Edit: the X-Plane live session is actually on the 14th – today, Tuesday.

At the request of our European friends, the next round of X-Plane live Q&A will take place on August 15th—excuse me, 15 August!  August 14—at 20:00 UTC (translate that to your time zone). Previous Q&A sessions have been scheduled at times that were convenient primarily for Americans, but why should they get to have all the fun?!

In case you missed the first and second rounds of this, this is a streaming broadcast (via YouTube) featuring:

  • Austin Meyer, owner & creator of X-Plane
  • Ben Supnik, desktop product manager
  • Chris Serio, mobile product manager
  • Alex Unruh, art director
  • …and anyone else we happen to drum up. 🙂

Dear Europeans, the fate of the livestream is in your hands! 😀

About Tyler Young

Tyler is a software developer for X-Plane. Among other projects, he was in charge of the X-Plane 11 user interface and the massive multiplayer implementation.

25 comments on “X-Plane Live: European Edition

  1. Great!!
    I hope you can talk about planemaker updates. I’ve been trying to do a helicopter, and I find it to airplane-friendly. (I know it isn’t aircraftmaker). Also I’m finding too hard to get torque data similar to real data.

    Only one recommendation; could you use more microphones or personal ones?
    Audio was a little low last time. 😉

  2. I don’t want to sound like an old man but can you guys upload your slides for the FSEXPO? I would really like to see the higher quality version

  3. As a thought, anyway we could pre-arrange questions, or dedicate half the livestream to live and selected questions? Right now, the current livestreams seem to be a free-for-all… with the same questions being asked and answered.

    -Where is the A320/A380? Seasons? Weather? etc.

    Also, if you ever need a moderator, I would be up for it. Last time had some rather malicious comments…


  4. Thank you for scheduling for us Euro types.

    In true Murphy’s Law tradition, I will be in the US on business at the time, but I’ll still try and tune in.

  5. Happy to join in!
    And would love to hear about seasons in X Plane. And how about immersive weather and clouds! Those are among hardcore-simmers holy grails, -after all, we keep these software products alive, not the casual mobile player jumping onto the next thing tomorrow 😉

    1. Having seen the financials, there have absolutely been years where mobile funded desktop (and vice versa, of course). Users of each product love to flame the other (it’s sibling rivalry, after all), but the fact is they’re symbiotic, and both contribute to the other.

          1. Judging from the end product and the progress being made and
            extra hires over the last years, I believe you (plural) are not doing too bad!

  6. Hopefully, you guys can give us some information about what it will be done to improve the ATC.

    1. +1 on this one. I seem to remember a blog post a while back requesting for feedback on the current ATC. It would be nice to hear about the outcome.

  7. A side note on Vulkan
    Vulkan 1.1 was recently released in third of July 2018, with multi-GPU and VR support.

    The new revision standardizes a handful of features that were previously offered as extensions. The release rounds out the API, bringing parity with Microsoft’s DirectX 12 in a few areas where it was absent, improving compatibility with DirectX 12, and laying the groundwork for the next generation of GPUs.

    One feature in particular goes a long way toward filling a Vulkan gap relative to Microsoft’s API: explicit multi-GPU support, which allows one program to spread its work across multiple GPUs. Unlike SLI and Crossfire of old, where the task of divvying up the rendering between GPUs was largely handled by the driver, this support gives control to the developer. With the addition, developers can create “device groups” that aggregate multiple physical GPUs into a single virtual device and choose how work is dispatched to the different physical GPUs. Resources from one physical GPU can be used by another GPU, different commands can be run on the different GPUs, and one GPU can show rendered images that were created by another GPU.

    This feature does have one deficit relative to DirectX 12, as it requires homogeneous GPU configurations, where every GPU must match (or at least be closely related and use the same driver). DirectX 12 goes a step further, allowing heterogeneous GPU configurations that mix and match different GPUs from different vendors. This extra capability is interesting because, though multiple discrete GPUs are still relatively uncommon and are usually found only in the most expensive gaming systems, it’s very common for systems to have one discrete GPU and one integrated GPU.

    Vulkan 1.1 is also better for Virtual Reality applications.
    VR requires rendering two different perspectives of the same 3D scene, one for each eye. This is possible today through brute force—first, submit all the commands to draw the left eye to the GPU, then submit all the commands for the right eye.
    With Vulkan 1.1, developers can use multiview, where a single set of rendering commands produces multiple, slightly different outputs with a single call.
    Hope XP will fully utilize the new features of the API to the maximum.

    More on:

  8. 1. Many of us use xplane while traveling, spending time in airports, etc.
    Q: When are you going to improve interphase so we can be able to fully play it using the keyboard. At this time we need the mouse to control de pitch/bank as we do not have those keys in the keyboard (only trims).

    2.The whole aircraft fite is a mess (CFG in FSX). It´s imposible to modify the parameters to improve aspects of the planes.
    Q: Are you going to improve this file as well?.

    3.I believe that the community participation is the secret for improvements. Sounds are awful on the default planes and its almost imposible to share sounds from other aircraft.
    Q: Do you have plans to enable the capability of sharing resources from one plane to another one?
    Q: Do you have plans to improve default aircraft and ATC sounds?

    4. At the early days of Xplane 11 promotion you show a Cessna Mustang I believe but never appear at the aircraft menu.
    Q: Do you have any plans to include it? if yes… When?

    1. #1 and #4 are easy… we have no plans to make keyboard-only flight a feature (though that might be a good project for a third-party plugin developer), and we never planned a Cessna Mustang.

        1. Yes I wasnt sure! thank you for the correction.
          In your opinion as an interphase manager, how difficult for xplane is to make the “Keyboard only flight” modifications?

  9. is it possible to create a selection of overlay: without for the VFR and with for levels LI and HI?

  10. My question if for your art director (actually not even a question, there is nothing to duscuss):
    First thing in XP art assets to welcome new particle system in 11.30 should be a pair of firetrucks saluting plane with water arcs, period

  11. I won’t be able to see the live stream so I would like to ask my question now… this is probably for Alex and Ben, since the scenery is based on OSM are there any plans to recut the global scenery to take advantage of updates to things such as new water bodies, roads, and building height data?

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