Thanks to Michael Minnhaar’s unceasing work (and willingness to nag us 😉 ) official builds of WED 2.0r1 are now available. This calls for a celebratory gif!

Please note that this is a major update and the minimum system requirements have now changed to: 64 bit versions of Windows 7/10, OSX 10.9, or Linux with GLIBC 2.23.

Major features include:

  • Automatic background maps via OpenStreetmap and ESRI Orthoimagery
  • New overlay layer featuring NAVAIDs and airport layout
  • Adjustable text size
  • Support for runway suffixes S, T and W
  • Supports new XP11.30 apt.dat format with 8.33kHz channels for ATC frequencies
  • Numerous bug fixes

For detailed information on the changes, see Michael’s write up here, or the README.WorldEditor file in the download.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

19 comments on “World Editor 2.0 is here!

  1. I was looking for my gift, and then I realised it said “Celebratory _GIF_”. I guess WED 2.0 is the gift 😀

  2. any chance you guys can give us an option for larger runway numbers on small runways the numbers are WAY to small vs what FAA says the number size should be

    also the TD markers and sight markers end up being to small wrong distance on lot of runways be nice if we could edit the size and placement

  3. Any chance you can make the lock icons red when they’re locked? Maybe just a bit more noticeable, reverse?

  4. OMG! it’s already there, little red locks, I should have looked first 0_o
    Thank you, thank you!!! 😀

  5. Hi! I’m new to editing scenery.

    May I ask something? How to I change the distance that X-Plane erase “windsocks”?
    I noticed that about 480 meters away from it the windsocks disappear. But it’s weird since I can see a lot of other 3d object from farther distance (cars for examples). I really couldn’t find a place where to change this behavior.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. The windsock is probably being culled based on the LOD settings of the object. As far as I know there is know way to alter the LOD distance of an object in WED; you would need to create your own object or hack the default resource.

  6. Any hint on where it might break with glibc?
    [mSparks@lanip X-Plane 11_11.30]$ rpm -q glibc
    [mSparks@lanip X-Plane 11_11.30]$ ./WED

    Seems to not break as at WorldEditor2.0.0r1 Compiled Mar 1 2019 13:11:04

  7. “New overlay layer featuring NAVAIDs and airport layout” <— I can't seem to activate this on my WED 2.0, no navaids appear on the map. Is there something special I should do?

  8. It’s been a while since I poked at this so here goes.
    When it comes to airport operations rules, many things are valid from sunrise to sunset (certain RWYs, tower ops, etc.). Since sunrise and sunset happens at different times depending on the day of the year and the latitude of the airport, can you guys provide a hook into the astronomy calculations for use by airport authors?

    WED2 rocks BTW

    1. The sun’s elevation above (or below) the horizon is a dataref that can be read from a script, plugin or used for conditional rendering in full custom objects.

      But the ATC system itself isn’t reprogrammable by users, it has no user-definable parameters that would alter its function in any way except for UTC time or weather conditions.

  9. Thank you so much for this release! Michael just made a bunch of life changing improvements! Amazing!

  10. I learned from Gateway that 2.0 was here, why not at the Org? nevertheless, I am so excited. I had trouble importing my ortho ref material while using the 1.80 so for months I used the 1.7.1 to import and then 1.80 to do my scenery work. I hope that this issue has been addressed in 2.0.
    Thanks to all

  11. WED is one of the major reasons why I like X-Plane so much, it’s incredibly easy to add scenery. And what’s nice is there’s a good variety of contributions from large airports, to remote bush airfields. If I could make one request, that would be to increase the frequency of the gateway scenery being included into X-Plane. Otherwise, keep up the awesome work!

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