It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry because…I’ve been working in the dungeons, coding for Android, unlike Ben who spends his days at Starbucks sipping lattes and writing blog posts all day. 🙂

Seriously, if you have not yet heard, we’ve finally released X-Plane 10 for Android. It was a long, arduous process. Maybe I’ll write about the experience in a separate blog post if anyone’s interested. Anyway, back to the product…It has the same features and pricing model as X-Plane 10 for iPhone/iPad and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. I don’t expect Android to lag behind like it has in the past. If anything, it will probably be the first to get updates since there’s no painfully slow Apple approval process to sit through.

Where’s the iOS Update?

This initial release on Android is identical to the current release 10.1.0 on iOS except for the additional of liveries! This update will be available for iOS as soon as Apple approves it. It’s currently sitting in their queue.

What’s the Android Plan?

Currently I’m in firefighting mode! As of today, there are 7,654 supported devices so needless to say, there are some device-specific crash bugs…most on devices that I was not able to acquire myself during testing. I’ll admit however, there are fewer than I expected. We’re currently seeing 90.4% crash-free users. This is low compared to our iOS stability of 99.5% however the industry metric for games is supposedly 97%. I can’t remember where I read that, but that’s been my pseudo-goal so I plan on releasing frequent patches until we get there.

Aside from hardware-specific OpenGL issues, the biggest source of instability seems to be with Google’s In-App Billing service. I’ve found and fixed some issues in their sample code which will help, but many users cannot even link up with the service! I have not gotten enough data to fully understand that yet.

An update to 10.1.4 has been pushed this morning. It should go live in a couple of hours. That should fix stability issues for some people but I don’t expect it to move the needle significantly until the In-App Billing issues have been resolved. Until then,  I’ll keep at it!

What’s next for Mobile?

Android is a top priority at the moment. Until we reach stability there, almost all of my efforts will be focused on doing so. Once Android has settled down a bit, the work that we do will be for both platforms.

I know the map is a source of annoyance for a lot of people. It appears, unsolicited, when trying to operate the throttle. I can look into that.

We do of course have more aircraft and missions coming. I can’t talk about the specifics of those yet but our artists are very busy at work making more stunning planes.

But where’s the “meat and potatoes” features? Unfortunately, a lot of the feedback that I get is not specific enough for us to use. I see things like “I like Infinite Flight/Aerofly better!” which is fine…that’s a matter of preference. But WHY do you like it better? What features are you missing most?

So here’s your chance to chime in. What’s important to you? What will make the app fit your needs better? Please feel free to comment below. Get your friends to comment too. The more feedback that I get, the more I can make sure our customer’s needs are being met.

About Chris Serio

Chris is an electrical engineer and commercial pilot who got roped into software development by Ben because misery loves company.

56 comments on “X-Plane 10 for Android and Mobile Roadmap

  1. one thing I like about infinite flight better then x plane is the auto pilot, on cola be you can only tap three buttons for heading altitude and pitch on xplane you can change all that with a more detailed button layout, also a world wide map would be nice

    1. I assume by “world wide map” you’re talking about the regions and not the map itself. Isn’t Infinite Flight limited to sub-regions as well?

  2. Hello chris, I consider myself a fan of pc aand mobile simulators, i have tested a lot of them, and my conclussion is that, there isn’t the perfect simulator, example: what one sim has, the other it doesn’t and viceversa, X -plane 10 for me is one of the best, graphics planes and weather are amazing, autopilot a bit limited, but as i said, nothing is perfect, and i know the huge hard work that is creating a sim. Congratulations and keep the good work.!

  3. Sounds all great, the only thing that comes to my mind would be some kind of quick button to recalibrate without the menu.
    I used to lost a bit the center point I like but getting it back from the menu is a bit annoying as you need to tap several places and then go back to the sim so that you’re already out of the center position when back.
    I guess one workaround would be to return to the sim at this point and display it over (as when starting a flight) so that when you tap OK you’re in the center and have no other action to do.

