EDIT: See the recording of the Q&A session here on YouTube!

We’ve been posting about this on social media for a bit, but realized we hadn’t talked about it here.

Today at 11 am Eastern (16:00 UTC; click here for time zone math) we’ll be doing another live Q&A on our YouTube channel. We’ll be taking questions in the YouTube comments, but if you can’t make it live, we’ll try to answer a few questions from the comments on this post.

In case you missed the first, second, and third (part 1 & part 2) rounds of this, this is a streaming broadcast featuring:

  • Austin Meyer, owner & creator of X-Plane
  • Ben Supnik, desktop product manager
  • Chris Serio, mobile product manager
  • Alex Unruh, art director
  • …and a handful of other special X-Plane friends.

About Tyler Young

Tyler is a software developer for X-Plane. Among other projects, he was in charge of the X-Plane 11 user interface and the massive multiplayer implementation.

39 comments on “Going Live in 10… 9… 8…

  1. Please talk about vulkan, I would like hear about the results of the tests until now and ETA, if possible.

  2. Okay, let me ask about something that is totally off the radar, Vulkan. 😛
    “Are we there yet?” and other imponderables such as what sort of improvements can we expect?
    More realistically though can you tell us if Vulkan is going to at last make shadows on buildings and/or reflections less demanding and finally fix the bug of oscillating reflections which ruins the experience anyway.
    Reflections can make a scene truly beautiful, especially city lights on shorelines but have been broken since I can remember, so a huge face-lift in performance and bug fixes on these fundamental to graphic options that virtually nobody can use would be very welcome.

  3. Great,
    mybe Austin could talk a little bit about the new PT6 model.
    Do you crosscheck the numbers with the real one of Austin’s very nice aircraft?

  4. Different Topic than Vulkan: Now that you have reworked the shaders are there any plans or experiments of shader based seasons?
    And if not maybe seasons in general, perhaps some kind of overlay, those texture replacement solutions don‘t look like a pretty way to do it.

  5. Please talk about why none of you guys look anything like your pictures.

    And, is Austin wear pants?

  6. OK, after posting I found that the blog entry actually has a date 😉
    But when visiting the youtube link, I see the teaser video that ends with “arriving soon…”. What will arrive soon? Didn’t we get it already? 😉
    Yes, I know I’ll have to wait…

  7. Another comment on the video: Probably you’ll never keep up with Steve Jobs’ presentations, but actually (besides seeing the faces of the people involved with X-Plane) looking at the people all the time while listening to the talking is somewhat redundant. Why not present some pictures (screen shots, presentation, etc).?

  8. I’m so upset I totally missed your Livestream. And I had questions about RTX graphics and of course networking. So at the risk of repetitiveness in case you already answered it. Will you be supporting RTX in the future? And what is the status of multiplayer networking?

    1. You can watch the livestream, just not live. I missed it by a couple hours (its what happens when it’s announced on the SAME DAY! GRRR).
      RTX was addressed in the video, networking I don’t think it was mentioned.

        1. Respectfully, I dont Faceschmuck anymore, I got my life back (which I spend mostly inside a sim, oh the irony).
          The last time you live streamed in Euro-friendly time with zero notice, many complained, and Ben assured us that you’d be better next time. Waking up and finding out that either I am going to miss the event, or my plans for the day with the family are screwed and they will be baying for my blood, is not a nice choice to face.
          TL;DR – why don’t you announce it much earlier? It’s not like Austin said at 5pm on Friday evening, “Hey munchkins, we’ll do a livestream on the morrow, k?”
          Anyway I got what I wanted out of it, a lot of answers to questions I had, and some kind of idea what’s happening in the future.

          1. Love the live streams.

            I think it would be smart to ask for questions at least a week in advance. The chat questions that blazed by at a mile a minute were repetitive and often asked in vague ways that were hard to decipher. With a week to get and organize user questions, you could tell us right off the top what subjects you weren’t going to answer anything about.

