I posted a quick tip on how to create fence-like facades in WED. Basically WED doesn’t handle fences and other non-closed polygons very well, but you can work-around this. A future version will address this more completely.

This is my thinking on the WED roadmap:

  • WED 1.1 will relatively ship soon, without cosmetic and usability improvements. At this point the basic bugs (import/export) are fixed, so best to get out a finished, stable build so that people can at least edit overlays.

  • A future version will provide editing ATC layout information for X-Plane 10. This shouldn’t be too hard to get working, as we already have this in WED now so that we can develop test data for the new ATC system.

  • A future version will provide usability enhancements (e.g. previews of facades, etc.). I don’t have a ton of code done for this yet, but it’s important for everyone using WED for pretty much any purpose.

  • A future version will provide road editing since X-Plane 10 can drape roads.

I don’t know what order those 3 feature will come in, but they will all happen relatively soon after version 10 ships I think.

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