X-Plane 11.33b1 is an incremental update that includes updated Gateway airports and translations, crash fixes and diagnostics, minor UI improvements, and bug fixes such as:

  • XPD-9441 Weight, balance and fuel- Total weight (lbs) does not include weapons.
  • XPD-9683 Fix dupe banks in FMOD crashing the sim.
  • XPD-9882 Fixed KOAK nav data.
  • XPD-9919 Lightning appears in cockpit in VR.
  • XPD-9991 Crashes on older Intel GPUs.
  • XPD-9992 Default FMC, Holding Pattern will only be flown once.
  • XPD-10003 Landing lights has no effect on battery amperage draw.
  • XPD-10007 Fixed slip ball limit.

For a full list of bug fixes, see the release notes here.

Just a reminder that the sim will not prompt you to install this beta–you will need to launch the installer manually and opt into betas to get this version.

We are putting more effort into cleaning up frequent crashes. We recently upgraded our back end crash reporting to a fancy paid service that we hope will allow us to gain a lot more insight into what is going wrong. This beta includes additional crash logging for that purpose.

Keeping in the crash-fixing vein, we believe we also fixed two notable crashes in this beta: issues with Intel GPUs and with duplicate FMOD sound banks. We heard from a lot of Intel users about these crashes, so Sidney took a look and was able to find a fix for it. The FMOD crash has been a round for a while and was caused by duplicating an aircraft folder that included FMOD. When an FMOD bank had the same contents on disk at a different file path, FMOD wouldn’t load it. We now handle this case gracefully.

Update: Steam users can get 11.33b1 by selecting the public beta under application properties.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

32 comments on “X-Plane 11.33b1 Out Now

  1. Will you be releasing a list of upgraded airports now included in XP, as you have in the past? It is perhaps a pity that the Gateway map search facility, with its useful colour coding, does not include a note to say when it is updated following each of your XP updates. I never know weather the red ones are in your latest XP update or not. Just a minor point – love XP! Cheers.

    1. I totally forgot about that part of release notes! Thanks for the reminder–we’ll get it added soon.

    2. Thanks Jen. Just examined the list of airports now. The number of new and updated airports is absolutely outstanding! Cheers.

  2. Can you please shed some light on X-Plane with relation to Nvidia’s open-source physx library, like for example:
    – does x-plane use at all the physx library
    – if yes — then how far is utilized?
    Since XP is meant as simulation system for real-world physics – despite having its own native custom flight-model engine – i was thinking that their could be some advantages to ‘better’ utilize that library in order to harness the hardware acceleration as well.

    actually, in one of forums, i was suggesting that thephysics library could play very well with voxel-based weather engines like xenviro 1.10 – where the rain drops and clouds interact with rigid bodies (plane fuselage and windscreen) and tearing effect on the cloud formation.

    but talking here about core xplane engine – the scope of utilization for the library needs some different ideas maybe…

    1. There’s no relationship between PhysX and X-Plane, and we have no plans to utilize PhysX in the future.

      A third party hardware accelerated physics library is not going to provide any kind of useful integration with a third party weather engine. They’re two separate systems built in isolation that won’t be able to communicate.

      1. hey Ben Oculus just released there updated SDK with ASW 2.0 any chance you guys could up date that in the sim it works much AND works better with lower frame rates something is really needed in the sim atm with VR

  3. Cant update:
    0:00:30.847 E/INS: We will retry the file to see if we can get a clean download.
    0:00:30.847 I/INS: 1 bad DLs out of 1 total DLs.
    0:00:33.877 E/INS: We will retry the file to see if we can get a clean download.
    0:00:33.877 I/INS: 2 bad DLs out of 2 total DLs.
    0:00:36.707 E/INS: We will retry the file to see if we can get a clean download.
    0:00:36.707 I/INS: 3 bad DLs out of 3 total DLs.
    0:00:40.964 E/INS: We will retry the file to see if we can get a clean download.
    0:00:40.964 I/INS: 4 bad DLs out of 4 total DLs.
    0:00:45.122 E/INS: We will retry the file to see if we can get a clean download.
    0:00:45.122 I/INS: 5 bad DLs out of 5 total DLs.
    0:00:49.128 E/INS: Error processing Instructions/Airfoil Maker Manual.html-967007ca5f17e6de19f09b7fcf3c6e14: The downloaded file has corrupt contents (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:822)
    0:00:49.128 E/INS: Error processing Instructions/Plane Maker Manual.html-428bbb960ba9e4a7a438448b5e0478ac: The downloaded file has corrupt contents (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:822)
    0:00:49.128 E/INS: Error processing Instructions/X-Plane Manual.html-98533d36384125f67782cd35e4710a2a: The downloaded file has corrupt contents (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:822)
    0:00:49.128 E/INS: Halting on our 5 bad DL of 6 tickets.
    0:00:49.128 I/DLG: Displaying alert:
    0:00:49.128 I/DLG: An error occurred during update:

    The downloaded file has corrupt contents.

