****EDIT: There’s apparently an issue for people running the Vive and WMR where they’re seeing reduced resolution. We’re looking into it and will post an update as soon as possible.

****EDIT2: We’ve found the issue affecting Vive and WMR. We’re testing a fix internally and will release an update hopefully in the next 24 hours. Please do not submit any more bug reports about Vive/WMR resolution.

11.20 VR4 is Live on the servers. Aside from the usability fixes that Ben already mentioned, the major ‘feature’ in VR4 is…Oculus users will no longer need SteamVR. If you downloaded it just for X-Plane, go ahead and remove it. It will no longer be necessary.

As we said we would do from the very beginning, we investigated the relative performance of X-Plane through the native Oculus SDK versus SteamVR and what we found, through data collection, is that the overall experience for Oculus users was better by going through the Oculus SDK directly. I know many of you are thinking “Duh! I told you that a month ago ya big dummy!” and yes…yes you did. Fortunately/Unfortunately, we try not to make engineering decisions based on gut feelings and anecdotal evidence when we have a way to collect actual numbers. We wanted to tackle a majority of the usability issues affecting everyone before we looked into performance.

In the various A/B tests that we performed, we found that going to the Oculus SDK directly got us about 25% improvement in frame rate. This does not necessarily indicate that there’s anything wrong with SteamVR itself. There are several factors influencing the performance in VR. First, Oculus has their “home”, that little bachelor pad where you hang out while waiting for games to load. SteamVR has their “home” as well. When you use SteamVR, BOTH are running on your machine. Those houses are not free and X-Plane is already CPU bottlenecked so anything consuming CPU resources is going to directly affect performance. (I noticed an Autodesk updater in my task manager that was stealing 5% of my CPU consistently. That too was decreasing my performance….every bit matters!). Going directly to the Oculus SDK removes the SteamVR house from the equation.

Sure, getting 25% improvement is a huge win, but that’s NOT the biggest win. The biggest win, in my opinion, is that Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) works MUCH better even at very low frames rates down to about 22.5fps. It appears as though the timing of the frames is critical for ASW to work properly. Being at 22.5, 30, 45, 90fps feels smooth! Being in between those frame timings seems to make ASW lose its mind creating an annoying judder; the opposite of what ASW is supposed to be doing for us. Oculus seems to be V-Syncing us to hit those intervals, allowing their algorithms to make reliable timing decisions and predictions. It’s my suspicion that SteamVR was just not hitting those intervals, causing ASW to flip out.

TLDR; Performance for Oculus will be on par with what Vive users have been seeing all along. The smoothness of the rendering seems consistent even down to 22.5fps. If you’re a Vive user, you will still, of course, need SteamVR as that IS your native SDK. If you’re a WMR user, you will still need SteamVR. I have not seen any reprojection issues with WMR like we have with Oculus. Supposedly the upcoming versions of SteamVR have some performance improvements coming for WMR users as well so we’ll be sticking with SteamVR for all headsets other than Oculus. That can always change in the future…based on data.

About Chris Serio

Chris is an electrical engineer and commercial pilot who got roped into software development by Ben because misery loves company.

106 comments on “X-Plane 11.20 VR4 Is Live

  1. An now open the flood gates, “I told you so” LOL
    Great work guys, just had a quick test and it looks much smoother on my 1080Ti
    Regards to all at LR

  2. Nice one, looking forward to an even better VR experience, it was already pretty darn good ! Thank you guys.

  3. Excellent work guys. X-Plane is running much smoother on the Oculus now.

    To gain a few extra clock cycles, I disabled Oculus Home from running when starting X-Plane.
    I just changed the properties of the OculusClient.exe and set it to run as administrator.


  4. Not sure why my previous comment was deleted.. But in the past we have been told to disable ASW. Should we re-enable ASW now since it appears to be working as intended?

  5. I *really* love the VR implementation of x-plane 11 VR! I’ve had my Vive for a little over a year, and purchased x-plane 11 because of its VR preview. I have a 1080ti and everything has worked wonderfully up to now. However after updating (x-plane) earlier today to 11.20 VR4, it seems that in my Vive headset everything is suddenly displayed in what looks like *very* low resolution (looks like almost 640 x 480). The desktop display is fine, but the headset display has changed. I’m not sure if this is a bug(?) or if there is some setting that I should use via SteamVR to get back to the way it was. I’ve changed *nothing* in my setup and the only change was accepting the update for x-plane this morning. Yesterday it ran perfectly, as it has since the first preview version. Thank you guys at LR for your awesome ongoing work; your addition of VR to a true flight simulator is impressive and much appreciated. Minor hiccups along the way have been negligible compared to the incredible fun I’m having.

