It looks like 10.21 will not contain new autogen art assets.  Propsman has a pile of stuff partly ready to go, but had to go on a pre-scheduled trip and wasn’t able to upload the files before he ran out of time.  We’ll cut 10.22 to drop autogen in – it’s not hard for us to run an update to push art assets.

But he did send me a fix for one autogen bug that we’ve received some rather vocal complaints about:

In X-Plane 10.20 Propsman accidentally mapped some industrial warehouses to a land-class that is mostly used for small towns and rural populations.  The result is a lot of big ugly industrial buildings in places that don’t make sense.

The second shot shows the same area modified with the new patch, which puts smaller individual buildings into place.  This should help the land-scape look less disrupted.

The mapping from land-class to autogen is part of the autogen library, so as we get more art assets into place we will continue to tweak the mapping to try to get the best looking results.

Please note that this change may affect frame-rate, possibly not in a good way.  Depending on what your hardware is good or bad at, changes to the autogen will cause frmaerate changes.

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