Scenery Development Articles

Information on creating X-Plane scenery, including tips & tricks, guides to new features, and more can be found on the Scenery Development Documentation page.

Aircraft Development Articles

The Aircraft Development page contains information on creating aircraft models for X-Plane, including guides for:

  • updating aircraft for new versions,
  • optimizing models for performance,
  • configuring custom lighting,
  • using X-Plane’s FMS or GPS,
  • configuring the aircraft’s autopilot, and more.

Weather Development Articles

The Weather documentation page includes information on how to programmatically change the weather in X-Plane.

File Format Specifications

The File Format Specifications page contains information on the file types used by X-Plane, including the formats for 3-D object models, terrain mesh, and more.

Data Development Articles

The Data Development page contains information on the data files used to define fixes, NAVAIDs, airways, airports, and astronomy in the sim.

Requests for Comments

The Requests for Comment articles page is an archive of previous discussions of possible features.