            Right now it’s clear that anyone attached to the Vulkan port is thinking about the Vulkan port, and only about the Vulkan port, and nothing else is going to gain traction until that’s done, even though other “Cool Stuff ™” is taking place in other LR circles. No surprise or complaint there. With that being the case, it was kind of difficult to get a lot out of this particular live stream since many of the answers were essentially “we’ll get to that after Vulkan.” I paraphrase, but you get the idea.

            I love these things, warts and all, and I hope that the staff keeps doing them from time to time. And the next time you stage a dramatic entry like that, don’t forget the cool James Bond soundtrack music. 😉

            Can’t wait for Vulkan…. of course!

        2. Thanks Tyler. I did watch the stream, unfortunately there was nothing at all about networking. Not even a mention. This has become so frustrating. I get it that everybody wants the eye candy and the attention to FPS. But the virtual air show group I am a part of, is all about multiplayer online close formation and aerobatic demonstration flying . It’s a very large multinational group. Some of our teams have corporate sponsorships and others are sponsored by their real-world air demonstration counterparts. And we seriously want to break away from the current situation we find ourselves in With regards to having to use only DCS to put on our performances which are live streamed around the world via Twitch and YouTube. Unfortunately, they are the only multiplayer game in town at the moment. But they are incredibly difficult if not impossible to develop our custom aircraft and sceneries for and their scenery is extremely limited in scope and location. I know I’ve mentioned this to Ben but we desperately need online multiplayer to take a front seat in Xplane’s development . And we need to know what’s going on with Regards to its status. Thank you

          Yours truly
          jim zane
          JazAero Designs
          Virtual Black Diamond Demonstration Team. Callsign (shaky)

          1. “No news” does not mean we aren’t working on something; as Chris lamented near the end of the video, there are lots of things we can’t comment on publicly either for marketing reasons or because the “black ops” development on them is still in flux.

          2. Hi Jim,

            Even though I am extremely sympathetic with you, you have to understand LR needs to balance what they want, with what the community wants. Honestly, judging by the huge surge in X-Plane’s popularity with its eleventh installment, I would say LR definitely ticked the right boxes. Orbx was forced to eat their own words and start developing for X-Plane, and we now have a huge amount of developers jumping ship (into X-Plane) and according to Navigraph’s latest survey, X-Plane 11 is now the most popular simulator!

            So, again, even though I’m sympathetic to your situation, LR’s decisions have been extremely successful lately on where to focus, so I say – keep doing what you’re doing LR, bravo!

  9. Hello Tyler.

    Lately I was wondering if X-Plane would someday be multiple sound card friendly.
    What I would like to be able to select different sound devices for different sound sources inside the SIM.
    Or even manually select one card among others installed.

    Thank you.

    1. This is also something I think is necessary, not just for the cockpit guys, but also the VR guys. Everyone actually who wears some kind of headphones and wants a bit of realism. It kinda depends on ATC getting done though otherwise there isn’t a lot of point unless you fly Vatsim/IVAO.

    2. I also voice this. When I am wearing my headset in Pilotedge, I cannot hear any of the marker beacons or ident of the nav stations.

  10. can you please talk about new visuals coming, new aircraft plans, weather and major features in more depth? Physic models, coding and under the hood stuff seem to take priority.

    would love to see the F-14 come out, it’s been a long long time since a new default plane was released.

  11. I forgot to ask something,

    can you please add in the functionality and a matching UI button on the installer, for users to select to opt out of downloading Global Airports and the Aerosoft Airports?

    – I may be in a minority here, and opt not to amend my ini file, but I do not like lego brick airports and it is tedious to update the sim but then remember to go in and find which folders to remove.


    1. Chris, this will not happen – and I think “not” as in “NEVER!”.

      If you want to remove the global and/or Aerosoft airports it´s as simple as adding the _DISABLED line to the correct line in the scenery_ini.txt. MUCH easier than removing the folder AND it will persist through updates to X-Plane.

      If that is too much for you to bother (and its a very unusual and strange request, as any custom airport would AUTOMATICALLY disable the associated Aerosoft/Global airport), don´t count on anyone spending dev time to implement a button for this!

      In addition – a good percentage of the “less initiated” users would click that button (they LOVE clicking buttons, especially if they have no idea what they do) and then complain about how “barren” X-Planes airports are – duh!

