Scenery Development Articles

Painted Line (.lin) File Format Specification2013-06-23 20:38:12
Vector Network (.net) File Format Specification2013-06-23 20:35:58
Draped Polygon (.pol) File Format Specification2013-06-23 20:33:08
Object String (.str) File Format Specification2013-06-23 20:31:42
Terrain Type (.ter) File Format Specification2013-06-23 20:25:40
Library (library.txt) File Format Specification2013-06-23 20:18:05
X-Plane 10 Autogen Scenery File Format2013-05-09 21:22:15This document describes the syntax of the X-Plane 10 autogen art asset file formats.
X-Plane 10 Facade (.fac) File Format Specification2013-05-08 12:12:05This document describes the complete X-Plane 10 facade file format.
Standard Shading Options for X-Plane 10 Scenery2013-05-06 21:17:51This document describes the syntax and options for shading in most X-Plane scenery file formats.
Forest (.for) File Format Specification2012-03-21 21:33:07A detailed file format explanation for X-Plane 10 forest files.
OBJ8 File Format Specification2012-03-21 21:29:58A complete file format specification for X-Plane 10 object (.obj) files, including all new v10 features.
When to Use Global or Mesh Attributes in X-Plane 102012-03-20 09:13:55This article gives guidelines for using the new GLOBAL_xxx object attributes to get fastest framerate with instancing.
How to Debug Scenery Pack Loading2012-03-13 12:46:48This article explains how to trace which scenery is loaded.
DSF Usage In X-Plane2012-02-19 12:57:02This articles explains how X-Plane interprets raw DSF data to render scenery.
DSF File Format Specification2012-02-19 12:53:07A low-level specification of X-Plane's binary DSF scenery file format.

Aircraft Development Articles

Art Controls for Aircraft Performance Tuning2013-11-10 14:24:13
Using Object-Kill Datarefs to Improve Framerate2013-11-10 12:57:41
Dynamic Exposure in X-Plane 102013-05-09 15:21:08
Billboard and Spill Lights for OBJs2013-04-07 17:08:51
Airplane Parameterized Light Guide2013-04-03 12:26:15
Guidelines for Working with Text-Based .acf File Formats2012-12-13 14:45:22
A Checklist for Updating Aircraft to X-Plane 102012-09-16 15:25:34
Best Practices for Creating 3-d Virtual Cockpits in X-Plane 102012-04-01 15:46:09
How To Create a Preview Texture for the Panel in a 3-d Cockpit2012-03-13 21:29:00
Understanding Cockpit Prefill2012-01-27 19:17:55
Attached Object Properties in Plane-Maker2012-01-23 12:26:40

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