X-Plane 11.50b10 is now available if you update via the Laminar Research installer. (Steam users: it’s on the servers and we’ll hit go in a few hours if we don’t hear reports of massive crashing and pain again.) You can view the latest release notes here.

This update has two major improvements: we fixed our top auto reported crashes, and optimized VRAM usage based on the reports many of you sent in. If you update to beta 10 and still see blurry textures, please create a new diagnostic report, and file a new bug report with it.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

176 comments on “X-Plane 11.50b10 Now Available

      1. Still the same Oculus shutdown bug though. Still need to use task manager to kill xp11.50b10.

  1. Hi team, thank you for all the continued work. One quick question, right through all the BETAs a number of VR pilots are still getting a problem with all click spots (For the mouse) shifting to the right by about an inch when coming out of VR. If you go back into VR all the click spots (for the VR controllers) are fine, but returning to Desktop mode, they have all moved again.

    I didn’t see any mention of this in the notes? Is this still outstanding? Happy to help troubleshoot if needed

  2. Please add anisotropic filtering option to the menus, nvidia control panel setting has no effect with vulkan.

      1. No, that needs SSAA. It would fix blurry textures when you’re on the ground.

      2. The shimmering is really annoying. Laminar Research, at this advanced stage of beta, can we talk about anisotropic filtering and anti aliasing, please?
        It seams to be, that you use 4x AF only. Any chance that you add a button for AF options, to use 16x AF for example? Like Kaan said, nvidia control panel has no effect on vulkan. It doesn´t matter if you use HDR or not. Is it possible to add a MSAA option?

        In best case you give us the option to use MSAA + SSAA at the same time. That will lead to the best results.

  3. Hi,
    as the developer of AviTab, is “XPD-10543 Crash with AviTab” anything I should be aware of? Is this related to a crash in shutdown that a few users reported after a recent update? Would be great to hear some details.

  4. For steam users i just noticed that there was another “Beta” tab to access.

    From ( Public_beta – public Beta )
    down one step to
    ( Unstable_public_beta- Unstable Pre-Release betas )

    How come is the beta really that unstable?

    1. Going back to b9. No go for me rally bad performance overall. Vr forget it no go if you want to get sick.

      1. After a lot of testing i must apologize for this comment. Fps is better and it has improved..
        Only issue i got is the anti aliasing. Is it broken on “Vr”? Or does it really take that much cream of the computer? On setting 0 i get good frames but it will be blurry hard to see my instruments and jagged lines on objects. 2xfxaa its better but kick in the fps but nearly perfect.
        This is with a ( 2080ti and 9900k 5ghz )
        Will there come future updates that can fix this jagged lines and blurry graphics in Vr in the future?

        Best regards

        1. Get the “OVR settings” lua plugin, and supersample to 1.5x at least, to make it bareable…

          That’s what I did, now it is okay I can read my instruments lmao
          Rift S, 1080, 7700k

    2. Hi Patrik,

      IF you swap to that label, does it take you from b9 to b10? That’s something I’m working on but it hasn’t been tested yet.

      1. It does switch to beta 10 if you select “Unstable_public_beta- Unstable Pre-Release betas”

        Big thanks for these options! Even if it doesn’t work out the best for us, its easy to just select another one and switch back to that. Great way to on the fly test out you guys hard work! Keep it up!

        1. Right – the idea is to keep “public beta” the way it’s been – a public beta with at least a few hours of public testing and no new major bugs flight stopping bugs. The unstable beta matches the very latest LR-installer users can get, even if it’s borked.

      2. Yes.
        Under the ” Public_beta-Public Beta ”
        You will have Beta 9.

        Under the ” Unstable_Public_Beta-Unstable Pre-Release ”
        You will have Beta 10

          1. Strange, the option doesn’t appear for me. Just restarted Steam. Still only “public_beta – Public Beta”. Not being offered the update at all.

  5. I see the Vsync actually sync’s the frame rate now to the refresh rate. I was at 170fps in GA 172, clicked VSync and it dropped to my refresh rate.

    1. With Beta 11, can you try to stop all flickering (cloud, shadow, mountain flickering) for good?

  6. This version is very good, the blurry ones are gone! There was only a drop in performance, but great work! A hello from Brazil! Goodbye.

  7. Just tested it guys, I can’t say anything about blurriness because I wasn’t having it on B9, so on B10, no change, everything still looks beautiful…
    About the load time, it’s taking way longer than it was on B9, but once loaded, it’s more smooth than B9.
    Every new beta, I try to start at the same airport, KLAL, for some reason (maybe I was impatient) I didn’t load this airport this time (waited for 12 minutes on the pre-load done message after killing x-plane process), but then I tried a different airport and it worked.. with a pretty high first load time.
    I’ll do more tests tomorrow and let you know!

    VR + I7-8700K + 64GB + 2080TI

  8. Out of interest have they fixed the microburst bug that started in 11.40 where like a 172 on the ground with the engine off is hit with a mircobust and moved around the airfield when no weather is set?

  9. Thanks for b10, will give it a try over the weekend. I was one of the users with blurry textures and sudden out of VRAM crashes – as long as HD or UHD Global Scenery from Alpilotx was enabled – without it everything was absolutely stable with 4GB VRAM including FlyAgi SAM, simHeaven X-Europe and enriched autogen for the rest of the world – AI pilot tested for many many hours with the LR 747-800… Did not have any issues when testing on my dad’s pc with 6GB VRAM using the same setup in terms of scenery – so it came down to the amount of VRAM.

    You did a very great job so far – I am able to run X-Plane 11.50 with Vulkan on a very well equipped 7.5 year old workstation notebook with nearly all-blown-up graphics at sufficient framerates. This leaves me with a mobile flight sim for further testing to implement changes into my fixed one.

