1. Man, if Austin ever came off as seeming one way while acting the other… 🙁

        No one at LR is _brushing off_ MSFS2020, especially not Austin. Our view is that they are going to be a very serious competitor, but it’s on us to make X-Plane as good as possible.

        I can’t really vouch for what goes on in Austin’s brain, but my guess is that he (like the rest of the team) feels a little burned out about being _asked_ about 2020…remember there’s like a dozen of us and a gajillion of you. So if anyone ever asks about 2020, it’s the 800th time we’ve been asked.

        Now…that’s _totally not_ an excuse to blow off the subject or not communicate clearly, which is why we didn’t like how the livestream came out. But I think he just had a moment of “we can say over and over that we are taking it seriously and we’re heads down working on new stuff but people will just keep asking.”

        We considered having a goofy sketch at the front of the live stream, e.g. putting up a “going out of business” back-drop or having a chart showing revenue dropping to $0 or having Austin looking through the want-ads for odd jobs or something. Probably we dodged a bullet by not having any of that in there, as people would be even MORE grumpy at us. Ironically we didn’t put a goofy sketch in the front of the live stream NOT because we thought it would be too over the top (WE know that we are actually taking this seriously) but because we didn’t have enough prep time. When the group meets we have < 3 days to do all of our planning and there was a lot to do this time.

  11. X-plane has always, is now, and always will be the sim of choice for those looking for pure flight characteristics, the eye candy is not the top priority for them. More like a bonus. MSFS 2020 might dampen X-plane sales, but will also draw new people into the sim market who will hear about and prefer the flight “purity and realism” of X-plane. If only control loading yokes and rudder pedals did not cost thousands of dollars, X-plane flight characteristics would be as realistic as Level D simulators.

    1. I tend to agree based on that I fly mostly tubeliners, study sim. So right now I don’t care if the detail is so good that I can see my house or if I can zoom in to see it from FL300 . But I do care that airports and to a lesser extent arrivals/approaches look real.

      As to how to compete with MSFS, it will come. If you think about it, “all that is needed” is the ability for the sim to stream-into the player’s perspective bubble HD video generated in the cloud. The bandwidth for the video is already available to anyone with internet access. I’d bet it wouldn’t be too hard for Google and its maps to supply almost the entire cloud back end on a subscription basis.

  12. XP team, i think you did the right thing to take the video down. Some points i would like to make and hopefully you will have the time to read them (and the right state of mind too):
    – XP is a lovely creature and we are all here providing feedback, positive or in this case probably more negative, because we care. And we know you care too. I loved the fact that you let us send you questions, i think it’s the way to go since it provides more time for you to check the questions. But then, why do a live video about it? Why not just record a video and upload it on youtube in a time which is somewhat decent for both the States and the rest of the world? I think this would be more beneficial for you too because you would have more time to take care of the quality of the video itself and the information provided in it.
    – I have been very vocal about this video too, i admit, because i do feel the anxiety of Microsoft coming back. And while i know that you do what you love and you do it regardless of the competition, there are some things users have been waiting in forever for. And while annoying, this was still more or less okay since there were no “next gen” candidates on the horizon. This is not the case anymore as you surely know as well. How many times did we talk about ATC being insufficient? And how many times we mostly heard Austin talk about doing some ATC work on it merely in the VFR or for smaller airports? I still remember the video you showed us with the ocean waves testing Ben, and i reckon it has been a long time since then and yet here i am still struggling to get some basic water visuals which a competition game from 2006 (13 years ago!!) still manages to do MUCH better.
    I wish also that you will manage to appreciate more what xEnviro managed to do in XP with their noise generated clouds. It is the future, and it is amazing that we managed to get it in. However it is also clear that, for now, such a leap foward in cloud technology also brought quite some issues performance wise and in this regard my hope is that you can, if not provide a similar technology yourself, at least facilitate the xEnviro developer work on it.. I was quite proud of XP having such a technology which is nowhere else in the civilian simulator market.
    I also appreciate you talked about seasons, but the shader approach you mentioned for them is something we already heard even before XP11 was released.. (and i am saying this while also having to underline the fact i coudn’t care less about seasons, but some are pretty vocal about it).

