Michael Minnhaar’s continuing work on WED development means builds of WED 2.2b1 are now available. Please give it a try and file any bugs you find here

New features include:

  • A map that can be tilted like ObjectEditor, so you can see the walls of facades and how things stack up vertically
  • Ramp Starts show the yellow aircraft footprint in all map modes when zoomed in sufficiently
  • Loads 2.5x faster, delays when zooming and panning reduced the same 2.5x
  • Undo buffer goes back 100 operations
  •  “Convert to” function translates Airport Line Marking attributes into corresponding line types and vice versa

For detailed information on the changes, see Michael’s write up here, or the README.WorldEditor file in the download.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

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  1. On Linux platform, is it possible to upgrade Qt library dependency from versison 4 to version 5. Since more then a year Qt5 are condederated stable and more distribution too. So I think it could be the time to upgrade.


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