Named lights are lighting billboards that are designed and implemented by Laminar Research and built into X-Plane. You can add a named light to your aircraft or scenery by using the LIGHT_NAMED command in an object.

The behavior of named lights cannot be customized – each named light comes with preset behavior, such as blinking or changing colors.

Named lights are affected by animation – that is, a named light is hidden if inside an ATTR_hide command, and the directionality of a named light is affected by both the orientation of the object/aircraft and any rotation/translation animations that the named light is inside.


You can locate the master list of named lights in the file Resources/bitmaps/world/lites/lights.txt. Do not edit this text file! This file will be updated by the X-Plane updater and should be considered part of the sim, not for third party modification. If you need a new named light, send feature requests to LR. The file can be useful for checking for the existence of a particular named light in an older version of X-Plane.

List of Named Lights

Lights for Boats and Ships

ship_nav_left ship_nav_right ship_mast_obs ship_mast_grn ship_nav_tail ship_mast_powered carrier_datum carrier_waveoff carrier_meatball1 carrier_meatball2 carrier_meatball3 carrier_meatball4 carrier_meatball5 carrier_mast_strobe carrier_deck_blue_s carrier_deck_blue_w carrier_deck_blue_n carrier_deck_blue_e carrier_pitch_lights carrier_foul_line_red carrier_foul_line_white carrier_center_white carrier_edge_white carrier_thresh_white frigate_SGSI_lo frigate_SGSI_on frigate_SGSI_hi frigate_deck_green oilrig_deck_blue

Lights for Towns

town_light_60 town_light_90 town_light_150 town_light_180 town_light_220 town_light_280 town_light_330 town_light_350 town_light_omni town_tiny_light_60 town_tiny_light_90 town_tiny_light_150 town_tiny_light_180 town_tiny_light_220 town_tiny_light_280 town_tiny_light_330 town_tiny_light_350 town_tiny_light_omni

Lights for Obstacles

obs_strobe_day obs_strobe_night obs_red_day obs_red_night hospital_helipad_blue