We’re looking to add two developers—one junior, one senior—to the Laminar Research team this spring.

As a member of our team, you would:

  • Work on stuff that matters. Real pilots fly safer because of training in X-Plane, and real aerospace organizations (like Boeing, Cessna, and NASA, to name just a few) prototype aircraft in X-Plane before they build them in the real world.
  • Work on a product that millions of people will see. You’ll get feedback from users, and that feedback will drive future development.
  • Have tremendous input on the direction of the product. Because X-Plane is an exceedingly small team, every team member has a lot of say about what we work on and how we make the simulator better for our users.
  • Set your own schedule. As far as we’re concerned, if you’re shipping features and fixing bugs, it’s your business when you do so.
  • Work remote. No commute, no cubicles, nothing to impede you from doing great work. (But the rest of the team is just a Skype call away!)
  • Work on a variety of technologies and products. At various points, you might work on X-Plane, Plane Maker, WED, the X-Plane installer, the Scenery Gateway web app, or even the X-Plane.com web site.


A qualified junior candidate will:

  • Have a computer science degree.
  • Be a quick learner. We expect most of what you need to know (beyond computer science fundamentals) to be learned on the job.
  • Have the self-discipline to work from home and set your own schedule. (It’s not for everyone.)

In additions to the above, a qualified senior candidate will:

  • Have experience shipping major features in production applications with minimal oversight.
  • Have specific experience relevant to X-Plane. There’s no exhaustive list of skills we could use, but some possible examples include:
    • Real-time graphics
    • Real-time C++ development
    • Mobile development
    • Game development
    • GIS data processing
    • Networking
    • The X-Plane plugin system

How to Apply

Send an email introduction to me that includes:

  • Which position you want to apply for
  • A brief overview of a project (or projects) you’ve enjoyed working on
  • Discussion of projects you have not enjoyed working on

The introduction is really just a means for me to get a handle on who you are as a developer, so do not stress over it!

My email is my first name at X-Plane.com. Please do not attempt to apply in comments!

(Not sure if this is a good fit for you? Email me anyway and we can talk. 🙂 )

About Tyler Young

Tyler is a software developer for X-Plane. Among other projects, he was in charge of the X-Plane 11 user interface and the massive multiplayer implementation.

16 comments on “We’re hiring!

  1. This is nice to see – glad LR is adding staff. That can only mean good things for the future (and sanity for the current staff!) Without the needed credentials, I can’t apply, but I can attest that working from home on X-Plane related development projects is indeed both a challenge and a great pleasure.

  2. wow that’s my great occasion to get rid of my impossible boss… oh wait… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. The way you are hiring here is as unusual and as cool and as nice as everything about xp is, esp. comparedto other software companies.
    If i would not have started my own little sw business 3 yrs ago, i would apply immediately. Though i know it’s not always fun and needs a lot of time and enthusiasm…
    I really hope you find perfect fitting developers and i wish the whole team all the best! : )

  4. Best of luck guys. I was thinking about applying, but I have very little experience in graphical stuff… I’ve been developing on SAP ABAP for 8 years… Maybe in a few years if I’m in a position where I can reduce my income a bit I’ll send you guys an email.

    I’d definitely love to contribute on improving the weather engine 🙂


  5. Oooh been looking for a position like this ever since I graduated with a Comp Sci degree a few months ago. Just applied 🙂

  6. There is no address listed to which I should send the email to. Also, how strict are you on that “Computer Degree” thing?

    1. From the post:

      > My email is my first name at X-Plane.com.

      Re: the CS degree… the only exception I can see us making is if you have professional experience shipping software (i.e., something beyond a personal project). Counterintuitive as it might seem, I think we’re more likely to hire a *senior* dev with no degree than a junior, just because the senior would by nature have an extensive track record.

  7. Hope you guys find qualified devs, I know from experience they’re hard to come by. Would love to apply, but for the moment my commitments only allow me to do things part time. I guess I’ll just keep developing X-Plane plugins on the side in my spare time 🙂

  8. And this post made me, at 47 years of age, look up what it would require to get a computer science degree.

  9. Well, good luck to the potential programmers. Had I stuck with programming in the early 80’s, I’d do it in a NY minute!
    But…if you ever need a seasoned (and retired) Murder Mystery Theatrical Producer, Writer/actor, comedian, sign me up!!! That also goes for Licensing (legal dep’t) and Marketing/Merchandising including Live events. Both of which were my bread and butter for 20+ yrs…before that I was rocking out out of H’wood London and NYC tour managing and event production which was waaaay too much fun after 50 lol.
    Yea, I wouldn’t mind doing a gig or two before I get absorbed into the rest of the Universe 😉
    Finally, it’s encouraging to see X-Plane expanding!

    1. “Finally, it’s encouraging to see X-Plane expanding!”

      Yes! Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, … and not one single lawyer or bean-counter!

  10. Hello Mr. Taylor
    My company OKFLY make scenery for XPLANE10 in colombia, we want speak with you, the airports in colombia so very bad…..can you give me your email???, we are two demo the airports locals.

    Best regards.
    Giovanny Cepeda

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