I’m headed to the annual Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco next week.

If any folks from the flight sim community are going to be there as well, I’d love to meet up and talk shop—hit me up on Twitter (@TylerAYoung), or send me an email (my email is my first name at X-Plane.com).

About Tyler Young

Tyler is a software developer for X-Plane. Among other projects, he was in charge of the X-Plane 11 user interface and the massive multiplayer implementation.

8 comments on “Coming to GDC? Let’s meet up.

  1. At the risk of being a scoundrel, may I suggest that the idea of discussing a _flight sim_ at a gaming convention is… disturbing. 😉

    Have a good time, Tyler. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to ‘Frisco. It’s awesome this time of year.

    1. Despite being a Serious Flight Simulator™, we wind up “stealing” soooo many ideas from the games world—rendering techniques, user interface design, networking systems, etc. Definitely a lot of value for us in hearing from people on the cutting edge of gaming tech. 😀

        1. Don’t forget that we are also cheating you guys out of a story mode. I guess these days that would make X-Plane an open world sandbox.

          1. There are plenty of story mode add-ons for X-Plane, so that’s fine, please “waste” your time on other stuff 🙂

            Which, honestly, I don’t know what it would be at this point… With SFD working on global autogen, and Active Sky for XP taking care of weather… I have no idea what I would care for next… sadly, I would say that seasons is also becoming now a priority for me, after belittling it for so long… maybe volumetric, dynamic clouds would come next. Have you guys seen what xEnviro is working on?


          2. i want my Ray traced Global illumination!

            RT seems to have been all the hype at GDC this year hoping some of that rubs off on you guys now

      1. Well, when it’s known that a great gaming machine makes a great flight sim machine, Tyler, I guess that makes a lot of sense! But does this make you a _spy_?? Do you get a secret agent super decoder ring to go along with that? 😉

        In terms of UI, I wonder if it’s possible to map to the panel.png in the user’s current aircraft from an aircraft-positioned plugin. With 4K of space to play with now, this might be a good source for easy access to custom graphics.

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