Introduction to XPlane2Blender

This tutorial shows how to setup Blender and the X-Plane .OBJ exporter XPlane2Blender. These are the first steps in the process of creating your own custom objects for X-Plane 11.

Adding FMOD Sound to Aircraft

This tutorial covers using FMOD to add custom aircraft sounds to X-Plane 11.01.

Airport Scenery Gateway Tutorial & Introduction

This video provides a brief introduction to using the Airport Scenery Gateway to download free, user-submitted custom airports. The tutorial also includes information on how to register as an artist and track submitted airports.

Tutorial: Creating Airport Scenery with WorldEditor

This thirteen part tutorial takes you through every step of creating a new airport in WorldEditor, Laminar Research’s free, open-source scenery editing tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Tutorial: Creating ATC Airport Flows

This four part tutorial explains how to set up ATC traffic flows in WorldEditor.

Tutorial: Creating an ATC Taxi Network

This five part screen-cast demonstrates some of the tips and tricks to creating an ATC Taxi Network in WorldEditor v1.2.

Using DataRef Editor

This screen-cast explains how to use DataRefEditor, an X-Plane plugin that lets you examine and change data within X-Plane.  DataRefEditor is a must-have tool for the developers of custom airplanes and plugins.

Dynamic Exposure for Airplane Authoring

This screencast explains how X-Plane dynamically changes the exposure of night textures as the time of day changes, and shows authors how to use the check-boxes in Plane-Maker to customize the effect.

Using Prefill in Plane Maker

This screencast explains pre-fill and shows airplane authors how to set the pre-fill check-boxes in Plane Maker to maximize frame rate.



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