Creating Airports with WorldEditor

This thirteen part tutorial takes you through every step of creating a new airport in WorldEditor.

9 comments on “Creating Airports with WorldEditor

  1. When I validate my airport I get “Gates must have at least one valid type of equipment selected”
    I am using window 7 and X-Plane 10.22. I don’t know want it wants. Can you help?

      1. Thanks, I went thru the list one by one and deleted the ones that didn’t show up in the airport.

    1. I couldn’t get the geotiff either and as a result the airport I created was off slightly and has cars driving through a taxiway. If geotiff is not available is there another graphic format we can use? Have you had any response on the geotiff question outside of the blog?

  2. I try to use the ATC fonction in wed, if i draw one taxi line from one ramp start to the runway this works. If i add a second taxi line from an second ramp start the AI plane stay on the start point (ramp start); The same happen with one taxi line plus the runway line !
    thanks for hepl.
    regards and sorry for my poor english.

  3. Hello Ben,
    have you considered the opportunity to do a merge between taxi route (AI) and taxi line, unite them?.
    This would result in less work for users wed, and the ‘native’ coverage of all apt.dat in the sim … it would be a great saving and a nice gain for x-plane.

    Imagine one future… update (x-plane10.55 for example) all airports made with WED and given in past years to Robin, that have taxi line, receive one time traffic route all together.

    i don’t know if possible (code side) , but i hope you think to this in the future

    1. We considered but rejected this approach for our underlying format. The actual taxi lines are often significantly more complex and detailed than the network the ATC system wants. For example, the ATC system does not want ‘leading lines’ in turns, and it wouldn’t be clear what route they’d be labeled with.

      I think that unifying lines and routes might make sense at the WED level, e.g. some kind of tool that builds both from a simple AFCAD-like scheme. But we intentionally designed the low-level apt.dat format to be flexible so that there wouldn’t be real-world scenarios that were impossible to model.

      I also looked at using line data to do auto-route generation but found that in practice the line data is too ‘noisy’ to construct into good routes inside the sim. (The actual routes I generate sort of suck too.) It might be possible to ‘extract’ layouts in WED with this data, but if the extraction is messy, you’d spend more time cleaning it than you would making an ATC layout.

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