Austin Meyer’s Reddit IAMA

Austin Meyer will be hosting a Reddit AMA! Check it out tomorrow, August 16th at 9:30pm EST. Ask him anything! He'll answer questions on X-Plane, flying, patent trolls, life, his new movie, game development, Android, and more.

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About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her on the Q&A site or answering bug reports.
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12 Responses to Austin Meyer’s Reddit IAMA

  1. Dellanie Byron says:

    Is this on r/flightsim or r/ama ?

    Have fun 😀

  2. João Victor Bettu Cordeiro says:

    Please give us some news on 11.10! I'm so excited for it...

  3. Rob Dale says:

    Probably mean 930am EDT. Don’t bring winter too soon 🙂

  4. Christopher Hallam says:

    I don't have a redd it account, but can someone please ask when the rest of the landmarks are releasing?

  5. Will he be taking medical questions as well? I have dry skin that I'd like his opinion on. 😀

  6. myb says:

    It seems to me 16th August Austin Meyer's Election Campaign will start. Because I don't imagine how to resolve by other way 'The Patent Scam'. Good luck, Austin.

  7. FreddyFred says:

    I really hope Austin comes out on top of this!
    He has earned the FS community respect as well as the
    aviation community in general. I am glad he is fighting
    them instead of caving. That's what a true innovator does.

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