    In the end, i think competition and devotion are both good and you have the means to keep making XP a great flight simulator, the “judgment” is delayed to what the plans will be after Vulkan and i am extremely curious about them. Good luck!

  13. Everyone at LR,

    I wanted to thank you for the live QA even though it was a tad awkward, and to reiterate that I don’t think paying you guys $59.99 makes me your boss or means I have some leverage over you to do the stuff I want. Nor do I really care what Microsoft does or doesn’t do in relation to x-plane, certainly not so much as to obliquely threaten your livelihoods if you don’t leapfrog Microsoft in a single bound.

    Don’t let the internet comments get to you. You don’t owe us anything, or if you did I suppose you owe us like $59.99 worth of x-plane 11.00, which I have already received multiple times over. Thank you.

    I really appreciate the refactoring you are doing with vulkan and metal, your enthusiasm and desire to make the best think you can.

    I hope you and your families have a happy holidays!

  14. There is no other option than stay the course and continue to develop what you think you’re good at.
    I know MS is stealing a lot of spotlight right now, but Laminar should not feel obliged to respond or react.

    Let it pass. Take a few days off. MSFS20 will come out and probably will be a hit, but shortcomings (and opportunities for Laminar) will arise. There is no single flight sim that caters to all. There will always be a niche.

  15. About questions… well I think you should make a poll with all the topics you really want to talk and let the users vote. Say, 50 topics total and the top 15 get answered… that way it’s easier than reading 1000 similar questions…

    Keep it up!! Thank you for this good entertainment/tool

    PS: I saw episode 3 thingy of MSFS….when they showed aircraft dynamics… it really felt like a copy from X-Plane.

    1. When you’re a bit late to the party, you should probably stop at the door and ask someone “what’s happened?”.

  16. Hi, i

    was a bit disappointed that NONE question i pulled over the QA site was answered. They was none related to MSFS2020. And I read in the live comments that many had same questions. So over one hour about topics we 80% know already.

    Sorry but for the big QA wave before that was for me disappointing.

    Some questions I pulled over:

    Does Ortho4XP work further XP releases and Vulkan ?

    A general safe own XP plugin for 3rdParty registration to avoid 20 plugins ?

    What could you tells us about Ortho files in the future ? You met ORBX on the conference, what are the plans with X-Plane ?

    I will be 250 Years old if i must wait for the entire world generated (Orthos/Mesh/Vegatation) by ORBX American Pie taktic.

    That is no judgement day (maybe) for ORBX but hurry up for the entire world and keep it fair and payable. I use at the moment Ortho4XP and the difference to ORBX with my settings is not a bit worth 60€ for a 80% state.

    For the turbulence guys…you could load the free HeadShake plugin also with XPReality and get a nose of what this feel in a Desktop- Simulator. I fly for 25 Years in GA and had the same wish to fly as real as possible with all that shakings and turbulences but…after I tested it in the Simulator…I get sick after 15 Minutes. So there are limits at the moment in a Desktop based Simulator.

    I fight so much about Orthos and Vegatation because of the huge enhancement it could be…if it done right.

    Off topic (2019 ending) :

    For us Europe guys I would thank BALU from Simheaven for your BIG BIG work you spend on X-Europe 3. You done a so great job…and free for all. BIG THX !!! Keep going.

    Also to all free devs that released so many stunning add-ons ! You guys keep the dice rolling.

    Greets go out

  17. Just make X-Plane working great on Mac again and it will be fine. Windows market may be vanishing soon.
    Mobile is all Metal, 6 GB RAM? Yes – bring this technology to mac and we will be flying at 120 FPS!

