If you have been doing work with manipulators during beta.1, please download this new one and review the notes! Download the latest here: io_xplane2blender_3_4_0_b3.zip


  • #ATTR_layer_group_draped causing KeyErrors
  • Reverts bad change to manipulators properties*


“.beta.3” will be printed on all OBJs. This is not permanent, expect something better in the future

What happened to the manipulators?

A poor decision to change the Manipulator Type (Drag XY, Push, Command Knob, Toggle, Delta, etc) means that if you changed the type of manipulator between beta.1 (or 7fe534ad1f906b7853827 if you constantly check out the latest cutting edge commits [which I do not recommend for this exact reason]), this beta will make those changes irrelevant.

Example, suppose on 8/1/2017 you create a switch and set the manipulator type to Toggle, then with beta.1 you change the type to Push. Beta.3 will show the type as Toggle. All you need to do is go back to the switch and change the type back to Push. The rest of the values you set will still be there. If you created manipulators during the beta, they will be set back to the default “Drag XY” type and will need to be fixed.

This is an unfortunate lesson to be learned, and if you are facing a lot of tediousness (30 manipulators to hunt down and change) or potential errors (you can’t remember how many or which ones you changed) please contact me!

I will personally help you recover the changes you made during beta.1 – present.


5 comments on “XPlane2Blender v3.4.0-beta.3 is out!

    1. Yes works on 2.78c.
      Some manipulators created lastly need to be changed.
      Some bugs are still present (see GitHub).

  1. First of all thanks for your hard work. I’m currently having the issue that some layers of my Blender scene (aircraft project) won’t export. When trying to export the respective layers nothing happens at all- no logfile is created, no pop-up appears, nothing. Any idea on how to get started with finding the reason for that?

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