A panel is a 2-d screen drawn by X-Plane filled with instruments; you create your panel in Plane-Maker by dragging instruments onto the panel background.

The panel can also be used as a texture for the 3-d cockpit object – in this way elements of a 2-d panel (like a moving map) can be used in the 3-d virtual cockpit.

The panel is drawn dynamically by X-Plane; you can use X-Plane to create a PNG screenshot of your panel for use in your 3-d editor.  The steps are:

  1. Load your airplane in X-plane.
  2. Type control-alt-shift-space (or command-option-shift-space for mac users).
  3. X-plane will put the screenshot in the cockpit_3d/-Panels- or cockpit/panels folder of your airplane with a name “Panel_preview.png”.

Unlike your panel background, this panel will be a snapshot of the “live” panel in X-Plane with instrument moving parts drawn in, and it can be directly used for UV mapping in your 3-d editor.




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