X-Plane will be attending FlightSimExpo 2018 in Las Vegas, NV on June 8-10. Nearly the entire team will be there–they’re even letting me attend this event!

Members from the development team, such as Austin Meyer and Ben Supnik, will be presenting the latest news and behind-the scenes-information on our work on X-Plane on Saturday, June 9 at 10:15 am.

We’ll also have a booth open all weekend so you can stop by to say hello. Add-on developers should come by and pick our development team’s brains while we’re all in one place!


About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her on the Q&A site or answering bug reports.

16 comments on “Meet the X-Plane Team at FlightSimExpo

  1. will you guys be doing an appearance at the New England airspace Museum this year? I missed you guys last year and I was in the area but didn’t know the date of your appearance. I think it’s about time I meet you guys after flying this outstanding Sim since the very earliest versions way back more years than I care to count.

    1. No – while the location was insanely convenient for Chris and I, FSConn moved to Vegas and became FlightSimExpo, e.g. this show in Vegas on the same weekend is the successor to last year’s Hartford show.

      1. Well if you guys Are ever in the Hartford area again I will certainly make a point to head down to meet you all. Unfortunately, Vegas is on the other side of the country . The last time I was there was my honeymoon 28 years ago Tomorrow :-).

  2. can’t wait for you to run the same script from 2 years ago that you been running . talk about vulcan and show us that picture of guys digging waiting for one guy . Talk about how weather/ atc / particle system is right around the corner and then go silent for another year.

    classic Ben and Austin

    1. Yea that’s a very good point plus P3d have PBR on their model format when will we get it apart from trade off FPS eating meatalness eh?

    2. Classy type of communication there JB. Really engaging and productive. A simple ‘Can you change the presentation a bit this year’ would have be less rude.

  3. Hi team Laminar,

    always looking forward to your shows! Could you guys somehow arrange for someone to tape the event in good quality (especially the sound!) for all of those that can´t come?

    Thanks a lot, Jan

    1. great idea – please stream in good quality, if possible, or record your event for the rest of us

      best regards,


  4. The pace at which x-plane is evolving and pushing its own envelope if immense, looking back 2 years ago, how the engine is being enhanced while maintaining and long lists of fixes/enhancements/new features is indeed worth our applaud.
    indeed we are all enthusiast for vision of having smoothest frame rates for least hardware at best quality graphics overhaul.

  5. So excited to see what you guys have in store for the next year.

    But stick to what you do best – putting customers before the money. This is why I have so much appreciation for LR, because when you do it the other way around, you end up with Flight Sim World. And I’m *sure* Dovetail Games won’t be attending the expo this year…

    Some suggestions: do update us with the progress of things we know are in the pipeline. ATC, the particle system and some other things I’ve forgotten that haven’t made it into X-Plane yet. Also, give some estimated release numbers for various features (e.g. VR in 11.20).

    And as always, keep it humorous. Nothing beats a group of old folk messing around a bit, pretending to fire their own team and abusing their own products.

  6. If it weren’t for a wedding I have to attend, I would have made it out to Las Vegas to see you guys. Maybe next year. Hoping someone will livestream your talks.

  7. Looking forward to meeting the LR team in Las Vegas.

    I will have more than one or two questions to ask from a developers perspective.


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