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Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • #294 – A case where autodetect off was not fully trusting the author for Aircraft exports
  • An uncaught spelling mistake __upgradeLocRot vs __updateLocRot. The fix for the updater altering the animation types was written for object’s dataref animations and bone’s dataref animation troubles. However, with this spelling mistake and Blender’s uncanny ability to eat exceptions from addons, it wasn’t realized until later that bone’s weren’t also getting updated. Fortunately, the updater can be run-again without fear of messing something else up.

At the bottom of the Scene Settings, check “Plugin Development Tools”. Use the Re-run Updater tool at the bottom: Put in 3.3.9 in Fake Version, and click the button. You should see your bone values corrected, as long as you successfully reverted any bad changes from v3.4.0-beta.1. Please e-mail me if you have problems!


  • Some spelling and capitalization in the UI. Great care has been taken to ensure that none of the actual value or order of the addon properties has changed!

4 comments on “XPlane2Blender v3.4.0-beta.4 arrives

  1. A few experiments, when auto detecting textures is ON/OFF led me to some conclusion. First of all a Normal texture cannot be baked automatically, even in mode ‘Compile Normal-Textures’ that means: we should have at least two textures at the Texture Slot. Secondly, one of two textures, located at the texture slot will be compiled to a Normal (_nm) texture, during export and will be located in a textures folder.
    If I’m wrong please correct.


  2. Hi.

    I’m really sorry for my constant completely unrelated posts.

    Any chance we’re able to save free camera views, just as the internal camera views? It’s nice when we’re doing a video on an airport.

    Cheers, thanks.

  3. Hi Ted,
    Do you have any updates on the existance of the 3DS Max exporter? (If that is your area :P)

    Many Thanks

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