Some ATC Bloopers…(Free Willy!)

In testing some ATC stuff today, I was curious why I saw smoke coming from the water on the left side of the runway. As I got closer, I found a KC-10 rising from the ground like a mighty Phoenix....struggling to get out of the controlling grips of Air Traffic Control. Ben said it reminds him of Free Willy.

And of course the usual disclaimer...the purpose of the video is to have a giggle at the AI plane's bug...ignore the ugliness of the rest of the situation. The colored lines are used for debugging aircraft routing issued by ATC.

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8 Responses to Some ATC Bloopers…(Free Willy!)

  1. Jay Carr says:

    No! Willy! Don't beach yourself! Nooooooooo!

    Who would have thought that the new ATC was so diabolically evil that it would cause this kind of behavior? Suddenly I envision XPlaneX as some sort of aircraft based thriller, where our job as pilots is to defeat the evil ATC!

  2. Filippo says:

    That could be a nice cue to introduce missions into X-Plane beside situations. The evil ATC wants to sink AI airplanes: fight the black ATC knight, collect points and win prizes! 🙂

  3. vonhinx says:

    Indeed it looked like a whale but... did I see its flippers flexing!?

    I tried uploading a video to youtube recently but it showed the same gray ugliness every time. I don't know whether the culprit is Apple's QT animation compression or Uncle Gooligan's youtube. Even worse, SnapzPro videos of XP always include a few freeze-frames.

    • Chris Serio says:

      I'm pretty sure the gray is where the video is playing back without having processed a key-frame yet. This is probably Youtube's handling of quicktime files.

  4. eddie says:

    Why not just change the model to a humpback and your good to go!

    Fun video.

  5. Alejandro García says:

    Honestly, I loled Quite hard xDD

    Please don't remove this behaviour for the open beta , lol.

  6. This made my day ... LOL 🙂

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