Command-Line Tools

The X-Plane command-line tools (“xptools”) are a collection of tools for editing scenery.  The current set includes:

  • DSFTool – converts DSF files to text format and back.
  • DDSTool – converts PNG files to DDS format.
  • ObjView – a simple 3-d viewer for X-Plane OBJ files.
  • XGrinder – a drag-and-drop front-end for the command-line tools (DSFTool, DDSTool).

The tools are released periodically; the collection is labeled based on the year and month of release.  Here are the current downloads:

Previous versions




See the Scenery Development Documentation page for tool manuals.

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  1. Hi, I have just been talking to Bob Sidwick and he was wondering if I can convert my FSX Farm Strip scenery for FSX to fit in with his photgraphic scenery into your format, is this possible, if not where would I start as I have only designed for FSX up until now. Regards. Neil Birch

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