About the Scenery Gateway

The X-Plane Airport Scenery Gateway can be found at Gateway.X-Plane.com.

The Gateway has been created to provide two things:

  1. A method for airport scenery artists to submit new airports for inclusion into future releases of X-Plane. Submissions are made (by artists from the community) to the Gateway directly from WED. Submissions must comprise only Laminar Research airport scenery objects.
  2. A method for X-Plane users to search and download completed airports for use with X-Plane 11.

Instructions for X-Plane Users

Recommended airport submissions on the Gateway are exported periodically to X-Plane, and are bundled with the simulator. These are held in the Custom Scenery/Global Airports folder. However, at any given time, the newest submissions on the Gateway may not yet be included, and customers may choose to download selected airports into their Custom Scenery folder for immediate use. However, it is important to delete these submissions when the next release of X-Plane occurs that features new Gateway airports.


  1. Visit the X-Plane Airport Scenery Gateway. Click on the “Airport Scenery” link. (There is no need to log in to download airports.)
  2. Select the search type (from the drop down) that will best help you locate the airport (or airports) you are interested in. The default search is by ICAO code, but you may also search for airports by name, or perform a global search for all airports that have the attribute you require–for example all airports featuring 3D objects (buildings, hangars, control towers, etc).
  3. Click the “Go” button to execute your search.
  4. If the airports you are seeking exist in the Gateway, they will appear in the search results grid.
  5. Click on an individual airport in the grid. This will open a new page that contains all submissions made to date for that airport (from artists in the X-Plane community).
  6. Airport submissions with a status of “Approved” (by the moderator) may be downloaded immediately to your local computer running X-Plane 11.
  7. For your chosen airport, a green check mark will indicate the submission that is recommended by the moderator. However, you may download any airport submission with a status of “Approved.”
  8. Click the “Download” button next to the airport submission of your choice.
  9. After downloading the file, unzip the archive and copy the “Scenery_Pack” folder into your X-Plane “Custom Scenery” folder.
  10. Restart X-Plane for the new airport to become visible.

Instructions for Airport Scenery Artists

Note: The following assumes familiarity with the X-Plane World Editor (WED).

Laminar Research thanks all artists for contributing their work to the Airport Scenery Gateway.

Airports are exported to the Gateway directly from WED using the “Export to Airport Scenery Gateway” menu option. Airports may not be exported to the Gateway if they contain third party resources, such as orthophotos or library objects.

Airport submissions are captured by Laminar Research periodically from the Gateway, for inclusion into a future release of X-Plane. Airport submissions that have a status of “Recommended” (by the moderator) at the moment of capture will appear in X-Plane.

Exporting an airport from WED to the Gateway

  1. Register as a new artist on the Gateway to establish your Gateway login credentials. 
  2. Ensure that all buildings and other 3D objects are inside the folder in the WED hierarchy that represents the airport (just like runways must be).
  3. Set the “Target X-Plane Version” in the File menu to “Airport Scenery Gateway.”
  4. Select File->Validate to run a validation pass on your airport. Any errors that would prevent Gateway upload will be located.
  5. Select the airport you want to upload in the hierarchy. (Note that you can only upload one airport at a time.)
  6. Select File > Export to Airport Scenery Gateway.
  7. Input your username, password, and text description.
  8. Click “Upload.”

Tracking your airport’s progress on the Gateway

  1. Log in to the Gateway. Artists must be logged in to see submissions until they have been accepted or approved by a moderator.
  2. Click on the “Airport Scenery” menu option.
  3. Search for your airport using the ICAO code.
  4. Select the airport from the search results grid to view all submissions that exist for this airport. Confirm that your submission currently has a status of “Uploaded.” This means the airport has been received by the Gateway but has not yet been acknowledged by the moderator. The moderator’s primary responsibility is to ensure the airport looks sensible, and no objects block the taxi routes, ramps, or runways. As multiple submissions appear for a given airport, the moderator will gradually raise the bar to determine the “Recommended” submission.
  5. Check back periodically to follow the progress of your airport submission on the Gateway. Airports may have the following status:
    • Uploaded (Not yet acknowledged by the moderator.)
    • Accepted (This airport submission has been acknowledged by the moderator, but not yet evaluated.)
    • Approved (This airport submission has been approved as suitable for inclusion in a future release of X-Plane. “Approved” submissions may be downloaded from the Gateway by X-Plane users. However, if there are multiple approved submissions for the same airport, only the “Recommended” submission is a candidate to appear in a future release of X-Plane.)
    • Recommended (This airport submission has been recommended for inclusion in a future release of X-Plane. Airport submissions that are “Recommended” at the moment of capture will appear in the next release of X-Plane.)
    • See Comments (This airport submission could not be approved by the moderator. The reason for this can be viewed by clicking the moderator comment button that applies to this submission.)

Factors Considered at Moderation

All Gateway submissions are reviewed by a moderator who determines if they will be approved, recommended, or declined. In general, the moderator considers the following items when reviewing airports:

  • Log file errors
  • Runway numbering accuracy
  • Runway, taxiway or ramp obstructions
  • Incursions (trees, objects, road-networks, navigation aids, etc)
  • Presence of 3D objects
  • Presence of taxi-routes
  • Logic of taxi-routes
  • Presence of ground-routes
  • Logic of ground-routes
  • Presence of ATC Flow
  • Ramp start size (compatibility with runway dimensions)
  • Terrain flattening (where runways are inoperable)
  • Subjective artistic merit

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter any bugs or unexpected issues with WED, the Gateway site, or any airport or scenery pack, please report them using the bug reporter on the Gateway site.