We’ve been breaking X-Plane apart so we can put it back together with a revised flight model, shaders, joysticks, and particles. All these changes have resulted in some interesting effects at times. Here are some of the best mistakes I’ve seen as we’ve been hammering away at 11.30. Enjoy!

I love the colors in this user pic submitted now that we’re in public beta testing, but clearly we’re not done yet!

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

12 comments on “11.30 Blooper Highlights

  1. Hello Jennifer.
    Nice pictures!
    11.30b1 is doing good here except for one annoying bug. Running under Windows, when I try to apply Response Curve to any axis (any HID device) and accept the changes in the setting display the simulator crashes to desktop.


    I did fresh install and behaviour is still the same. But running it under MacOS the simulator do work correctly.
    I’ve reported it through bug report page, yet I’m curious if other have the same issue.

    Thank you for your time 😀

    1. Hello Pablo.

      I am having the same issue. If I apply a response curve, Xplane crashes.

  2. So, so far, we have a smoking cockpit, a surprisingly bright and close supernova and a bridge that will require some strong renovations 🙂

  3. Once done with the major stuff, we need to cut down all these timber trees (except those falling under some natural conservation foundation) and plant them with new seeds – speed tree maybe 😉

  4. Thanks for showing Jennifer… I would suspect we will see more of these funny bloopers down the line. Hopefully we can see more of these posts. Fun Friday i.e.

    Have a nice week.

  5. I found an obvious bug in the release notes: “Sweep lockout if flaps are down. This keeps the flaps from deploying by mistake when the wings are swept, as is done in the real F-14.”
    Also maybe note for those old Europeans that 1800PSI (of oxygen) corresponds to roughly 124 bar (atmospheres).
    And there was one funny ms-spelled “turboprop” in a heading…

  6. Oh, that second last picture is form your next product? Grand Theft Aircraft… looking forward to testing the beta, great job!

  7. i have an observation on the posted snapshot with the colorful ground.
    though it is not a high res snapshot … but i can feel already the shaders contrast for the cockpit is high quality, unlike the previous semi-washed out feeling.
    some quality refinements seem to have gone under the hood already…. hmmm.

  8. Love the bloopers, especially the one that had an uncontrolled landing on the freeway. Funny it didn’t “land” in a pumpkin patch this Halloween 😉
    Hope y’all had a big happy Peanuts/ Snoopy Halloween!
    Thanks fer all ya work, folks!
    The Barron 🙂
    PS X-Plane 11 is turning out wonderfully! Not that it wasn’t wonderfully fun and educational before!

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