    1. I have exactly the same problem. I am an HTC Vive user: updated to VR4 and the resolution has dropped exactly as you say. I too have the 1080ti (added for completeness) but it was working fine in all previous versions up to VR3. I have tried deleting the preferences files. It looks ok in 2D but once you enable VR the resolution drops. It actually drops part way through loading to the start up screen.

      1. Yeah, so it turns out my work on the Oculus loading screen broke the Vive. 🙁 We’ll have a fix ASAP – probably in the next 24 hours, servers be willing.

  6. I think steam updated my 11.20 VR3 (all working good) to VR4. Now all blurred like 640×480 pixel in VR. HTC Vive notebook Asus Core i7 7700, 16 GB, SSD, Nvidia GTX 1070 Windows 10 home. Any help (for rollback would be appreciated), Anyway grest job with X Plane my favourite game,


  7. Very quick test, flew over Walney Island with my settings per 2d. (Scenery at highest levels etc).

    Everything excellent, definite speed improvements.

    Thank you.

  8. Thank ya big dummy! 🙂
    SteamVR is now useless… and deleted.
    X-Plane is faster and smoother now.
    The only thing I need is super sampling, but it can be easily changed via Oculus Tray Tool.
    Well done!!!

  9. Just done a flight with vr4. Man, you have really upped the game this time. It was a treat. Is there a way to make the thumbs tick work like before? Press the button then move around to teleport? It’s really annoying when you knock the thumbstick while taking off.

    1. So it’s not just me… I have also posted on the other blog about this. My preference for the thumb sticks is just like they were in VR1.

  10. For those of us who have a Rift, but purchased X-Plane 11 through Steam, will the Steam version correctly select the Oculus SDK at startup rather than using Steam VR, or do I need to do something special to make it make the correct choice?

  11. hello,
    excuse my bad english. since I have installed the VR 4, the picture is significantly worse. I use the Samsung Odyssey, even the board at the beginning is totally blurry. If I head closer to ran it will be sharp. also on the plane, no matter which one it is very hard to read the instruments and the houses are as if surrounded by a haze. So much worse than before. is it possible to return to the VR 3? despite the problems, thank you very much what you are doing, flying in VR is much more exciting and beautiful.

  12. hello, excuse my bad english. since I have installed the VR 4, the picture is significantly worse. I use the Samsung Odyssey, even the board at the beginning is totally blurry. If I head closer to Ran it will be sharp. also on the plane, no matter which one it is very hard to read the instruments and the houses are as if surrounded by a haze. So much worse than before. is it possible to return to the VR 3? despite the problems, thank you very much what you are doing, flying in VR is much more exciting and beautiful.

  13. I’d love to buy XPlane 11 as my BR flight simulator of choice and was hoping to see it on sale during Steam’s Lunar Sale, but it was unfortunately still at its normal price.

    Do I have to wait for the next Steam Summer Sale for our next chance to buy XPlane at a reduced price..?

  14. Just wondering if the announcement of MacOS support for Vulkan will mean abandoning metal development for Xplane. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Unknown – the Vulkan port has a graphics abstraction, so we can add or remove 3-d APIs without major app-level costs. So we could potentially do Metal or Vulkan on MoltenVK for Mac OS X.

      With that in mind, I’m skeptical of running a Vulkan port on top of Metal because Vulkan is a lower level API than Metal – therefore we have to talk to the Vulkan driver in very simple atomic instructions, with lots of management done by us. A Vulkan-to-metal adapter then has to ignore some of those instructions and guess at the higher level instructions Metal wants to get the same result; the Metal driver will then take the higher level Metal instructions and…do something with the hardware that’s more like Vulkan. 🙂

      Now..the abstraction level between Metal 2 and Vulkan is _not_ that far off, now that we have app-managed heaps and argument buffers (which can be used kind of like descriptor sets). But all of the barrier/cache management stuff is automagic in metal and explicit in Vulkan.

      Fortunately it’s not something we have to decide on now – our architecture isn’t harmed by including Metal in a way where we’d get a win by dropping it, and most of the work is in re-structuring GL app code. Between supporting Vulkan, Metal, DX12 (we’re not planning to do it, but the new architecture allows it) and GL, the GL is the biggest PITA, because its threading model is so different from the new modern low level APIs.

  15. Great Work LR this was it. I flew all my aircraft tonight with no judder and was able to set my settings higher almost what I would get in 2D thanks for the hard work

  16. I don’t seem to be getting the improvements, in fact things are much worse. From experience with other games, It seems as if ASW is not working. Ive turned it back to auto in the oculus debug tool and still no luck .

    1. You still need to make sure you’ve set your rendering settings to something conservative. This release may have improved performance a bit but it’s not a magic bullet by any means. Also be sure there’s nothing else taking up valuable CPU resources in your task manager.

      1. I see your point, but it is not working as he says. I made a post about it too.. I know I am far above 45fps in my sim, but ASW still does not kick in. I made a post about it in a fb group, and people are seeing the same ghosting (ASW not working) thing.

        1. Thanks for the reply. So after more testing ive reduced the number of objects to medium. Lower than before. I actually find that as with other software things seem smoother without ASW enabled. You can disable ASW with Ctrl+1 and enable with Ctrl+4.

          1. I have the same ghosting/judder when moving from side to side.
            ASW does not seem to kick in.

            Even with low graphic settings and in low object areas.

            It’s even visible in the main menu (hangar).

            Worked fine before VR4

  17. (I have reported this, but I want to initiate a discussion also)
    ASW is not working anymore in the latest vr4 update of X-Plane 11. I tried to force it on in the debug tool also, but it doesn’t work still.. The sim itself locks down to 45fps, which is a correct behavior, but the ASW doesn’t kick in, so I see 45fps instead of 90fps (which I previously did in vr3)..

    I notice this when doing positional movement in the cockpit. Looking at the gauges and instruments while doing so, I see ghosting. Ghosting that occurs when I see 45fps and not 90fps. I am also trying to FORCE XP11 to use ASW via the debug tool, but it refuses to kick in no matter what…

    Can people confirm this? Yes you probably have good framerate, but see if you see ghosting like I mentioned.

    1. I think you’re confused how ASW works. ASW does NOT increase your frame rate. It allows the headset to still work smoothly at lower frame rates. If you see ghosting, that IS ASW working. It’s one of the artifacts of ASW.

      1. No I’m not confused how it works. I am not talking about increasing framerate Chris. Ghosting should not be there, it was not there in vr1, vr2 or vr3. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but you’re wrong about your last statement there.

        1. The artifacts were not there in VR1, VR2 or VR3 because ASW was never working properly because of the timing. That’s the entire reason we switched to using the Oculus SDK directly. Visual artifacts are entirely documented on Oculus’s website. Read the “What’s the catch” section. //developer.oculus.com/blog/asynchronous-spacewarp/

          You can use the Oculus debug tool to turn on the HUD and see for yourself whether ASW is working or not.

          1. It never worked properly below 45fps maybe, but above 45fps it worked really good.. In fact, I would NOT have the fluent framerate that I had in vr1, vr2 and vr3 had it not been for the ASW in the first place.. Should your statement be correct, that would mean that I ran XP11 in 90fps at ALL times, but it didn’t do that.. ASW worked perfectly for me in VR1, VR2 and VR3 because I have spesifically tweaked the sim to run well above 45fps at all time, so that your sim never hit those tresholds that would otherwise make the sim go crazy…

            I tried turning off OTT and debug tool also now, to see how it performs without tools and plugins, and I still see the same. ASW is not present. I will also test the last thing you wrote there. But please, take this in to consideration. I’m not a random guy about this particular subject 🙂

          2. And we’re talking past each other. Like I said below, I wasn’t talking about the ASW artefacts. But the fact that ASW doesn’t kick in at all. I’m not particularly good at formulate my sentences in english, sorry about that.

          3. Turn on the Oculus Debug HUD and set it to “Asynchronous Spacewarp” and tell me if it’s actually disabled or not when you see the artifacts that you see.

          4. You were right about ASW being active, and it didn’t work on my part because it was frequently dipping in framerate. I tried removing all overlays and buildings, and then ASW started working.. Seems like my previously carefully crafted settings no longer works.
            I guess this update is a give and take. It gives all users the possibility to enjoy the sim even when it dips below ASW thresholds, but it also runs at framerates poorer than before (in my case at least). I guess I just took it for granted that my previously 50-60fps settings for vr3 would automatically work on vr4, but it didn’t.. Back to the tweaking table again.

