XPLM_API void       XPLMDrawObjects(
                         XPLMObjectRef        inObject,
                         int                  inCount,
                         XPLMDrawInfo_t *     inLocations,
                         int                  lighting,
                         int                  earth_relative);

Deprecation Warning: use XPLMInstancing to draw 3-d objects by creating instances, rather than these APIs from draw callbacks.

XPLMDrawObjects draws an object from an OBJ file one or more times. You pass in the object and an array of XPLMDrawInfo_t structs, one for each place you would like the object to be drawn.

X-Plane will attempt to cull the objects based on LOD and visibility, and will pick the appropriate LOD.

Lighting is a boolean; pass 1 to show the night version of object with night-only lights lit up. Pass 0 to show the daytime version of the object.

earth_relative controls the coordinate system. If this is 1, the rotations you specify are applied to the object after its coordinate system is transformed from local to earth-relative coordinates – that is, an object with no rotations will point toward true north and the Y axis will be up against gravity. If this is 0, the object is drawn with your rotations from local coordanates – that is, an object with no rotations is drawn pointing down the -Z axis and the Y axis of the object matches the local coordinate Y axis.