XPLM_API void       XPLMDrawAircraft(
                         int                  inPlaneIndex,    
                         float                inX,    
                         float                inY,    
                         float                inZ,    
                         float                inPitch,    
                         float                inRoll,    
                         float                inYaw,    
                         int                  inFullDraw,    
                         XPLMPlaneDrawState_t * inDrawStateInfo);    

WARNING: Aircraft drawing via this API is deprecated and will not work in future versions of X-Plane. Use XPLMInstance for 3-d drawing of custom aircraft models.

This routine draws an aircraft. It can only be called from a 3-d drawing callback. Pass in the position of the plane in OpenGL local coordinates and the orientation of the plane. A 1 for full drawing indicates that the whole plane must be drawn; a 0 indicates you only need the nav lights drawn. (This saves rendering time when planes are far away.)