Modeling Documentation


Designing Manipulators for Virtual Reality13 Jun 2019
Optimizing Object Peformance17 Dec 2015A guide to optimizing the detail, geometry, and count for objects.
Lighting Level of Detail16 Dec 2015Guidelines on specifying LOD for lights.

Tips & Tricks

Additive Lighting16 Dec 2015Explanation of additive lighting in X-Plane.
Power of 2 In Art Assets5 Nov 2014An explanation of "power of 2" resolutions as required by X-Plane art assets.


All About Clamping Animations7 Jun 2018Details about how to control X-Plane's ability to guess how to animate your object when you haven't specified a keyframe for a dataref value; a technique known as "Clamping Animations".
X-Plane 11 Particle System25 Nov 2016Details of the X-Plane 11 particle system, including particle types, emitter types, and effect types.
Normal Maps17 Dec 2015Normal maps are textures that defines which way light bounces off a surface. This article explains how to create, use, and troubleshoot normal maps.
Managing Translucency16 Dec 2015An explanation of why translucency is problematic & how to work with it properly for X-Plane.
Custom Lights16 Dec 2015Custom lights are Lighting Billboards that can be customized as part of an OBJ. This article discusses the mechanism behind custom light billboards in detail.
lights.txt File Format2 Apr 2020The lights.txt file provides X-Plane's rendering engine with instructions on how to make lights with names for other parts of the art system to reference