  4. Whilst there are VORs in X-Plane mobile, they’re so scarce in the current maps that you can’t really do a point a to point b flight using IFR. I want at least one map where I can do an instrument departure from one airport using NDBs (which I think aren’t supported in X-Plane mobile, right?) and VORs and then navigate to another airport and do an instrument approach, including ILS.

    So there. That’s what’s stopping me from using X-Plane mobile.

    1. There are not currently NDBs. We may add them but we may not. They’re being decommissioned in the real world at a rapid pace. The issue of course with the VORs is that in order to make regions larger, we need more space. There’s a reason the desktop sim ships on 8 dual layer DVDs. We don’t have that kind of space on a mobile phone. Removing 3D detail from regions would shrink the size of course but then the world is terribly boring to look at.

    2. There are not currently NDBs. We may add them but we may not. They’re being decommissioned in the real world at a rapid pace. The issue of course with the VORs is that in order to make regions larger, we need more space. There’s a reason the desktop sim ships on 8 dual layer DVDs. We don’t have that kind of space on a mobile phone. Removing 3D detail from regions would shrink the size of course but then the world is terribly boring to look at.

  5. just maybe a suggestion for the android version. can we get an option ion the store to purchase an upgrade that gets rid of the ads or a version that we can buy with no ads and all aircraft?
    and one other thing after you get the android version settled down a bit. would it be possible to port this over to windows tablets a lot of them run the intel atom cpu and don’t have the memory or gpu to run the pc version of x-plane. so a version that can run on windows 10 tablets would be nice 🙂 I know I must be one of the few that own and use an ipad, android tablet, and windows surface 3 with the atom cpu. and will gladly buy a premium ad free version including all the aircraft for all three platforms

    1. Hi Matthew. ANY purchase will remove the ads. We try not to advertise to paying customers.

      I can say with a high degree of confidence that we will not be porting to Windows mobile in the near future. They don’t natively support OpenGL and the current Windows market is a fraction of the iOS and Android market.

  6. The maps are way too small , they needs offer more then just 2 airports et some regions .. Details such as corect roads or ryver are missing (ex. Innsbruck)
    Alaska/Hawaii missing airfield..
    And so on..
    That should be a priority #1
    Lets say Alaska.. Why dont you have guys there a pams et least up too Skagway??

    1. Regions take up large amounts of space. We’re already at nearly 1GB with only 5 ‘small’ regions. We can add more regions for variety or limit regions but increase detail but we cannot do both. There aren’t many users that want a 10GB app sitting on their device.

      1. Yes that
        Make sence but.. Theres not much point have small region with 2airports close too each other, IF or AF offer more space to fly , for example IF has many regions and more larger maps (no 3D bulding) AF2 offer large map with all 3D airports..
        Why Xplane10 for ios stuck then do the same ? May be dicrease detail slightly but extended it wiuld be much more preferable..
        The Alaska personaly annoyings me more coz u guys miss one airfield ( PAOH – Hoonah) there already even that small map. ,why,?! And map just stop right before (PAHN -Haines and PAGY- Skagway) could you pls add thouse airports??

        1. Right, the other products out there attempted to do the extremes….huge areas with no detail or small areas with tons of detail. We’re trying to get both. I can look at why PAOH is missing but scenery regions need to be cut on lat/lon boundaries so if we missed an airport at the edge of the map, it’s because taking it would require us to take a whole other degree of lat/lon.

          1. Agree with the comments, your maps are far too small. One or two runways is also not enough to keep you interesting. Thus is why I haven’t yet paid for any of your IAP’s.

          2. I don’t disagree that larger regions are desirable, but every region has multiple airports with multiple runways so it’s not as limited as you think.

