FMOD Sound

X-Plane uses FMOD as its new sound engine; you can use FMOD’s authoring tools to create highly realistic sounds for your aircraft. FMOD is a high quality commercial sound engine and sound authoring environment for games.


B738 FMOD Studio Sources23 Jan 2024Complete B737-800 FMOD Studio project as shipped in X-Plane 12
FMOD 2.0 Upgrade Notes29 Sep 2022How to use FMOD 2.0 with X-Plane 12.
Using FMOD with X-Plane9 May 2022This guide explains how to use the commercial FMOD sound engine to add custom sounds to aircraft in X-Plane 11.

Tips & Tricks


FMOD Event Parameters for X-Plane30 Dec 2021Explanation on using cone & dataref parameters with FMOD sound.

File Formats

Sound (.snd) File Format Specification1 Jun 2022X-Plane .snd files integrate custom FMOD sound into an aircraft.