    1. Tested on my workstation notebook and now also on my Z420 workstation – stable without any issues. Workstation notebook performance suffers when flying in partly transparent clouds, mainly due to the old Quadro K4000m. On the main systems GTX970 it is running fine for me. No VRAM issues with my pre-11.50 custom scenery setup anymore. Great work. Keep it this way, I am very happy with b10.

  10. It does not start any more with beta 10 with vulkan enabled on Linux (Fedora 32, cpu AMD FX 8370, gpu AMD RX580).

    If I enable vulkan it crash immediatly at restart and revert to opengl at next start.

    Clean install, no custom scenery.

        1. Yesterday after upgrading to 10 X-Plane there was no way to start it and I had resigned myself to waiting for the release of 11. Then I tried to completely re-install X-Plane and then it immediately worked with a noticeable performance improvement and, at least for the time being, I didn’t have to temporarily change or delete anything I had installed before upgrading to 10.

  11. If you crash, the smashed glass windscreen effect is still present on the replay until you switch out of cockpit view then back in again, and then that effect doesn’t happen again during the replay upon crashing <— if that sentence makes sense?

  12. Are there plans to fix the crash/hang when tab out of xp during load to main menu and load to flight?

    I think this will fix the “.. is not responding” message by windows when loading needs long time.

    It’s very bad when you don’t know whats the cause of the grayout of the xp window and to decide to wait or end the process.

    This problem exists sind first XP11 release and i have reported this as bug, but never got any response.

  13. Im really confused as to why changing the Resolution has such an impact on the CPU?
    I have an intel 9900k, 32gb ram, Nvidia GTX 2080ti running a HP reverb. Every other title I own (driving & flying) enables me to set all detail to max and runs super smooth with low cpu and GPU ms and usage.
    I can then start increasing the headset resolution to improve the image quality without affecting the cpu usage.
    In other titles if I increase the resolution, the cpu response and usage remains unchanged but the GPU ms and usage changes as expected.
    However in XP I have to run my headset on the lowest possible resolution setting in order to lower the cpu ms to a level that runs stutter free. I don’t understand the connection between image res setting and cpu? I thought the cpu handled the game calculations and the GPU handled the display of the graphic settings. In XP it appears that the cpu is limiting what the GPU can do? I recently upgraded my mb & cpu specifically for XP in the belief that my cpu was bottlenecking my GPU which it was. I’ve seen a huge improvement by doing this in every title I own with the exception of XP.
    I really can’t understand why XP appears to be struggling so much on the cpu? When XP is stuttering and chugging both the CPU and GPU usage is really low! The GPU ms is at around 1.7 ms with GPU usage at around say 48%, the CPU ms is at between 18 and sometimes up to 32 ms with CPU usage at around 12%.
    The default res of the reverb is 2160 x 2160 per eye, in XP I’m having to reduce that down to around 1400×1600 to stop the stuttering which completely defeats the point of having a high res headset. By way of comparison in other titles I use which are also very 3D demanding I can increase the resolution to over 6000 x 6000 per eye by utilising the remaining available performance of the GPU, this increase has no effect on CPU usage whatsoever.
    I‘M really struggling to understand why I’m having such a disappointing experience with XP in VR when there appears to be so much additional hardware performance available that doesn’t appear to be being utilised.
    I would appreciate any insight you are able to offer to help my understanding of this issue.
    Many thanks and regards,

    1. I was looking into the Reverb for XP, assuming the frame rate drop at high resolution gets fixed, how do you like them? Can you read text and instruments in the cockpit? I have a Vive and I sometimes have to get my face within inches to read things. Thanks!

      1. Text and instruments are very legible in the Reverb. Frame rates in VR have been improving as we go through this beta process. Beta 10 gives me high hopes.

      2. The Reverb is amazing….

        I have the Samsung Od before the Reverb.
        Night and day.

        Get it you will not be disappointed.

        1. Actually don’t, there is a new Reverb G2 which is Considerably Better with even sharper views coming later this year, buy that one.

      3. Hi Michael,
        The vast majority of my VR time is spent playing racing games and the reverb really comes into its own there! I can run everything set to max and for most titles increase the resolution way beyond the 2160 x 2160 default. Some games I can run at over 6000 x 6000 per eye which is absolutely incredible to look at. The reverb is very light so you’d hardly know you’re wearing it, the sound is similar to the rift but you can always add your own headphones. The only real negative for me is that with it only having 2 cameras it doesn’t like poor lighting conditions and loses tracking easily if there’s not a decent amount of light in the room so you may have to have the light on if the rooms not naturally light.
        In my experience the best flight sim title to play in VR is FS Aerofly, on the reverb it looks absolutely stunning and you can run everything on full at a really high resolution. Inside and outside the cockpit the graphics are super sharp and it runs buttery smooth. I can fly a helicopter around NY city with everything at ultra and it looks incredible through the reverb. I’ve owned the HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Rift S and Reverb and the reverb wins hands down. As I only do seated gaming I run mine at 60hz with motion smoothing turned on. This means the pc only has to achieve and maintain 30fps Which it can and does easily with every single title I use except Xplane. I know everyone’s computers are different and everyone has a different experience regarding how software performs on the various setup and it all comes down to personal preference regarding the settings. I only fly in VR so I like the scenery settings at max but on my system xplane simply can’t handle it and I’m not willing to compromise by reducing the world detail settings. Everyone will have their own opinion on their headset but in my personal opinion the reverb is the best headset for seated gaming and the valve index is the best headset for general gaming. You might still want to consider the index though as it has a wider FOV. Reverb has the highest resolution, index has the widest FOV. I did briefly have a Pimax which has the widest FOV but I returned it as I found it really uncomfortable on my face. There’s a new reverb coming very soon (G2) which has general overall improvements across the board so it might be worth waiting for that one!