  7. I posted a few things on your facebook page and don’t think you guys have seen it yet.
    What i ask for is larger scenery like all of florida in the u.s or even the caribbean region with jamaica and fix the A320 in the game because the other major flight sims have the A320 looking like the real one and please add wingflex for the large aircrafts with long wings but i do see winhflex on the bombardier crj200 tho good work on that and please add real sounds and I’m looking forward to see all that i have asked for and as you said that xplane 10 is the most flexible and realistic sim ever and you guys don’t worry about what people say about the other flight sims like infinite flight and aerofly, believe me I’ve played those before and they are nothing compared to xplane 10 mobile its the best for me and again great work otherwise x-plane 10 your sim is lovely and indeed realistic please please having the three commercial airplane in the game and as you mentioned future airplanes they all requires large regions to fly.

  8. I will do the pros and cons

    Pros: graphics and lights all I ever wanted in a mobile simulator

    cons: the flight is bad, small maps, unnecessary things like missions for me what is important is the simulation. why do not you join all in a precise so map of Brazil and Brazilian companies airports, add embraer 195 Blue Brazil if he caught what the infinite flight has to offer and aero fly and put the x-plane would be best for each of these simulators have a great weakness to release a commercial airliner would be top but for a start okay thanks.

  9. Hi, could it be possible to add joystick support in IOS? That would knock it out of the park for me…

    1. I’m not sure about “Joystick” but we are looking into Game Controller support. I suspect that might carry-over to some bluetooth enabled joysticks as well?

      1. jajajajajja… sorry, as I’m 44 and started with my atari joystick!!!

        Gamepad, joystick… is the same for me… this would take this game to a new level on my ipad!!!

  10. First of all, I love the mobile app. It’s fun, and the basics are there. I made my first purchase to support the team.

    What I want, is more of the controls. I want to have control over things like mixture, carb heat, trim. You know… all the stuff you need to touch in real flight training. Really, the more control, the better.

    Thanks so much for making another great product, guys.

  11. there’re several reasons why I play others more than x-plane:
    1: X-Plane has pretty bad frames compared to others, especially with the 2-D cloud. I also think that the engine smoke is unnecessary and killing the frames. (IPad air) There’s huge battery drain too. Maybe include a feature where we can turn settings down?
    2: autopilot needs work. When others have heading, altitude, and speed control, you only have pitch, roll, and alt hold.
    3: more controls are needed, such as light switches and TRIM
    4: missing PHOG airport in Hawaii
    5: I just think that the planes have a tendency to bounce on landings. Compared to desktop flight-sims, X-Plane mobile bounces too much, for example the 777
    6: WING VIEW!!!!!!
    7: can you make the outside camera more stable? It’s really dizzying, especially with turbulence.

  12. We want maps more big,the possibilites of planning IFR flight and more instrument like Vor /adf/ils/… And obviously more aircraft like Boeing/Glinders/Military jets…
    Infinite Flight has got more things than Xplane mobile and you can do more!!

  13. I am completely amazed by this app, I void go on and on about it. The fact that it plays flawlessly on my Note 3 SM-N900W8 Version 5 Lollipop and Tab S, is equally amazing. Absolutely love the ability to test out aircraft before buying them!

    But there are a few things I would like to see added.

    I would like to see more control over our own flight control sensitivity as I find the default one set to high.

    The rudder position is very difficult to get at in its current middle location.

    My biggest interest in flying these sims is navigation. I love following the STAR approaches, specifically into KSEA. I would love to see real world waypoints and the ability to do flight planning.

    As already mentioned, maps need to be larger. I would prefer larger regions and fewer buildings to help make that happen.

    Distance from airport indicators would help a lot with approaches.

    Also, maybe I am missing it, but there doesn’t seem to be any wind indicators, so I have know idea what the wind speeds are or the direction they are coming from?

    I would also like to hear better aircraft sounds. And speaking of sounds, the app sounds still seem low even with the master volumn and airplane volumn at to its highest settings.

    Overall a great Sim, and I know I have only started skimming the surface of it.


    1. Found the wind indicator in HUD view. Been testing mostly in cockpit using just the instruments, so I never noticed it.
      Could you make it visible in cockpit view as well?

