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  1. Terrific news!

    Have you nailed down any details about an upgrade policy from v9 to v10? What if someone were, say, to buy v9 post-announcement but pre-release?

    Thanks and looking forward to the next generation of X-Plane!


    1. I believe our upgrade policy remains unchanged…that is, you get all of the updates and bug fixes throughout the lifetime of the product but a new major release (ie. v9 to v10) is a totally new product.

  2. And just to prove that we can never be satisified…. Any videos of the simulator in action that you can show us? Or a promo video that’s coming soon?

    Yes, yes, I know. I should be beaten. Especially since I usually want to beat the people who ask questions like this. But I’m just that curious :-).

    So, not a complain, but a question. Any eta on a video of the sim working?

      1. Are those rendered in X-Plane 10? I’d ben lead to believe it was a new (and fantastic looking) model rendered in X-Plane 9?

        1. Early on the artists used v9 for airplanes while the v10 rendering engine was unstable. But the art team has had real v10 builds for a while now. With that in mind, I don’t know what that was captured with – v9, or v10, or v10 with new stuff turned off…

  3. Does this mean Christmas season, or exactly Dec 25th? Also, some news on a beta release for download?/ Last, what helo’s will be in v-10

    Thanks ,

    * ps don’t delay again please! 🙂

  4. Great to see the commitment to a date everyone, best of luck and hope this fall/winter is long and cold, most conducive for all that hard work ahead!

    Will it be 64 bit?

    Just joking!

    1. In a previous post, Ben already stated that at the moment he does not see immediate advantage for X-Plane moving to 64 bits; therefore as far as I understood XP10 will still be 32 bits, at least for its initial release.

      Of course, I imagine it is just a matter of time, so a future upgrade of XP10 could definitely introduce 64 bits support. Let’s wait and see.

      1. ben, i want this 37bit build too. i have a theory, that computing with prime-wide numbers gives you way moar fps. i want to try this out 😛

  5. I am hoping I can get a version before Christmas, I live in Australia, If it got lost in the Christmas mail It wouldn’t be much of a Christmas, My family have put me at Defcon5, “You will spend time with us and not on the computer”
    Seriously, thanks to all at LR, I hope it puts XPlane up where it should belong and really be a success for us and the company.

    1. (Admin please delete my previous post in the queue. I apparently misinterpreted something rather blatantly. ;-))

      I’m really happy to see that Linux made it on to the list. Thanks for the continued effort guys!

  6. YAYYY!!!

    So, if we can order it Christmas Day, how long do you expect it to be before we get it in stores?

  7. Sorry, I don’t speak ‘american’. When is ‘on christmas’?

    I understand the following;
    “at Christmas” = vague, around 25 December.
    “before Christmas” = anytime before 25 December, but no necessarily in time for a pre-christmas delivery.
    “on Christmas day” = available on 25 December but no chance of getting the DVD’s until after the holiday period.
    “in time for Christmas” = before Christmas, with a good chance of getting it up and running on Christmas morning (the best option!)
    “after Christmas” = an indeterminate time after 25 December.

    Which one of the above is closest to “on Christmas”?

    Sorry for being pedantic – international English is a mystery to me 😉

    1. Your comment is awesome. I was wondering the same regarding the actual release date. I wan’t it under my tree or in hands on Christmas, not order Christmas( which is a Sunday/non business day) and get it in 2012.

  8. Wow, finally.

    BTW, I’m glad you actually wrote “Christmas 2011”,. not just “Christmas” because that could mean 2012 or 2013… When was it originally rumored to be released? Summer 2010?

    Also, with the release date approaching, some new shots would be appreciated. Surely the sim must be nearly finalized now, just going through final bug testing.

    1. Surely… I have heard that it is indeed quite finalized, and that Laminar Research is planning on spending the next five months working on packaging design, and developing a national print ad camping in Esquire Magazine. They are also rumored to be developing a marketing partnership with a certain doughnut dunkin’ company, where by every purchase of 6 or more chocolate frosted doughnuts comes with a mini remote controlled 747. Anyone who can fly the 747 through all 6 (or more) frosted doughnuts, I believe, will will receive, a free copy of X Plane 10 – download version.

