Requests for Comment

“Requests for comments” are posted to facilitate discussion of possible features; an RFC does not mean that the feature will be implemented, or that the feature will be implemented exactly as specified in the RFC! Do not assume an RFC will be implemented; do not create and post content that uses extensions proposed in the RFC. Wait for the final specification before creating airplanes and models!

Title Updated Description
3d cockpit HUD RFC 14 Feb 2018 Proposal for authors to create HUDs in 3-d cockpit objects
DSF Art Asset Storage RFC 14 Feb 2018 Proposal to embed small, directly-accessed art assets inside DSFs
Physical Polygon RFC 14 Feb 2018 Proposal for a new .pol attribute to prevent X-Plane overdrawing areas twice.
Instrument Animation RFC 14 Feb 2018 Proposal to allow nested animation via groups in the panel/instrument system.
Next-Gen Liveries RFC 14 Feb 2018 Potential ways to make liveries more flexible for repainters.
RFC: Airport-ID Based Exclusion 17 May 2016 Extension to DSF to remove overlay elements when an apt.dat airport is replaced. (This RFC is implemented in X-Plane 10.45.)
RFC: apt.dat 1050 Extensions 17 May 2016 Extensions to apt.dat for static aircraft and meta-data.
Generic Text RFC 1 Feb 2016 This RFC proposes extensions to text handling for generic instruments.