      Now, out of personal interest: You hate the global airports so much that you prefer to fly to the totally barren, “just a runway and a default taxiway” old XP7 style airports? Or do you install custom airports but somehow manage to mess that up so that they don´t show?

      I think you are a minority in your request all right – possibly even the only one 😉

      Cheers, Jan

      1. I disagree, I think there is a case for X-Plane having a better interface to alter and organise the scenery library, and I can most definitely see Chris’s thinking here. Sceneries also need better priority tagging for a more automated installation.

  12. Okey. Here we go. After watching the video, and _knowing_ that you _can’t_ tell us certain things yet.

    What will be the next big step? I mean, after Vulkan, of course.

    1. Ben’s been breaking kneecaps any time we say the words “after Vulkan.” 😉

      Seriously, though—we have a lot of R&D going at any given time, and it’s rarely clear what will pan out in terms of how long it takes to have a shipping feature. I can safely say, though, that we have a list of ideas taken from the community that will keep us busy for a long time.

      1. You guys should definitley check out Outerra! /s

        No but seriously: Austin said something about improving ground traffic.
        I would really love to see an option for scenery devs to use their own vehicle models instead of the default ones, like on a “per scenery base”. I know about Marginals traffic mod, however, problem with this one is the lack of interaction between traffic and aircraft. I would love to see ground service actually approaching the aircraft as I call them rather than just spawning next to me or driving out of the terminal. Maybe addons like BetterPushback could make use of that as well so that the truck won’t appear out of nowhere but actually using the same routes as default traffic does.

        1. Hi SEBart,

          maybe you haven´t found out yet, but the ground service trucks DO approach (and service) your aircraft if “called”. This includes all of them (catering, fuel, etc.) and also the pushback truck will push you back when asked. You just have to find the correct command from the dropdown menu or map keys/buttons.
          They service the AI aircraft automatically.
          There is A LOT to do with them to make them behave better, including driving routine (less jerky around bends), parking algorithm, fixing bugs that were introduced with 11.30 (the infamous “snail crawl bug”), and just (one can dream) introducing some way of object/facade avoidance, but they already provide a nice background movement that makes the airport look busy.
          I agree about the usefulness of a dataref or preference so people could turn them off if using a third-party program. Right now, with the state they are in, this would – however – just result in everyone turning them off and we would never get any bug reports 😉

          Cheers, Jan

          1. Hi Jan,

            Thanks for your reply! Probably I failed to express myself clearly 🙁 I do know that default truck do that. What I was actually asking for is an option to use the (possible improved in the future) logic of the default trucks with custom truck models on a “per scenery base” (so that scenery devs could build custom traffic for their airports that behaves like the default traffic).

            I actually think the “snail crawl bug” wasn’t introduced in 11.30 but is a thing since 11.00 (probably even before, haven’t used XP10 so don’t know).


  13. Hi SEB: The fuel truck issue was brought up in the last blog. Your idea of a capacity truck is great. I brought up the possibility of a low profile, 15,000 gallon truck with a front elevating platform. Since some airports do not have the means for underground hydrants. Perfect truck for servicing heavies, and jumbos. 500 gallon avgas trucks are missing to for rural airports.

  14. Hi guys,

    Great YouTube video – thanks! Just one question please; Ben said he’d be cutting a beta version 2.0 of WED…where can I find that please?



      1. Righto – I guess it sounded like Ben was planning on that happening last Friday. Any idea on the timeframe please? I’m just about to start a good bit of scenery development and, if 2.0 beta is imminent, I’ll hold off a short while. If not, I’ll crack on with 1.72.

        Cheers, Ady

    1. Hi Ady,

      the WED 2.0 alpha version (it was initially called 1.8) has been available for quite some months now and runs great. I have been using it for that long with very few problems.
      If you don´t know where to find it – you are likely not a serious WED designer anyway and would probably better wait for the official 2.0 beta :-)))


      1. Thanks Jan.

        Regarding your “serious WED designer” piece, everybody has to start somewhere 🙂

        But I’ll wait for the beta rather than use an alpha.

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