    2. I had this problem before, just make sure that your Motion Smoothing is disabled for x-plane. The stuttering will disappear when you do that.

      1. Hi Fabio,
        Thanks for the tip. I run my reverb at 60hz and use motion smoothing to force the pc to run at 30fps.
        Every other title I own runs flawlessly and I only have an issue with Xplane.
        I’ve decided not to use Xplane any more for the immediate future as I’ve wasted so much of my time trying to resolve all the various issues that have occurred since the launch of the Vulken beta.
        Thanks for passing on your tip though, it’s much appreciated.

      2. Hi Fabio,
        Sorry, my apologies but you are absolutely correct, it is better with motion smoothing off.
        Every day’s a school day!
        Many thanks,

  14. I always tested Xp11 Vulcan on EHAM airport, always had VRAM problem and exit message, then exit xp11.
    Now Finally works on my GTX970. No information of no VRAM.
    Thank you.

  15. I’m one of probably only a few XPlane users whose graphics card IS NOT metal enabled.

    My question is, will there be any new improvements/support accessible to my old kit?

  16. Has the requirement for Parallel Projections to be turned on for Pimax headsets been fixed in this release?

  17. OpenGL is broken in b10. There is weird flickering shadow outside. This does not happen when Vulcan is on. This is first time that sense 11:50 is released that OpenGL does not work right

  18. Finally! I can “see” the promise of Vulkan. The rendering is spectacular. No more blurries for me and zero stutters that I can detect. I have been able to max out Visual Effects, Texture Quality, Antialiasing and Number of World Objects with no appreciable loss of FPS. Even turning up Reflections to max does not seem to have the devastating effect on FPS that I experienced in previous betas. I’ll need to do some flights but it is looking great for VFR flying. In fact in this release, based on the scenarios I check with each beta, I seem to have gained a couple of FPS overall.

    It is really amazing to watch and participate in the development and progress of X-Plane. Thanks for a great sim.

    System: i9-9900k @ 5GHz; 32GB DDR4 3600MHz RAM; Nvidia 2080 Super

    1. A couple of fps is Not Good, when Aerofly got Vulkan fps more than doubled. This is not acceptable. The performance has got to be fixed.

      1. huh?

        I’m only speaking for me. I can’t and don’t speak for others experiences.
        For me, performance has been remarkably improved with the addition of Vulkan.

        The couple of FPS I referred to was for 11.50 b10. I am experiencing a 30 to 40 percent increase in FPS overall in 11.50 with Vulkan enabled. Good enough for me.

  19. Now that we are in June when FS Expo was supposed to occur are there any plans to virtually address the state of the sim and the next big things?

    1. Not yet – you are correct that had the shows happened we’d probably have shown some stuff in a presentation – we’re still deciding how to proceed next.

      1. Hope the new stuff announcement is not too far off. Why not do another Youtube live session or Twitch or Zoom stream with a PPT ?

  20. Questions:
    1- Is AA required when running 3 Displays at 4K 60hz native? If So, FPS tanks to -10FPS.
    2- You know my systems specs but to remind you. i9-9900K@5.2Ghz, 32GB of 4133Ram, RTX-2080Ti 11GB (8300Mem and 2145GPU) driving my 3 4K displays and a GTX1650 driving only the GTN750, G1000 PFD and 15″ G1000 MFD. Left sliders 1 tick down from Max except 0 on AA, Right sliders, WO medium, and Reflections Max. Cloud shadows ticked and Park Aircraft unticked. FPS with TOTAL DEFAULT SCENERY 15 to 20 FPS in the Hotstart TBM at KSJC. Once airborne at FL220 I might get 20 – 22 FPS. What is going on here. I feel like we are backing up instead of making progress. What can I show you to help improve my Performance You can’t get a more powerful PC that I know of. After one short flight, sitting on the ground adjusting control binding….CTD!

    Oh! and if I switch 1080P I see a marginal improvement in FPS but not the difference one would expect.

    I love X-Plane and all you guys and want to help so Please help me help you figure this out!

    1. You have a single GPU and a single PC and you are trying to run 3 4K monitors at 60 fps with HDR and you have low fps? And when you turn on AA it gets worse? This doesn’t sound like a bug, it sounds like the limits of what X-Plane can do on one machine. If you want 4K 60 hz AA and a lot of graphics, multimonitor isn’t going to help.

      1. Ben,
        I would be happy with 20 to 25 FPS in the TBM. My question about AA is this. “Is AA required when running 4K?” I don’t think so but wanted your expert opinion.

        With no Weather (Manual) and the PFD, MFD and esi2000 popouts in their respective monitors, again fed but the 2nd GPU my FPS is 28 to 30. I can live with this. What I don’t understand about the FPS is how over time it seems to degrade. Is that possible or is this simply due to the difference in location and WX from Dep vs Dest. Thanks.

        1. If you can get a degradation in FPS without going anywhere please file a bug.

          The question about AA with 4K is an one of aesthetics and opinion. Like, it’s not required in that the sim will run without it…whether it is required for you to be happy is a question only you can answer.

          Personally I can say I think AA + 4K is a _little_ bit silly for _many_ cases – if you have 4K on a normal sized monitor, the pixels are very small and the aliasing becomes hard to see. In some cases, the AA is cheaper than the res bump, but there are some things that just having more res does better, like aliasing of slivery building tops. There isn’t much difference between bumping the res and using SSAA in HDR.

          If you have a huge monitor (like, 55″) you might want AA + 4K because the physical pixels are bigger and you can see them even if you don’t get super close.

          I am skeptical of 4K in general – Timothy Lottes (the AMD engineer who wrote FXAA and whose tone mapper we use on mobile) had a good point about this a while ago – he pointed out that if you watch Avatar on DVD, your reaction is going to be “that looks great”, and you’d never have any of the gamer community reactions like “needs to be sharper” or “needs to be higher res”. What’s really good about it is not the quantity of pixels but _quality_ of them.

          There may be _specific_ flight sim applications where a very large monitor is being used to cover a large physical space, in which case res requirements really are legit. But my view is that in a lot of cases, AA and res are being used as a proxy for overall image quality – here the AA is probably more important (movie renders never have aliasing issues), as well as things that don’t get a lot of attention in games, like temporal stability.

          1. Ben,
            You’re absolutely right, image quality is subjective. I am using 3 55″ Samsung 4K TV at native 60hz and I love the image without AA applied. When I do apply AA to max it kills my FPS with little to no improvement in detail quality. In fact, I actually get a tearing effect which is what I understand AA helps to resolve when running 1080p. Thank you for the comprehensive explanation.

            As for current FPS performance in the TBM, I am at FL310 enroute to KSEA and getting a 22 to 27 FPS using FSGRW, LUA for my TBM Throttle and PCL Scripts, SPAD.NEXT, CLS3SIM, DRT, FSEonomy Python Script and Pilot2ATC. All-in-all, I can live with this.

            Thanks to you and the team! Keep up the good work!

          2. I have a hard time reading text (instruments) at less than 4K. 4K with no AA is substantially easier when trying to read anything or see sharp detail. I cannot run 4K as I have 3 displays, and X-Plane doesn’t seem to work with only the front display set at 4K and the sides at 1080p. With all three at 1080p my CPU (3900X) is dragging down the framerate into the teens in some areas, so I’m not sure a 2080 ti makes sense for single computer, triple display setups.

            It’s also hard to experiment with settings as I have to scroll over and up and back, etc. to get to the input boxes where X-Plane tries to size and align the input boxes to match the physical location of the screens, which seems broken.

          3. I dont spend much time looking at small details on the horizon in Avatar. It looks great in 1080 on a 55”. Like a lot of first-person games.
            Motor racing games are where the eye is constantly on the horizon and benefits in detail (caveat: no fps loss!) are greatly appreciated. 4k great!
            Flight sims, for me, the eye is looking to the distance, and then in cockpit with lots of little details. 4k great!
            And 4k 55” is really just 4 27” 1080s…

          4. Working in television, I use my own personal monitor sizing equipment, In fact we all have one.
            To determine the perfect size of monitor/screen, best for all demands.
            Hold out your arms full length, outstretch your thumbs and little fingers. Touch the tips of your thumbs.
            The distance between the tips of your outstretched little fingers is the optimal size, over distance for best viewing performance.
            My belief is that everyone reading this is sitting far too close to far too large a screen. Best practice is therefore negated and all will be hyper-critical…. This is a no win scenario.

  21. I does not get said enough but with 11.50 the cloud and atmospherics have just got better and better. Flying around with the betas I have seen it produce some stunning renders at times. Now with b10 I seem to be blessed with cloud shadows on the ground without a trace of flicker and the effect is just perfect.
    Well done Laminar, this is going to be a great release when it finally arrives.

    1. Cloud flicker should be a lot better but we have seen a weirdo bug where the cloud shadows get stretched – probably a by-product of the change.

      1. Something I noticed with the cloud shadows in VR….So I look out the left window and I see the shadows….but if I turn my head just a bit more to the left or right the shadow disappears. It’s like they are only viewable from very specific angles. But they are NOT flickering!! 🙂

        1. I am seeing this too. Depending on where xplanes view is pointing (this is non-vr) there is a big shadow everywhere (although sometimes a 1000 foot square-ish box around the plane gets sunshine..) but then suddenly the shadow is gone when i turn my view. This is at multiple airports. ortho or not. started with b10

          Other than that b10 seems pretty solid.

      2. Ben,

        When setting the clouds “limit_far” to 0.1, that lines show up. I had that in Beta 9 testing this with a Lua script. So I found 0.2 is a sweet spot. No flicker, no distant line. You will see a little more movement of cloud shadows on the ground, but at acceptable level. Make this little fine tunning in Beta 11.



  22. It appears beta 10 has left me unable to boot xp, stuck at preparing world. Everything seemed to be working in beta 9 even with the blurries.

    win 10, 8700k, 1080ti, 32gb mem.

      1. Same here.. It looks like ORBX might be a problem? Just doesn’t start. Outside of ORBX takes longer than b9, but it starts and works really well.

        The weird thing is it has worked earlier today?
        1080ti 9900k 32RAM HP Rerverb.

        1. I have ryzen 2600x and GTX 1080ti using latest GPU drivers. Since beta 9 from when I started testing using vulkan option I have around 5-8 fps drop and I don’t see any improvement.
          I’ve searched around but could not find anyone reporting same. Maybe something I’m doing wrong? If not then I can report the bug through “Bug Reporter”

    1. I thought i had the same problem as well. Turned out for me was B10 takes twice as long to load as B9. “preparing world” was where it had the longest wait. Try it again. Go make a sandwich while its doing its thing.

      1. Will now with this update will librain plugin work, is up to the developers to make it it work in Vulkan???

      2. Yeah indeed. I made sandwich and voila we got going.

        So just hang on in there it will come. It can take up to 5-10 mins.
        I have an NVME disc for all win and x—plane and scenery.

    2. Same problem here, too. Stuck at „preparing world“ and loading forever. 8700K here too

  23. When do you think the VR loading screen will be fixed as well as the hang on exit when using VR? I realize these are not the end of the world but are certainly a nuisance…and this all worked previously.

    1. I concur with these issues, it’s so annoying having to end task the process every single time I quit the game… And sometimes it keeps running in the background even though the process is terminated and Steam says the game is already running, so I have to quit Steam and relog… It’s just such a pain

      1. i also agree, been asking for months now for my sim not to crash every time i close it down…then again we have been asking for basic fixes for years like cockpit shadows or ground flicking… Just the Basics lol!!

  24. Great to see 11.50 progressing. Do you have any theories on the extremely long load times? Is it related to the new validations that you guys are doing at scenery load?

      1. I’ve noticed all 4 of my CPU cores pegged at 100% (using Lotitech ARX to monitor load using my phone screen) …
        my whole x-plane install is on an NVME
        the CPU Pegs at 100% on all cores while “loading new scenery” and “finished Async”
        (I do have some Ortho scenery installed)

  25. I keep seeing intermittent stutters that seem to be related to the “Swapchain present” timer running for up to 20ms in the main thread according to the microprofiler. Any chance for an explanation what might be causing this?

  26. This beta is just plain beautiful. I’m completely stunned. I re- started my old test flight scenario and found all these great little improvements to the scenery. Not to mention the super smooth simulation. Just about everything seems to work now! And the best is, it comes _just_before_the_weekend_ 🙂

    I’ll take a while to feast my eyes on this great brand new update in VULKAN 🙂


    Linux Mint 19.3, NVIDIA 440.82, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB @3840×2160 30Hz, i7-3770K @3.50GHz, 32GB RAM, Kernel 5.4.35, gcc 7.5.0

  27. each beta for 11.50 that comes out, for Mac, you need to restart before x-plane opens up. Why is this?

    1. It’s an incompatibility between our installer and CAtalina’s increased security stuff. We have a new installer that we are testing that will fix it – until then, you gotta restart to clear some kind of OS cache.

      1. It’s not just on Catalina Ben I’m on Mojave and I have to restart the computer to get XP to start after an update to 11.50.
        I always update from a base 11.41 with nothing added.

  28. First time I filed a bug (XPD-10841) and got fixed right away! Very impressed! Thank you very much Ben and the rest of the team!

  29. Comparing the currently available sims, i.e. X-Plane 11.50, Prepar3D v5 and that not allowed to mention new product, X-Plane is the most reliable and complete solution. I switch between those all day and whenever I come back to X-Plane I see how superior it is. Admitted, you need scenery tools and a good plane but that applies in general in flight simulation. Thanks for the great work.

  30. For me it works perfect. Thx ! My specs : i7-7700k, Nvidia GTX 1080 ti, Oculus Rift S.

  31. X-plane 11.5b10 crashes on my mac every time with a Java error in the crash report after selecting an airport. Tried many airports and default aircraft. Bug report filed. Anyone else having trouble? Worked great in beta 9.

  32. For me, everything works smoothly except. ASXP immediately crashes x-plane!

    Thanks for the great job!

    1. We can work directly with the AS guys on this – we probably need to talk to them and not you to understand what has happened.

      1. You should ask the AS guys to autodetect the XP folder from the plugin currently connected. Many of us have 2 instances of XP and switch between them. But the AS App has a setting for the XP directory and i dont think that we all change this with every switch between different XP instances.

        With running ASXP, plugin active in XP and app pointing to wrong XP dir i always have big problems.

    2. I’m running my with ASXP, single installation, it working flawless to me.

  33. B9 worked fine for me. B10 is now CTD or weird behaviours. How can I roll back to B9?
    I am using W10

    1. I second this comment. B9 worked great on my system. 8700K 1080ti WIN10. B10 crashes a lot on me. Haven’t tried disabling ASXP as I see other users saying this is causing crashes. Noticing my performance went down in beta 10 as well and not as smooth as B9 was. B10 has more stutters. With the crashes I can’t use B10. Wish there was a way for us non steam users to go back to B9.

  34. I noticed more stuttering than in b9, but much better texture quality. Another thing to mention is that if using nvidia inspector to apply “half refresh rate”, for me a limit of 30 FPS, x-plane seems to ignore it, unless you use Vsync in graphics settings. I believe that this is the reason for my stutters. In b9 the sim did capture 30 fps if using nvidia inspector, without having to tick Vsync.

  35. Just posting to apologise. I had my first ever Vulkan crash – Vulkan device loss error- so I filed a bug report thinking I was on b10.
    Just noticed I’m on b9 and the update I got through steam must have been for one of my add ons.
    So, anyway, sorry for filing a useless bug report.
    I’m now downloading b10

  36. For all of the Rift S owners…something I found that makes the VR experience totally smooth for me is to go into Oculus Tray Tool and in my X-Plane profile I set ASW to 30Hz and it’s buttery smooth. ANY other setting for ASW introduces some stutters. So if VR is giving you some issues you might give that a try. It my be specific to my setup but you never know.

  37. I just started testing XP beta (v.10) and can say that it is really stable so far. Issues like flickering textures have been reported yet – no need for me to repeat that.

    But I have a little request:
    I use a 27″ monitor at 4K resolution which allows super sharp graphics with FXAA only. But if I display FPS rate etc. the font is super small – really hard to read! Would there be a way to detect the screen resolution and upscale those on screen indications a bit?

    Keep up the great work!

    Marc Westhofen

  38. Has anybody the same problem I do? Since 11.50bx I have a flicker of some monitors in the airplanes. Not in the C172 G1000 but for example in the standard B738 and also in the Cirrus Jet. Here the screen with COM and NAV ist not readable, most of the time black. In the B738 the Course, Altitude, COM frequencies are barely readable. Also the screen in the middle of the panel where the amount of remaining fuel can be seen is flickering very much.
    IMAC late 2019 with Catalina and 48GB Ram, Radeon pro Vega 48 with 8GB.
    Thank you for your support!
    Besides the 11.50b with Metal is really boosting my framerate! Thank you!

  39. Just updated to beta10 today and xp crashed during loading the flight. I did several tries and while the sim did load up once, all the other tries failed(not to mention the long loading times). Not sure what is causing this issue in beta 10, all the previous betas worked like charm.

    1. Hello, you have to check the log file and see what plugins are causing the problem. The same thing happened to me with marinetrafficX. I had to take it out and everything later magnificent without more crashing

      1. Thanks for your response, I had been trying to isolate the thing which was causing the crash. After spending quite a few hours I have fixed the issue, so i have been using nvidia inspector to set 1/2 vsync but somehow after b10 it doesnt seem to work.Therefore, upon starting up the sim my gpu would run at 100 percent usage even on the main menu giving me around 3000 fps thus when the sim tried to process graphics for the flight my gpu wont be able to handle it resulting in the crash. Now i am using riva tuner to lock fps to 30 while using half scanline which acts like 1/2 vsync and now the sim works with no issues 🙂

      1. Well so beta 10 has been working just fine apart from the long loading times, however, there has been a lot of stuttering, while the fps are a solid 30 and the cpu and gpu frame times are well below that 0.0333 value, the flying experience has not been so smooth compared to the previous betas!!( kinda brings back the memories from the old fsx times)

  40. Beta 10 crashed immediately on first startup after upgrade (and does so repeatedly) with Vulkan enabled (Windows 10, Nividia 2080).
    Bug report sent 2 times via Bug reporter.

    Now going to check whether there are any Nvidia driver updates.
    Is there a minimum driver version?

    1. Hello, you have to check the log file and see what plugins are causing the problem. The same thing happened to me with marinetrafficX. I had to take it out and everything later magnificent without more crashing

      1. This is plain vanilla X-Plane, no plugins installed. The bug reporter would also not have been activated if there would be a relationship with a plugin.

        It crashes right on startup. This did not happen with beta 9.
        Meanwhile I also updated Nvidia drivers to the latest version and it still crashes.

        X-System folder:’F:\X-Plane 11_beta/’, case sensitive=0

        Vulkan Layers : VK_LAYER_NV_optimus (1), VK_LAYER_VALVE_steam_overlay (1), VK_LAYER_VALVE_steam_fossilize (1), VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation (1)
        0:00:00.000 I/GFX/VK: Queue info for device GeForce RTX 2080
        0:00:00.000 I/GFX/VK: Device queue 0:
        Queue count: 16 Queue flags: GRAPHICS_BIT | COMPUTE_BIT | TRANSFER_BIT | SPARSE_BINDING_BIT (f)
        Can present
        0:00:00.000 I/GFX/VK: Device queue 1:
        Queue count: 2 Queue flags: TRANSFER_BIT | SPARSE_BINDING_BIT (c)
        0:00:00.000 I/GFX/VK: Device queue 2:
        Queue count: 8 Queue flags: COMPUTE_BIT | TRANSFER_BIT | SPARSE_BINDING_BIT (e)
        Can present
        0:00:00.000 I/GFX/VK: Discovered Vulkan device: GeForce RTX 2080 (87b4000000), Vulkan: 1.1.126, driver: 445.75.0
        0:00:00.000 E/GFX/VK: Using queue 0 as generic queue
        0:00:00.000 E/GFX/VK: Using queue 1 as transfer queue
        0:00:00.000 E/GFX/VK: Using queue 0 as presentation queue
        –=={This application has crashed!}==–

          1. Meanwhile I found the cause of those crashes.

            X-Plane crashed and a couple of other tools had also issues, when a tool called ASUS GPU Tweak II was already running.

            I had version of that tool installed (it got delivered with my Rog Strix Geforce RTX 2080 graphics card) and it was autostarted.

            When the tool is not running, startup of XP succeeds. I have now updated the tool to newest version which again runs ok with XPlane.

          2. I am not surprised – we see GPU Tweak II in the crash logs _all the time_ and I don’t think we can do anything about it because it loads before X-Plane.

  41. Still getting some crashes on B10 (Via new steam unstable-public-beta option, thanks for creating that Ben!) The ones with crash reporter pop-up, I sent in with my email addr. We keep hammering away at this beta until all the bugs are squashed! I wasn’t even flying for fun, I intentionally set up a long-ish flight on autopilot hoping to expose a crash.

  42. Hi,

    on my system (Win10x64, i5-3570k/16GB, GTX 670/2GB) that b10 in Vulkan mode slower than in OpenGL. Is it reasonable?


  43. hi everyone
    i have a problem with the vulkan b10
    when i turn the visual always the fps drops a lot from 40 fps to 5
    and to return to 40 it takes like 10/15 seconds

  44. I am only getting beta 10 to work properly with OpenGL.When I enable Vulkan I get micro stutters

  45. So I Have a i7-4785T And A 4600 HD Graphics Card In intels website it says it includes vulkan but for some reason you guys are not supporting vulkan for intel? I Wanted to use the new vulkan update but the box is disabled.

  46. At first I thought that B10 was a great Beta, however I’ve since ran into a few issues,
    Vram usage is sky high and I’m quite often getting CTD’s especially when using Orbx TE England.
    I’ve got floating hills.
    My Display settings went crazy for no apparent reason, but they back to normal now after resetting, yet I had no real issues under B9.

