WorldEditor (often abbreviated to WED) is an open source 2-d scenery and airport editor for X-Plane.  There are several versions of WED from which you can download. Additional information on how to use WED, including the manual, can be found on the Scenery Development Documentation page.

System Requirements: WED should run on any Intel-based Mac, Windows, or Linux hardware capable of running X-Plane 9.  (Note: for Linux, WED 1.2 is 64-bit; WED 1.1 and 1.0 are 32-bit.)

Latest Stable Version

WED 1.3.1 is the latest stable version. It provides full overlay editing for X-Plane 9 and 10 overlay DSFs, as well as airport editing, X-Plane 10 feature support and editing of the airport library for default airport layouts. It also adds support for uploading airport scenery to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. (For more information, see the instructions for using the Gateway.)

Latest Beta Version

WED 1.4 beta 2 is the current beta of the next version of WED.  It provides direct download of airport scenery packs from the X-Plane Airport Gateway and a newer, simpler procedure for placing draped-polygon orthophotos in your scenery pack.

Older Versions

Here are links to WED 1.2:

Here are links to WED 1.1:

Here are links to the original WED 1.0: