A while back, during branch testing for X-Plane 11.20-something, I encountered this little gem:

Happy Friday!

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

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  1. So you decided to learn to fly. This is going to be an exciting first flight! Let’s go!

  2. Guess the little plane was intercepted radars by an online DCS player as a false negative

  3. Looks like X-Plane briefly emulated Kerbal Space Program, my other favorite simulator! Woo-hoo!

  4. Hey guys,
    Not sure if you are still collecting feedback for VR, but I had one comment I wanted to make. In addition to returning the yoke to the “center” position up release, I was wondering whether you could add some vibration feedback to the tough controllers. It would be nice to feel the vibration of a stall. During drastic control changes, it would be nice to feel vibration feedback as well. It would help with the immersion. Right now, it (obviously) feels like I’m pulling air, when I pull back on the virtual yoke, but some vibration feedback would give some sort of illusion of pulling something real. Thanks for listening.

    1. I like the idea. Vibrations could also be used for trim wheels to actually feel the forces for an easier and more realistic trimming.

  5. Hi! Any chance fmod.dll will be updated to latest version (we’re on 1.08.x and latest is 1.10.x) to take advantage of improved effects and performance? Thanks!

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