Introduction to XPlane2Blender

This tutorial shows how to setup Blender and the X-Plane .OBJ exporter XPlane2Blender. These are the first steps in the process of creating your own custom objects for X-Plane 11. Despite the UI being different between 2.79 and 2.80 and up the content is still entirely relevant. If needed, follow along in Blender 2.79, then, once comfortable, try Blender 2.80 or greater.

The files used in this tutorial can be found in

Adding FMOD Sound to Aircraft

This tutorial covers using FMOD to add custom aircraft sounds to X-Plane 11.01.

Airport Scenery Gateway Tutorial & Introduction

This video provides a brief introduction to using the Airport Scenery Gateway to download free, user-submitted custom airports. The tutorial also includes information on how to register as an artist and track submitted airports.

Tutorial: Creating Airport Scenery with WorldEditor

This thirteen part tutorial takes you through every step of creating a new airport in WorldEditor, Laminar Research’s free, open-source scenery editing tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Tutorial: Creating ATC Airport Flows

This four part tutorial explains how to set up ATC traffic flows in WorldEditor.

Tutorial: Creating an ATC Taxi Network

This five part screen-cast demonstrates some of the tips and tricks to creating an ATC Taxi Network in WorldEditor v1.2.

Using DataRef Editor

This screen-cast explains how to use DataRefEditor, an X-Plane plugin that lets you examine and change data within X-Plane.  DataRefEditor is a must-have tool for the developers of custom airplanes and plugins.

Dynamic Exposure for Airplane Authoring

This screencast explains how X-Plane dynamically changes the exposure of night textures as the time of day changes, and shows authors how to use the check-boxes in Plane-Maker to customize the effect.

Using Prefill in Plane Maker

This screencast explains pre-fill and shows airplane authors how to set the pre-fill check-boxes in Plane Maker to maximize frame rate.

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