Elements are individually drawable UI things like push buttons, etc. The style defines what kind of element you are drawing. Elements can be stretched in one or two dimensions (depending on the element). Some elements can be lit.

In X-Plane 6 some elements must be drawn over metal. Some are scalable and some are not. Any element can be drawn anywhere in X-Plane 7.

Scalable Axis Required Background

xpElement_TextField"6" x metal
xpElement_CheckBox"9" none metal
xpElement_CheckBoxLit"10" none metal
xpElement_WindowCloseBox"14" none window header
xpElement_WindowCloseBoxPressed"15" none window header
xpElement_PushButton"16" x metal
xpElement_PushButtonLit"17" x metal
xpElement_OilPlatform"24" none any
xpElement_OilPlatformSmall"25" none any
xpElement_Ship"26" none any
xpElement_ILSGlideScope"27" none any
xpElement_MarkerLeft"28" none any
xpElement_Airport"29" none any
xpElement_Waypoint"30" none any
xpElement_NDB"31" none any
xpElement_VOR"32" none any
xpElement_RadioTower"33" none any
xpElement_AircraftCarrier"34" none any
xpElement_Fire"35" none any
xpElement_MarkerRight"36" none any
xpElement_CustomObject"37" none any
xpElement_CoolingTower"38" none any
xpElement_SmokeStack"39" none any
xpElement_Building"40" none any
xpElement_PowerLine"41" none any
xpElement_CopyButtons"45" none metal
xpElement_CopyButtonsWithEditingGrid"46" none metal
xpElement_EditingGrid"47" x, y metal
xpElement_VORWithCompassRose"49" none any
xpElement_Zoomer"51" none metal
xpElement_TextFieldMiddle"52" x, y metal
xpElement_LittleDownArrow"53" none metal
xpElement_LittleUpArrow"54" none metal
xpElement_WindowDragBar"61" none metal
xpElement_WindowDragBarSmooth"62" none metal