Scenery Tools Bug Database

There is now a public bug database for the scenery tools.

IMPORTANT! This bug base is only for scenery tools by Laminar Research.

  • Do not file bugs against other Laminar Research products. Do not file X-Plane bugs in the scenery tools bug base. Do not file bugs against the scenery system renderer in this bug base.
  • Do not file bugs for third party scenery tools in this bug base.

Bugs filed for the wrong product, or non-bugs (e.g. requests for help, rants, spam) will be immediately deleted.

The bug base can be found here:

Criteria for Filing Bugs

  • File bugs only against the scenery tools created by LR and downloadable from
  • File bug only when there is a defect in the scenery tools, or a feature request (mark the type as feature request). Do not file bugs for help!
  • Do not file a bug multiple times. Please search existing bugs before filing.
  • File only one bug in each report. Bug reports that contain multiple issues will be sent back to you for re-filing.
  • Please try to isolate and regress your bug as much as possible, e.g. identify whether it is versions specific, content specific, airport specific, etc.
  • DO NOT file bugs against X-Plane!!! This is the scenery tools bug base only.

Bug Reporting Format

In the description, all bug should contain the following info:

  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bugs. "Run WED and make an airport" is not adequate. Document what you do with enough precision that the developer reproducing the bug could not possibly execute the task any way other than how you did it.
  • Expected result and actual result: document both what went wrong and what you expected to have happen.
  • Identify which operating system you are on. For crashes, please document your OS, drivers and graphics hardware.

Please attach any log or debug output as well as any test cases needed to reproduce the bug. Try to reduce the test cases, e.g. better to attach a small 3-d cube that causes ac3d to crash than an entire 20,000,000 triangle city.

Bug Gnomes

We need one or two users to act as "bug gnomes", doing maintenance on the bug base. If you are involved in scenery tools development please email bsupnik.