Plugin SDK Downloads

Current Version

The X-Plane SDK download contains the C headers and pascal interface files to compile plugins, and the stub libraries to link plugins for platforms that need them. You do not need to download any files to run plugins; X-Plane ships with the appropriate infrastructure to host plugins.

X-Plane SDK 3.0.3 for Windows, Linux and Mac ZIP

Regardless of which X-Plane version you target, you can and should download the latest SDK file above. To support other versions of X-Plane, you only need to change which XPLM macros your project defines, as follows:

  • XPLM303—X-Plane 11.50 & newer (64-bit only)
  • XPLM301—X-Plane 11.20 & newer (64-bit only)
  • XPLM300—X-Plane 11.10 & newer (64-bit only)
  • XPLM210—X-Plane 10.00 & newer (10.20 required for 64-bit plugins)
  • XPLM200—X-Plane 9.00 & newer
  • No XPLMxxx definition—X-Plane 6.70 & newer

Note that these definitions do not automatically imply older version—so, to target X-Plane 11.50 with all the latest features, you would need to define all of XPLM302XPLM301, XPLM300, XPLM210, and XPLM200.

Beta SDKs (For Use With X-Plane 12)

X-Plane 12 supports the new 4.0 API, and the SDK adds support for ARM64 Macs. You can download a public beta of the SDK here.

X-Plane SDK 4.0.0 Beta 1 for Windows, Linux and Mac ZIP

The X-Plane SDK 4.0 is in beta and will be subject to change until X-Plane 12.0 goes final.

Older Versions

Here are older SDK releases provided for legacy purposes only. You should not need them. Use the newest SDK above to build all plugins, even when targeting old versions of the sim.