  14. +1 for hearing about the porting experience. I’d be interested in hearing about how you ported, how much shared platform code there is, etc. 🙂

    1. Alright i’ll try and get around to writing one. I’ll tell you now that about 95% of the code is the same between iOS and Android…but that last 5% is always painful.

      1. That’ll be cool, look forward to reading that 🙂
        I remember reading a post further down talking about your experience porting XP9 back in the day, that was an interesting read for sure.

  15. I prefer the light and medium weight planes and the free fligth in low altitude, so this simulator is the best choice for me.

    I saw the steps of developing of this software because both of my 2 sons have ios devices. I received the first VOR signal over Innsbruck with an Iphone and now I discovered the King Air’s limited radial setting ability with the 2 black buttons in the Android version.

    In my opinion after the “firefighting” the most important step is an optional radial setting option. Maybe it would be easier to write to the map than to every plane.

  16. its great to ask this thing, and i will give an answer too! its true that some other flying sims are different, but i wont say better! so for x-plane10 mobile, the fetures i whant, are: new rudder position and fix! when using in air rudder, first its aliagning the nose with tail( in crosswind condition), after that should start banking! in x10, its banking str8away! too sensible! map in multiplayer, do u really find an good ideea to use google map on an second device to navigate? multiplayer with more players( ex infinite flight u can fly with 50 more players in same region!) atc, and again infinite flight done an great job with that, in x10vm, hearing same words few times in a row during an flight, its more on your nerves! real weather conditions with full weather effects! metar! u guys miss the temp! snow! carrier landings from rortos have real world map, remote control, and so much more and better graphics! to be honest, builduings are not necesarly( for me), but u see, not even the airports are not fully recreated! u could done better than that! cicle time! refuelling in midair! and its not an mision, its anytime u whant or need, in free flight mode! and u guys gived us buildings! leaving empty all that space between them isnt looking horrible? all buildings are in same shape! isnt this boring? u use 20 years ago colours! why not making and redesign the game interface? use neon colours, and so more! there are plenty to add! control the lights( strobe is only for runway and air, not for taxi or parked! engines on/off! trim sett!

  17. not mentioning that for example devs from infinite flight are having an close relation with fans and customers! and i dont whant to see what is austin doing! not my problem and i am not looking for idols! give us sneak peaces, things u plan, anything in related with mobile version! more videos from u! etc! u must try and get close to your clients gents!

  18. My Facebook share doesn’t work. I get a half second glimpse of the Facebook page and that’s it.
    Note 3 SM-N900W8
    Version 5 Lollipop

  19. Quite often in the 60 second test fly, the planes won’t pitch up, no matter the speed or amount of tilting the device. Even pitching down is slow to impossible. Definitely a bug, took some video of it.
    Happens on both Note 3 5.0 and Samsung Tab S 5.0

        1. If you want to try a test build of an accelerometer fix I made this weekend, email me chris _at_ That’ll probably solve this issue for you.

  20. I love the features like weather and scenary , though I’m not a fan of the cockpit view , which I think can be improved that reflection on the cockpit glass is constantly there and annoying , also accelerometer sensitivity setting would be a great help . Also the rudders are really unstable and end up causing rolls with the slightest motion . Maybe a push back and start option would be great as well. I wish you guys would bring a few more fighters to the package like the fa 18 e super hornet and maybe a sukkoi 30 mk1 , not a single flight simulator has those .

  21. Unable to contact the app store to make these purchases. Check Internet connection?

    I make my purchase through the play store.

  22. Whenver I engage the heading, my pitch becomes unstable moving up and down. When I engage my pitch, the heading goes unstable moving side to side
    It’s stable when both pitch and heading are engaged, or when I’m not using them at all.
    I have the same issue both the 172 and the CRJ200.

  23. I just updated the latest update October 11th andand reporting that the Facebook sharing is not working on my note 3 or Tab S. Both are running on Android 5.0

  24. We need altitude call outs because it is very difficult to judge 50 feet over the threshold, as well as flaring and idle throttle height when flying an Airliner.

  25. The PAPI lights do not appear on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, but they do on the Samsung Note 33.

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