      2. Also, I have spent CONSIDERABLE amount of time tweaking settings file and datarefs in order to get XP11 stay above 45fps when using your previous vr versions (1,2 and 3). No ghosting above 45fps when ASW works as intended, trust me I’ve done a lot of testing on this. Same with other games aswell. It is a bug in the latest vr4 that causes this ghosting. And if the spacewarp works, ghosting should not be there.. The extra artificial frame is supposed to fix that.

        1. Same thing on my side. The ASW frame is no in between normal frames, it’s directly over a normal frame. Easy to confirm with a high speed camera filming the Oculus Rift. The panel refresh with beta 4 is 45Hz instead of 90Hz

          1. Trying to get a hold on a high speed camera to film this myself. I also reported this to the Oculus team, since XP11.20vr4 talks directly to the OVR. And since the debug tool shows that the asw is active, but the refresh is 45, it is something Oculus needs to have a look at too.. But maybe Laminar also can find out what made it work in VR3 but not in VR4.

            Seems like the OpenVR made Oculus trigger ASW the correct way, but the XP11 talking directly to the OVR made it bug up.

          2. Is the judder you feel constant or occasional? I’ve set myself up to run at about 45fps and I do feel an occasional stutter from time to time but I’m looking around like a madman and for the most part, it’s smooth.

          3. Good morning. For me, the judder that I feel is constant 100% of the time. Constant judder, not occasional. The Oculus support told me to try to turn off beta and core 2.0 branch in the Oculus software, so I’m gonna test that when I get home.

          4. Hi Chris. I did what Oculus said, opted out of beta and core 2.0, but I still have constant judder (45hz refresh rate) even when the debug tool claims that ASW is active. Same on VR5.

            I will add that Flyinside encountered the same problem on X-Plane 11, but not on X-Plane 10.. This happened when you switched to talking to the OVR directly instead of through OpenVR. And everyone should think that talking directly to Oculus software would be better, but this seems to trigger the same bug that Flyinside encountered way back.. I am no sure what spesific parts within XP11 that causes this to happen

      3. Oh I think we’re talking past each other here.. I’m not talking about the wobble artefacts that ASW is causing.. Maybe you misunderstood me.. I mean real ghosting, like, 45fps ghosting.. I SEE 45fps instead of 90 (like the asw is supposed to present to my face).

      4. Please don’t delete my comment. I’m trying to get through here.. Do we misunderstand each other?

        1. ups sorry. the blog suddenly removed my comment and now they were visible again, my bad 🙂

      5. Ok let’s scratch every comments above here and start over. Here’s my testings..

        I have done some testing and debugging now, and it seems that even though the ASW is ACTIVE on the oculus SDK, and the sim is running at 45fps, the ASW does not present itself to the screen.. My Oculus Rift displays shows 90hertz, while the sim is presenting 45fps.. So I see judder (NOT ARTIFACTS), but judder.. This might be an Oculus SDK bug, but either way it is not working for me. Also a few other guys over at our discord channel is experiencing the same.. ASW shows itself as “active and counting”, but it does not present itself. I am experiencing judder. I have spoke to a few others who are experiencing the same thing, and we all made sure that we are ABOVE 45fps.

        1. Same here. This isn’t just you. I see image ghosting, *not* ASW artifacts (ie the squiggles).

      1. Yes.. My recent testing shows that ASW is ACTIVE according to the Oculus SDK, but it doesn’t show up in our Rifts.. I think the bug is partially an Oculus bug and partially a VR4 bug.

        I tried to film it for Chris and the team to see, but it is impossible to film through the lenses. The judder is present, even though the asw says that it’s on.

        1. The judder is present in Oculus, even though the asw says that it’s on, and in my case only in V4 X-plane others DCS, IL2….. are all ok, so it has to be something with V4, since V3 was OK form me.

  18. Dang it Boys my rift is running smoother than a baby ass !!! yahoooooo great job keep up the great work job well done !

  19. Great update – now it’s quite usable with the Rift even on my rather low end hardware if flying in an area with low amounts of autogen (Grand Canyon – I’m looking at you!).

    While neither mentioned in this blog post nor the release notes I very much appreciate the addition of the loading screen (even though it’s quite ugly ;-)) so we don’t get dropped out of X-Plane while loading.

  20. Well for me this release was the magic bullet. I was a few frames short of 45 fps at times which always blew up the ASW, now I almost always can hit 45 fps. What really helps is that it is way less of an issue now when not reaching those magic 45 fps.

