You probably accessed this page because you ran into an error message in either Plane-Maker or X-Plane, telling you your panel is not compatible with X-Plane 11. The correct fix depends on the kind of instruments you are using in your panel:

Old instrument compatibility

The following instruments are considered “legacy”. They continue to work in v10 aircraft loaded in X-Plane 11, but they can no longer be added to new aircraft in Plane Maker 11:

  • GPS_BC
  • GPS_GA
  • GPA_HM
  • FMS
  • FMS_small

Note that you cannot save a panel using these instruments in Plane Maker 11. If you want to edit a panel that has those instruments in it, you need to use Plane Maker 10.

If your panel uses those, be advised that these instruments work in X-Plane 11, but will be discontinued in X-Plane 12.

New instruments

The following instruments are available for use in Plane Maker 11 and X-Plane 11:

  • GNS430
  • GNS430_screen
  • GNS530_screen
  • CDU739_screen

All of these instruments use the new navigation infrastructure of X-Plane 11 with full terminal procedure support.

Mixed old/new panels

The “copilot” checkbox of the instrument in Plane Maker’s panel editor determines whether the instrument is considered to be on the NAV1/pilot or NAV2/copilot side.

Panels using both instruments from the “legacy” and “new” category are possible, provided all instruments from the same group are on the same side.  That means, you can have a new GPS on the pilot side, and an old FMS on the copilot side.

If you keep getting an error message about an incompatible instrument, check all your navigation instruments in the panel and note whether the copilot checkbox is checked. Make sure legacy vs new instruments are correctly separated by side.



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