    You can continue with the update and attempt to repair the damaged files later, or you can stop the update and try again later.
    0:00:50.887 I/DLG: User decided to abort.
    0:00:50.887 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step “Install” to “Finish”
    Clean exit from threads.

  4. Guys, do you actually test X-Plane on Windows (10)?!

    Windows 10 users still can not click on the (weather) “customize” button
    unless they alt+tab out and then back into the window!

    I would file a bug if it wasn’t that obvious.

    1. We do test on Windows, and we are aware of this complaint. We have not been able to reproduce it on any of our machines, but we do have an open issue for it and have done some investigation.

  5. has there been any updates to the new networking code? for that matter has there been any progress at all ? I know you guys hired a network engineer but it’s been crickets ever since. This has always been the one area of x-plane which gets little to almost no attention. And certainly no mention in any of these updates. don’t get me wrong you guys are doing great work. But the lack of information on networking is disturbing to an entire community of virtual pilots literally chomping at the bit to make the change to this platform. but we can’t do it without serious multiplayer online networking ability. as always thanks for these updates and keep up the good work.

    1. Hmm … the only people who seem to be biting at the bit for this are some disgruntled DCS users who seem to magically appear every time there is a Laminar Dev Live Stream; I’m not sure why this is?

      Meanwhile, here’s a selection of popular Multiplayer plugins that lets you fly with other simmers from different platforms:


      The first 3 have ATC coverage which adds to the on-line experience, the last 2 are basically free flight and are popular with some of the Twitch streamers.

      1. I’m sorry you feel that way Rob, the fact of the matter is we are not disgruntled DCS players, many of us are pilots, some of us are actually former professional airshow pilots.
        This makes developing custom aircraft that we fly a requirement and not easily obtainable in DCS. X-plane provides a consistent flight model and system design environment consistent across all aircraft design. DCS contains compartmentalized flight models depending on aircraft and does not have consistencies from one design to the next.

        The fact of the matter is it takes years to develop custom aircraft for DCS, that same aircraft can be developed for x-plane much quicker and with much less fanfare and red tape. This is important because the air show teams involve all fly custom developed aircraft.

        We magically appear at the livestream, (as well as this forum and in my private correspondence with Laminar) because we care. I’ve been an x-plane user and developer privately since the very first version. And I would be willing to discuss this with you anytime. those online services that you recommend do not allow us to fly the close precision formations that we require, this can only be done through direct networking using predictive packet delivery algorithms to compensate for latency. A technique that DCS uses and that I know x-plane was working on. So it’s not unreasonable to ask the question about the status of that work.

        1. JoinFS should accomplish what you are describing, it takes into account the latency between peers and compensates for it. It also uses Austin’s planes (i.e. the ACF planes in your airplane folder) instead of the Vatsim/IVAO compatible CSL’s — so as long as your friends have the same planes installed you will be able to see the same plane the other has, which is basically the same thing as you have now currently, except that you don’t need to setup a VPN or configure a NAT rule on your router.

          The only thing I could probably see Native X-Plane networking having over JoinFS is if you want to do air-to-air combat in X-Plane. But then you have DCS for that 😉

  6. Thank you for another update and continued support for Xplane 11.
    Some time ago you showed off some new objects for Xplane 11 including some for New York and we were told we would get these “soon”.
    Can we look forward to some new scenery assets soon?
    See, I said all of that without mentioning Vulkan once.

  7. Thanks for fixing the holding pattern issue. Tested it out and now it works like it should.
    Keep up the good work folks.

  8. Being relatively new to a plane, I have raised this question on Facebook but have not received a reply.
    And if this has already been answered during one of the webcasts Id appreciate a link.
    But is there and if so any plans on introducing seasonal changes ones the complete transition to Vulkan has been performed ?


  9. I don’t know what might be your plan but can you please move on for adding shadows on the Ground services or trying to make the Ground Services like the Gsx.

  10. Thanks, Jennifer for this new about update which is always great. Does this beta contain an updated CIFP data? Just is it worth to unhide by WED a new runway of Gateway Airport or have been waiting to the new Navigraph data?

  11. Can you update on us on whether you plan to implement the required changes (something about depth buffers) to support Oculus ASW 2.0?

      1. yeah ASW 2.0 need access to the z buffer now this lets predict motion better so it can work up to lower frame rates then before something that would really help with xplane

  12. Which ‘older intel GPUs’ does the info below refers to?

    XPD-9991 Crashes on older Intel GPUs.

    1. The bug report title for this one is a bit misleading, as far as I can tell, based on crash reports, this affected almost all Intel GPUs. It manifests in the form of random crashes, usually in planes with a Garmin (not because of the Garmin itself, but the graphics code it relied on).

  13. Does X-plane pass depth data to Oculus in VR so that it will automatically take advantage of ASW 2.0 or will it need to be adapted? Are there plans to support ASW 2.0 as this would greatly affect performance and QoL in VR.

  14. when is the fmod for the 737 coming again? I forgot when you mentioned it in an old video

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