    Now finally I can run it all together, clouds, traffic (World Traffic 3) and high object and quality settings. I do use the 3jFPS-Wizard to turn down details dynamically, but what a joy! Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate the Oculus SDK performance! You might want to investigate dynamic LOD like the 3jFPS-Wizard does in a future release though, it will probably make things better for a lot of people.

  21. just a quick side note judder is completely fixed , however once you put the checkmark in to the vr option it goes to a lower resolution setting, the startup screen during loading is stretched and doesn’t fit on the screen and once fully loaded you can see the difference in quality as far as resolution images.


  22. Just filed a bug, but I’m surprised I’m the only one, so it might be something I’m doing wrong.

    Oculus rift – Touch controllers don’t move at all. They’re either invisible or stuck in the floor. Tried to delete preferences, etc…


    1. Do they work in the Oculus “Home”? Double check the dumb stuff…good batteries and the two sensors on the stand should be pointed in a reasonable direction toward the controllers.

      1. I have the exact same problem Fran. In the hanger they are stuck in the drain right under where I am sitting. In the default Cessna they are positioned and locked right behind my right shoulder. By sliding the virtual seat all the way back I can see the controller. If both controllers are active, they show a single controller with two thumb sticks. The buttons ork so does the laser beam, just can’t do anything. I posted a bug report in the private beta last week.
        My controllers work fine in 11.20v1 and 2 also work in FlyInside in both 11 and 10. The controllers also work in Oculus Home.

      2. Same problem here, the controllers worked with V3. When I press the trigger, if the controller is per chance in the right direction, I can activate a control, but I see no laser beam.

  23. Hey guys,

    I have an older graphics card that may be the issue (but it does still meet Oculus’ minimum requirements), but anyways, when VR2 came out for steam users, I was able to run X-Plane fairly smoothly on my Oculus Rift. VR3 cut that support simply due to a GPU Detection check, from what I was given as a response to my bug report, as only one of the VR screens would show any rendered image. Now with VR4, x-plane has greyed out the option to enable VR hardware. I’m 100% okay with a few frames skipping here and there, and using minimal graphics settings just to be in virtual cockpit of x-plane, so I can spend my hard-earned money on my pilot’s license, rather than a graphics card just to skip one GPU Detection check.

    Is there anyway to bypass this check for the moment?

    1. Hi David,

      If you have a graphics card that doesn’t have vertex-based stereo broadcast, it’s not supported because it _won’t work_. If you have a GeForce older than the 900 series, you don’t have stereo broadcast – for AMD, I’m not sure how far back it goes.

      The issue isn’t frames skipping, it’s literally not being able to draw the right eye.

  24. Two things I noticed in vr4:
    1) vr-mouse in FF A320 (and other 3rd party airplanes) still doesn’t work.
    2) some more people noticed, that sometimes when you pull the oculus rift from your head and put it on again it just goes to black and disconnects.

    Are those issues already known or should I write it down for a bug report?

    1. I believe that’s a bug related to the guardian system in the oculus software not in xplane, same thing happens to me sometimes in arizona sunshine and robo recall…

      if your using it only sat down at the moment re-setup your sensors and skip configuring the guardian system, at the moment i only configure the guardian system when i take the kit into the front room where theres more space for some aggression burning…

  25. Crash closing the simulator fixed. No issue with mouse offset. And maybe placebo, but felt extremely smooth. Great update! Thank you!

  26. Yay! Can’t wait to try this. You’ve probably been inundated by this feature request, but I wanted to mention this… Like many (most?) simmers, I make frequent use of charts (sectionals VFR/IFR Low/High, Approach Plates, SID/STAR diagrams, OFPs, etc, etc, etc). With VR now, I have to keep taking the headset off to look at a chart and that completely breaks the immersion factor. Having a solution to this is last major feature that I need for VR. There might be others, but they are all eclipsed by this gap. Thanks much for all the hard work. You guys are awesome!

  27. told you guys using the Oculus SKD would have gains making it more then worth using and as bonus we get pull windows in from our desktop with out you having do any thing else

  28. 11.20v4 has caused my touch controllers to lock into place and be unusable, I reported this as a bug in the private beta, but I still have the problem. The controllers work in Oculus and also in 11.20v1 and v2 just not in v4. I have done another bug report on this but does anyone have a solution or a thought on what might me the problem. this is the first time I have ever had a problem with X-Plane. hopefully someone can jump in and see what the problem is. I am stymied at this point.