      I have to watch my weight, so I will be fasting until the promo starts: so I can handle all that chocolate frosting.

      1. You’re correct Adrian. I have to admit, when Esquire approached us for a cover photoshoot I was a bit reluctant…after all, we’re doing our best to stay focused and efficient here but they mentioned that Megan Fox had been dying to meet us and do a shoot for XPlane so I thought “what the heck”.

        Megan Fox is great to work with. Very beautiful, very professional. She did have some trouble staying focused during the shoot though. Some guys just can’t handle their fame.

        Ben kept asking her questions about which NVidia drivers she’s running which really flustered her. Austin insisted on showing her the latest updates for XPlane for iPhone. Finally she mentioned that she uses WebOS and then everyone got real quiet in the room.

        I was so flustered that I told the lighting assistant to get me a “Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with light whip and extra syrup”. He acted like he had no idea what I was talking about. You just can’t find good help these days.

        Anyway, after the shoot was over, Megan asked me to sign her copy of XPlane v9 and I did. You just have to be there for the fans.

        1. I know you have ‘staff’ to do things like sign boxed versions of xplane 9, but its nice to know that you still take the time for us little people. Did you ever find an intern to help you with all the dust on your midi controller?

      2. No need for the sarcasm. If a software product is not “feature complete” 4 months before release, it’s not going to be pretty.

        1. I agree with Jimmie, sarcasm is out of place guys. After the shameful delay that is plaguing this release, all you could do is patiently reply to any question that is posed.
          Such a delay would have brought most companies under water with customers fleeing to competition, and most individuals responsible for such a delay would have been fired on the spot.
          You guys are getting away with it partly due to customers’ loyalty because x-plane is undoubtedly a great product, but mostly because LR has virtually no competition in the market after the demise of the MSFS team.
          Responding with sarcasm to legitimate questions is an utter lack of respect for your customer base and denotes a Microsoft-esque arrogance.

          1. Surely you guys know that Adrian is joking as was I right? That’s not sarcasm, that’s an attempt (maybe a poor one on my behalf) at humor. Lighten up and have some fun! We’re not curing cancer here, we’re talking about a flight simulator for enjoyment.

  9. Would you be able to advise of the minimum spec requirements? I’m running an early 2008 iMac with a 3.06ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4gb RAM and a Nvidia 8800 512mb graphics chip/card.

    Also, is there any chance of a demo release before the full release?

    1. That’s definitely above minimums, but hw guidance is nearly impossible because the question is always how much “Stuff” you want. With that setup there is no question that you won’t get as much goodness as the users with a pair of i7s and a Radeon 6900…but no one can quantify how sad that might make you.

  10. Thank you for your effort. I trust XP Pro HASP dongles supporting v10 will be available for purchase upon release?

  11. Thank you Ben et al. for continuing to support Linux! This is great news, and very much appreciated!

        1. disregard, I have read your reply on the fb page Chris. Christmas Day it is.. happy and uncertainty.

          glad we have a date as fans to look for. unsure due to shipment time, track record of delays, and worry about stock when made resulting in a user not actually getting v-10 in hand until basically new years

      1. I’m just glad it’s *this* Christmas instead of next year. This way we have at least a year to fly it. Next year might not cut it…busy with other things depending on how that “end of the world” thing goes.

  12. Christmas is too long of a wait, this year long+ wait has sucked 🙁 anxious sure hope its as cracked up to be. October-November would have been nice. owell..

  13. Given that Apple is pushing the Mac App Store hard and that it’s likely (at least in my view) that within the next year or two that the new iMac will probably be without a DVD drive, what are Laminar Research’s plans get X-Plane to the consumer?

    1. That’s not a bad question but it’s also one that essentially every other Mac software developer has to face as well should Apple pull that trigger. We have options when the time comes but right now we’re only focusing on the immediate tasks involved in releasing v10 to the public.

  14. Shame this release won’t be offered via the Mac App Store initially. To keep download size reasonable, I could see buying the base X-Plane in either a Europe or US version, and then offering the rest of the world as in-app purchases at a rate where the whole world costs the same or slightly more than buying the DVD set.

    At any rate, I really, really *really* hope that X-Plane doesn’t still require the DVD to be in the drive for verification. That annoying method of ownership verification should have died in the last decade.

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