I’ve heard a few reports that 861 is slower than 860. I think this is rather unlikely given the code changes made in the 861 patch, but I take all performance issues very seriously!!

I can’t get X-Plane 861 to run slower than 860, so here’s the data I need:

  • If you are seeing this, start by getting a simple case, e.g. sitting on the runway staying still, with a known viewpoint. The conditions have to be reproducible and stable — “overall the sim is slower” isn’t quantitative, it’s an impression. Ranges of fps aren’t precise enough.
  • If you are using third party add-ons, strip ’em out. Does the fps problem go away? If not, good, let’s get a case that uses only the simplest setup. If the fps problem does go away, let me know what add-on it is…perhaps a particular add-on exacerbates a performance problem.
  • You can put the 860 x-plane app into an 861 folder – do this for all regressions to make sure you’re using the same prefs file, etc. etc.
  • Of course most useful is: run the fps test – if you can send me comparative fps-test logs, this is the most useful thing because it controls virtually all variables!

With that in mind, please email me log files, pref files (if you must use a specific prefs combo to see a problem), etc. Please do not just tell me descriptions – that’s not precise enough!

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.