    I think I’m going have to wait until B11 to fly again in XP, as I’m not going back to 11.41, as I’m prepared to wait for Vulkans bugs to be fixed. Yes Vulkan has the potential truly sensational.

    1. Distant mountain artifacts are definitely an issue for me too in b10. Generally the performance in Vulkan is awesome. Great work LR.

  47. Really very smooth sim with respect to stuttering. Definitely notice smoother graphics with good fps over beta 9. Certainly an improvement on the blurry textures for objects but non-object scenery (DSF tiles) remains quite blurry. Sadly sim crashes to desktop on every effort after about an hour. Beta 9 never crashed for me I don’t think on at least 30-40 flights.

    i7-9600 processor @ 4.8Ghz
    RTX 2060 6Gb VRAM
    nVidia GeForce Driver: Version 446.14 (released 5/27/2020)
    Sending log.txt on last crash to bug reports

    If this beta 10 can get stable,its a cracking sim for smoothness. Blurry textures might be a long battle….

    Good Work LR

  48. You should implement some tests in your crash reports,
    i see people at facebook sharing old b9 exe to mix with b10,
    because they think b9 is better.

    With every post about the beta at facebook or the org i am more and more
    confident, that you use a bet application and feedback to sort out
    the people who just want the newest shit and dont care about
    the real purpose of the beta: testing

  49. Beta 10 working very well for me so far.

    I did quite a bit of flying with it in total vanilla state and no bugs, crashes or new aberrations to log at all. With the Beta 9, I had started hitting VRAM issues and had frequent crashes.
    I next ventured into moving across the full Orbx True Earth UK scenery sets and their resource-heavy airport EGNX. Running in VR, I had to drop the Texture Quality a notch (but only down to what I had been using in earlier betas) and all fine. Decent fps, no stutters when flying high or low and fast over a city and no crashes.

    Greatly encouraged and looking forward to the further steps planned

  50. I don’t know, but with b10 yesterday, when I fly, my computer crash totaly with no warning.

  51. Good morning , beta 10 Is very good . I have low microstrutters . Is very good blurries Is full remove . Top .

  52. Having a shader issue that results in a crash report being generated any time I change aircraft or change airports. I of course have reported the problem through the crash report multiple times. Any idea when this bug will be resolved? Seems to be a rather major issue.

    1. Update: Ben told me to remove xVision LUA scripts and it solved the issue. Didn’t even realize I still had them installed. Thanks Ben!

  53. Dear All,
    beta 11.50b10 is the first version to work using Metal on my Imac. It is still a few fps SLOWER than with Open GL (about15% I would say) and with MORE stutter (!) and the mouse feels sluggish. In Open GL, there is now a shadowy square around the airplane when on the ground and in flight. Keep it up…

  54. Hi, just want to tell that B9 for me is better performance wise than B10.
    Especially when fast looking from left to right (or vice versa). Fps tanks from 50 to 20 for half a second and recover.

  55. A problem that was noticed, when changing the settings or the number of objects, when loading a change or scenario is again borrowed.

  56. I want to sincerely thank Austin, Ben and the entire Laminar team for the immense work of Vulkan. They have cared for everyone without leaving anyone out. My PC barely has GeForce 760 4Gb, micro intel 7 and 8Gb of ram and I can enjoy Vulkan with the latest beta10. Thank you!!!

  57. Sorry to say B10 is a No Go for me, Bug sent.

    First up the Normal Stutters are still present, world is in defult at Heathrow. (no clouds or weather)
    When loading the menu parked at the gate it used to load straight away, now my system freezes at 100% for around 20 seconds..

    I think its about time to land Xplane for the final time.. I do love flight simulation but this sim is starting to take away some of the enjoyment. with the flicking ground textures, only way to close the game is alt tab out! the STUTTERS AND most of all!! no scenery controls like (disable car’s) (lower trees) (increase/decrease VC shadows) etc or any visual distance controls only relying on 3d party hacks to actually hack the program in a way that allows the sim to run smoothly but then may make xplane unstable so everyone is chasing there own tail.

    For me having no control of the settings is what’s causing most of peoples problems. pre set settings are fine but for Xplane?… not on your nelly

    Spec i 9700K 5.0 Ghz
    32G DDR4 3600
    Evga SC2 1080Ti

    1. Reset your graphics driver to default settings in the 3d area and reset the xplane.exe profile in the nvidia driver to defaults, too. Really, this solves nearly all problems mit graphics in Windows – never fiddle with these settings, even if you think you understand what they are doing – I had multiple issues with games in the last 20 years – and this fixed nearly everything and everytime. Empty your lua scripts folder (move to quarantine for now) and for the flickering ground textures try to increase the antialiasing to 4xSSAA. If this does not help, go for an area with default scenery first.

      I am on a “low-spec-system” without issues using X-Europe, Enriched Autogen and TreeLines v2 outside Europe, SAM Seasons and FlyAgis Vegetation and also alpilotx hd scenery v4, some other nice things on top, too. Just to compare: HP Z420 Xeon E3-1630, 48GB RAM (24GB would be enough), GTX970 4GB, 1920×1200 resolution, but had to reduce AA for CloudArt 3.1 lua-file (building my own now which just sets the colors right) and Reflections are only on the second notch – this is due to the 9xx performance. Everything else is maxxed out.

      B10 is just awesome – the improvement of performance, lessening of stuttering and therefor I can push up the sliders – and it looks really beautiful. In my humble opinion X-Plane is now getting where it is supposed to be. I was also in the FS2020 Alpha, but X-Plane is still my first choice.

