Text Field Properties

xpProperty_EditFieldSelStart"1400" This is the character position the selection starts at, zero based.
If it is the same as the end insertion point, the insertion point
is not a selection.
xpProperty_EditFieldSelEnd"1401" This is the character position of the end of the selection.
xpProperty_EditFieldSelDragStart"1402" This is the character position a drag was started at if the user is dragging to select text, or -1 if a drag is not in progress.
xpProperty_TextFieldType"1403" This is the type of text field to display, from the above list.
xpProperty_PasswordMode"1404" Set this property to 1 to password protect the field. Characters will be drawn as *s even though the descriptor will contain plain-text.
xpProperty_MaxCharacters"1405" The max number of characters you can enter, if limited. Zero means unlimited.
xpProperty_ScrollPosition"1406" The first visible character on the left. This effectively scrolls the text field.
xpProperty_Font"1407" The font to draw the field's text with. (An XPLMFontID.)
xpProperty_ActiveEditSide"1408" This is the active side of the insert selection. (Internal)