    1. The problem of the locked controllers has righted itself. I have started this thing several times without success, all the things that I have tried didn’t work. I finally downloaded a second copy plan on keeping it strictly default, the first time I started the new copy, the controllers worked. after calibrating the yoke and throttles I had to shut down, after starting back up I had the same problem of locked controllers. Went back to the original copy and now the controllers are working perfect. The only thing I did different in starting the old copy was starting from the executable itself instead of a shortcut on my taskbar. don’t know what that would have to do, but the problem seems to have righted itself. Of course I will now probably be holding my breath each time I start this thing. LOL.

      1. Just thinking about this and sorry if you have already done it but try replacing the batteries in the controllers, might be low battery voltage?

        1. At first blush, since they are working in everything else, I assumed the batteries are OK, also get a good haptic feedback from them. If the problem persists I will try new batteries, that is a good suggestion. The problem righted itself last night ,haven’t started yet this morning, so will hold my breath as it starts up this morning. LOL

          I appreciate all the feedback from everyone, Fran hope you have solved your like problem.

  29. Just woke up (on this colder than… side of the planet!) to this. FANTASTIC! Getting my system groomed for the update. You guys work HARD and want to say that it’s well appreciated what y’all do. THANK YOU!…now, the testing 🙂 (yes, I’ve read this whole thread and have taken much into consideration!)
    di Luig

  30. thank you for your work. A question have little steam, are we forced to keep oculus in the background?

  31. Do we need to enable v-sync to get rid of the oculus judder? Or what else could help? Or can I lock X-Plane to a specific fps rate?

      1. Well, what is the reason that with ASW Off I got no shuttering-effect? Even with high FPS (80) and enabled ASW (Auto or 45fps) – in Oculus Tray Tool – there is a shutter. That can’t be fixed with lowering the settings. I tried this now for several hours.

  32. Problem moving the mouse out of vr mode! Moves in saccade.Perte de definition of the screen while passing in mode VR. Still in the off mode vr very short stop of the image. Adjusting the handles always so painful, you can not reset the VR1 setting.

  33. I know you have asked for no more reports on resolution….but, the first thing I noticed with my Oculus HMD was reduced resolution. As far as I can see the issues already mentioned are with Vive but I may have missed something.
    With Steam I was able to run supersampling at 2.0, as I no longer have this with v4 could this have anything to do with my reduced resolution? As you can probably tell I have very little comprehension of the magic of X-Plane so this may be one of those stupid questions. Otherwise the latest version is a great improvement in smoothness. Thank you.

      1. Thanks Chris, that’s something else I’ve learned. I always get confused by all the different terminology that often means the same thing.

    1. John if you were running SS 2 in Steam that equates to 1.5 in Oculus. Running 2 in Oculus is the same as running 4.2 in Steam. Above 1.7 in Oculus really demand a strong system.

  34. Maybe it’s just me but I’m using the Oculus Rift and everything was working and smooth before VR4 came out. Now everything has a major motion blur as I move my head around.

    In VR3, I never had to disable ASW in Oculus Debug tool as doing that worsened that framerate for me despite being recommended to do so by LR and people’s experiences. I really didn’t have to anyways since I’m running on a GTX 1080 OC’d @ 2.1GHz (SLI but not that it matters since VR don’t support SLI anyways), i7-6700k CPU @ 4.7 GHz, and 32 GB RAM and my frames have been butter smooth at 45 fps in X-Plane mirror screen and 60 fps (mostly) in my Oculus IN VR3.

    Am I missing something here? I don’t know if it’s a bug so I haven’t reported anything yet so I figured I’ll just post it here for now. I literally just got updated to VR4 this morning and I had no idea that this came around.

    1. I get that blur too, especially noticeable when you move your head side to side across the dials, they split in to two images, changing the ASW in the ODT has no effect at all for some reason, strange.

      1. Yeah, it’s just weird cause apparently ASW is working well according to Chris in this blog post, which really confused me at first. That wasn’t the case on my end (and I guess your end as well). They’re working on a fix for it from what I’ve heard so hopefully everything will be back to normal in VR6. Keeping fingers crossed.

  35. Anyone know what it up with the Cirrus Jet? I thought is was suppose to be completely VR ready but the brakes do not work and the landing gear handle highlights but will not move.

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