  58. I recently purchased OVR Toolkit (Steam) that allows users to spawn multiple screens within the VR environment and is VERY intuitive. This is helpful when using Navigraph, flying on sim networks. For whatever reason the only way this will work using the Oculus Rift-S is you have to put the XP application in Windows 7 compatibility mode. I would be ok with that if it were not cause a huge hit on frames. Are their any plans to address this or is there a solution that I am ignorant to? This utility is a game changer for the VR users!

    1. Run with –steam_vr and you can run the Rift through SteamVR. I do not recommend this, as it doesn’t work as well as the native Rift SDK, but it’s there if you want it.

  59. Beta 10 very fast on my system – good work!

    My System: I7-9700K, 32GB, 2080ti, 1GB Hard-disk

  60. I really like the extra code you have put into B9/10 that identifies problem objects and files that can crash X-Plane. The Vram profiler is very useful too, it told me an airport which causes a Vram error was using 402gB! Ouch. I am not trying to tack down why this scenery is causing a problem. Have you considered leaving these tools in the final release?

  61. So, ever since being prompted to update to 11.50b10 (o/a 4 June), I’ve been unable to run X-plane. Eight out of ten times I have tried, it has only successfully run once (after turning off Vulcan). Doesn’t work with or without Vulcan. I have submitted a bug report with attached documents already. Is there an upcoming fix for this in the near future, or is there a way to roll the simulator back to b9 version?

  62. I have been getting random CTDs using the beta 10 version. Usually about fifteen or more minutes into flying. I go along with a great framerate using high settings, and then a CTD. Seems to be random. Log files always show things like this, however:
    1:05:50.269 E/GFX/VK: Memory heap 0 has overstepped its budget!
    1:05:50.269 E/GFX/VK: Heap usage is 9849905152, heap budget is 9706036428
    1:05:50.269 E/GFX/VK: Sitting at 0 deletions, the defragmenter is NOT running!
    –=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==–
    (Art controls are modified.)

    Even without plugins. I was using some plugins but removed them. Still getting these. Running i9 9900k (oc to 5.0GHz), 1080Ti, 32 GB RAM Windows 10. Any ideas? Anybody else know what these heap messages are in the log? They seem to indicate an issue.

    (I also filed a bug report)

  63. beta 10 more testing (steam edition):

    Noticed now a pattern; crashes frequently when changing camera views (i.e. one preset camera view to another preset camera view via shortcut key (keyboard numpad for me generally in my set up)). Sent log file to bug reporter. Blurries and smoothness are much better than beta 9 and I thought beta 9 was really good on smoothness.

  64. Greetings All, I noticed that Plane Maker and Airfoil maker save as and open dialogue boxes broken, the default windows save as and open dialogue boxes opens instead, and opens behind the software, I had to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to enter the task manager to be able to see the dialogue box, any fix for this please?

  65. For all that thinks it is not starting up with 11.5b10 it is.
    My average time is 7mins and 20-30 secs.

    Memory loading is just slow so hang in there…

      1. Sorry Ben wasn’t trying to be Captain Obvious.. 🙂
        But as I have been vocal about b10 not starting I thought to say it is starting just takes longer.

        We know you guys are awesome to the 5th powahh.

        1. No no I was only mentioning it because slow load is _the_ major bug of b10. I mean: the part where it’s missing a pipeline is bad too, but I think of the bugs not only in terms of user impact but in terms of _how much code we have to change_ to fix them. The missing pipeline with HDR + 2-d panels is bad because the sim quits but it’s one line of code to fix and is unlikely to break other stuff.

          Sidney fixed the slow load, but at mid-week the new code (which was much faster) would under certain circumstances hang loading completely – now he has fixed that, but we have yet another case where the sim can fail at load time. Sidney’s working on that now; having the loader fixed is basically the last thing holding up b11.

          1. Like I said, you guys are awesome to the 5th powahh..

            Thanks again for keeping us posted.

            And I was FS and P3D for the last 25 years. X-Plane all the way now.

            Thanks for that!

  66. B10 runs very stable for me.

    However, did someone else notice that frames are substantially lower with Win 10 2004 as compared to 1909?

  67. Hi there, I am having 30-40fps less while using the REP plugin. The plugin admin just displays a 2-4 fps being consumed by the REP pluging, but the on-screen fps count shows theses numbers. I contacted the author. The REP auther told me it is not his fault since: a) the admin plugin shows only 3fps being consumed and b) the main difference of activating / deactivating is just showing the standard GPS and NAVs. In the opinion of him this is standard x-plane feature is faulty and LR should check & solve this issue. Since he refused any collaboration / work on this, about a week ago I opened an issued to you. Please, would you be so kind and comment / take a look on this. Thank you and kind regard, Stefano.

    1. If the issue really is our nav displays it might be simpler to open an issue with us that the default Cessna has a certain FPS loss when the GPS does something-or-other. It’s simpler for us to test because there’s no way it’s third party code doing something we don’t expect. 30-40 fps less isn’t necessarily a bug. If you have vsync on and were at 91 fps and you open the nav display, the total fps loss might be quite large as you miss vsync. We’d have to see the bug report specifics.

      If a plugin is only tagged a few fps in the admin it means the plugin is not affecting you FPS – it doesn’t mean it’s fast. For example, if you are GPU bound, a plugin can burn up all sorts of CPU time and be tagged with 0 fps loss because there was “extra” CPU to begin with. A more useful number is how many ms the plugin takes.

  68. On Mac CTD after 10 min, or when panning on outside view.
    FPS are great
    but impossible to fly more than 10 min.
    Report done already with logs and details

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