  18. What a mess,
    I so much agree with this from John
    “Don’t let the internet comments get to you.
    You don’t owe us anything, or if you did I suppose you owe us like $59.99 worth of x-plane 11.00, which I have already received multiple times over”

    I am amazed at just how much I got for my cash from Laminar, I downloaded the first FREE update to VR and the other hundreds of FREE updates to XP11.xx

    Just remember the devs have been working at 100% to get to Vulcan and improve the performance.

    Yes, the stream was not good but just how much did we pay for the product and the guys probably gave up their free time to do the stream anyway.

    Dev’s thanks for a great product and keep up the good work, let’s hope for a better stream next time.


    1. Thank you for this comment. This is what I love about the X-Plane community. There are a lot of people who realise just how much the Laminar team have actually given us over the years (And how much of that came as free updates).

      I thought I was reasonable good in flight simulators until I tried X-Plane and was introduced to a realistic flight model. As I have become more interested in aviation in general, I care less about the visual representation of the world, as I do about the representation of the physical forces on the airframe (Which Laminar’s sim provides in a manner that is in a class of its own).

      So Ben, Austin, and the rest of the fantastic team at LR – Keep up the great work you’re doing. It is appreciated.

  19. I know preparing any kind of teaching materials is a lot of work (I count the live video as such), so this proposal:
    Make a new “format”, namely “The X-Plane Archives” where work is presented that is completed already. Much like the normal blog, but maybe with some greater detail. So if you developers have something interesting in your daily work, make recordings so that you can comment those, meaning you don’t waste a lot of time preparing materials. Instead you’ll just have to add some audio or text.

    Then collect and arrange such clips to a video. Maybe you could mix-in such material whenever you do your next Q&A session. Looking at faces that talk is boring! And it doesn’t have to be live: Collect questions, prepare answers, arrange clips, then publish. If you have the time…

  20. But WHY not answer the questions. Even if the only answers you can give are what you are excited about finding out if they are even feasible and which things resource constraints mean you prefer to leave to 3rd party developers.
    You have a huge army now of young freeware and seasoned payware developers, let them have some clarity on what they should spend their time on. “don’t make austins plane” just isnt enough.

  21. I did not see the live stream, so I can’t comment, but a point I would like to make is that a lot of users of XP are on Mac. As a result you will never loose them, having used both I would not want to go back to a Windows machine.

    A point I saw on this forum stated, that just make XP work smoothly on Mac. Keep us in the loop. A lot lot of add ons do not work on Mac, so we can never get some of the benefits that go with these add ons.

    All I’m asking for is a nice smooth experience while flying, I like to see something out of the window, but it doesn’t have to be house perfect. Hopefully Vulcan will give me that.

    Another point I would like to make is that whenever I’ve submitted a bug report Jennifer has replied the next day, sometimes the same, even though I’m in the UK. Would you get that from Microsoft ?

    I and I’m sure a lot of others will stick with XP, Mac or not, because of the community so keep up the great works.

    Cheers, Colin H.

  22. Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen any mention of working avionics in FS202. Can I strap into the 747 and use my FMC to program flight from point A to point B? I enjoy this type realism. Without this feature MS2020 will be a nice VFR game at best. I will still buy FS2020 but would use x plane for real world flying.

    This is why I fly for the realism.

  23. I must admit that the live-stream was disappointing for me, but only because I was hoping for some news about the desktop version both with regards to Vulkan as well as post-Vulkan plans. Every tangent that ate up time in that valuable hour made me cringe.
    However, just because I was disappointed with the live-stream does not mean that I’m disappointed with X-Plane 11! I have logged around 1200 hours of flight time since November 23, 2016 and THAT is good value.
    My hope is that once the Vulkan/Metal implementation is stable and GloMo is out that your great team will move full steam ahead on making X-Plane look and perform better and better … and better. And I hope that the repeated phrase, “We have things that we’re working on but aren’t ready to announce.” will turn into announcements.

  24. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The only way forward for X-Plane is an integrated addon store.

    x-plane.org are making more money from Desktop than you are. Why leave all that money on the table, when you can take it and give users a better experience at the same time?

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