While I’m sure you all enjoy this blog…and perhaps even read and re-read it before bed because it’s life altering, it tends to be a bit….um….nerdy? Come on, it’s safe to admit it, even my wife makes fun of me when I mention the blog. Anyway, if you’re looking for NEWS about X-Plane in addition to the nerdy/geeky/dorky details that we post here, we now have a news “blog” at //www.x-plane.com/news. You can subscribe there, follow the RSS feed or do whatever you normally do. That’s where we’ll be posting updates about all of our products.

Yeah I know it’s a bit dusty and stale but we’re doing our best to clean off the dust and use it now that it’s a wordpress site and not a pain-in-the-butt-to-edit-html-site.

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Chris is an electrical engineer and commercial pilot who got roped into software development by Ben because misery loves company.

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  1. It was so slow in producing anything, One article in Jan (9th) and another in April (12th) and that was then only a professional app for pilots, I gave up, wasn’t even worth the address, even now the Javier’s brilliant B744 has been around for week, news?

    For anything Ben’s blog has been a lifesaver….funny too

      1. Every other RSS feed I’ve subscribed to had a RSS link on a page I right click on, click copy URL, and paste into Google Reader. It seems there’s no way to access the feed in Chrome without installing an extension, which I have not yet, since I’ve never needed one before. Even this blog has a RSS link.

  2. Hello everyone !!

    Dunno if it’s right place to ask this but could you talk me a bit about X-Plane 10 Helicopters ?

    Will there be new generation helicopter as same visual quality as we can see in JRollon planes ? About flight model, have you ” fixed ” the transitional dip lift ?

    Thanks in advance !

  3. Hi Ben,
    first of all I wan´t to say that I´m not hysterically about the release date of X-plane 10 and thank you for the really interesting inside views of developing a flightsim. But the whole story seems really weird to me and the question I´m asking myself is: WHY are you guys doing what you are doing. All that was seen since the former release date in 2010 is, let me put it this way: nothing at all. New airplane models, some shots of scenery abilities and some clouds, light-effects on a small “experimental airport” etc.
    C´mon, that means nothing! The question is: Will it fly and how? And there still is not even a glimpse of THAT. No release date, no RC, no beta, no alpha. And 5 month till christmas and microsoft back trying to make it´s share (you missed a great opportunity, didn’t you?) Why?
    The only conclusion that makes sense to me is: You (Laminar) faced massive problems caused by the “ridiculously high bar” that was raised end of 2010. And you still face them. There may be nice parts and ideas, but they just doesn’t fit together and make a sim (by now). Otherwise it should have been able to finalize (or at least work out a reliable new release date for) a game that was (or maybe was not) ready to be assembled in November 2010. Well, that happens, I guess, and I’m fine with it. It´s a herculian task and we are only humans. And it´s just a flightsim.
    What worries me is the feeling I get from the few statements by Laminar Research about X-Plane 10. They sound to me like Bill Clinton answering questions about his relationship to Mrs. Lewinski. A lawyer and a politician in one person, wanting to hide unpleasant facts. I think you should be more frankly, I can handle it. People can handle it.
    Maybe I’m wrong with my conclusions about the state of V10 (and the people). But Laminars’ communication strategy on V10 is really a mess and NOT reliable.

    Best regards and nonetheless looking forward to V10

    1. I totally second that! Your communication strategy is certainly mysterious, and it seems to me it might be hurting your company.
      Now curiosity is certainly high, not (only) about the final product but about what goes on behind the scenes. You certainly know what your costumers are thinking about the situation, but I’m not imaginative enough to come up with a possible scenario in which the best PR strategy is the one you are using.

      Anyway, whining is certainly useless and the free market will give you all the feedback you need. I just hope you know what you are doing, because I think your products are great and it would be very sad to see all your efforts wasted because of bad marketing strategies.

      All the best!

  4. My guess is you can have a reliable release date or a reliable release; pick one. And I’m not talking about the intern. If you want to add advanced new features to that pick two.

  5. Great, now all that’s missing is some news 😉

    There has only been four updates to that blog in 2011, three of which deal with XP10. It’s no wonder people sift through the geek-speak in this blog instead, hoping to discover some small piece of information that intentionally or unintentionally slipped.

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