We have a new video tutorial on using FMOD to add custom sounds to X-Plane 11. This simple tutorial shows how to add a snapshot and an event in FMOD.

The video also has a permanent home on the video page of this site, and on the X-Plane YouTube channel.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments and if you have requests for other tutorials. I’m starting to get the hang of creating movies, and if you don’t troll me too hard about the quality I might make more. 😉

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

12 comments on “FMOD Video Tutorial

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Any chance for FMOD 1.09 compatibility soon or just compatibility with the binaural renderer using dedicated FMOD GVR plugin (Google plugin) which is optional addon for 1.08 (unfortunately does not work in XP11 – can’t find GUID) and standard plugin on 1.09…

    Your videos are helpful. Looking for the next one.

  2. With FMOD and all, Ben do you you think it’s possible to enable sound on Ai traffic? Or is there already a trick to enable it?

      1. Talking about the default 737 – are your saying once you are making it FMOD (whatever that means), it will emit sound when utilized as Ai plane? Are you planning to? There’s a huge FMOD mod (sound package) on the horizon for the 737 – will that automatically enable sound when used as Ai plane?

        1. Hi Richard,

          This is straying pretty far from the original topic, which was “how to use FMOD” – if you don’t know what it is, this probably isn’t the right place to have this discussion. But….

          We are planning on some day adding FMOD sounds to _all_ of our aircraft. If someone is working on the 737 already they should contact us – perhaps we can collaborate.

          Anyway, yes. Once an aircraft is FMOD-enabled, AI sound just works.

  3. Hello! Good tutorial!

    But…. I made exactly the same steps and when i’m trying to load my aircraft i receive a error message about “couldn’t find GUID in master bank” I don’t know why??

    Any help???


      1. with the version 1.08 i’m not receiving any error while loading an aircraft.

        But in x-plane, only the default sounds of Baron loads. Not my custom. Also the snapshot is not working while i’m open the door.

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