I’ve posted WED beta 2.

The executive summary regarding split beziers: use beta 2 and re-export your layout and you should be more or less fine. There is no need to avoid them anymore.

Also a note on the source code: I will update the source code base of WED about every two weeks during beta, or whenever anyone asks me to post latest, whichever comes first. If no one asks, this will mean the source code is slightly behind the latest binary beta, but I think we can live with that…it takes a while for me to ball up and post the source code. (Again, if you want the current source code now, you are absolutely entitled to it – send me an email and I’ll post ASAP.)

I will make sure the code is updated when WED goes final, of course I expect a new binary beta about every 3 or 4 days until we get it mostly shaken out.

A thread on X-Plane.org referenced whether program should be labeled beta. I am definitely guilty of leaving some of my old programs labeled as beta, when I should have done one more build and marked them as final. I will try to avoid doing this in the future! But WED is definitely beta material right now.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in beta 1 – the feedback was very high quality. The new download’s README contains the list of bug fixes.

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