Gateway airports live in two locations in the X-Plane install folder: 3D airports live in Custom Scenery, while 2D airports live in Resources. X-Plane 11.33 now includes all airports in the Custom Scenery Global Airports folder.

This could cause issues with how your Custom Scenery pack displays. We saw this with the KSEA demo area — the 2D non-customized Gateway pack suppressed our KSEA Demo Area pack for some users.

We are fixing this for X-Plane 11.33r2, but as a general recommendation: please make sure that any custom airports you have installed are higher in the scenery_packs.ini file than the “Global Airports” pack that comes with X-Plane. This way the gateway airports won’t hide your custom scenery.

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20 comments on “Custom Scenery Order in 11.33

  1. A technical question: So it seems several scenery files are moved from Resources to Custom Scenery.
    Will the updater be clever and just move the files, or will it re-download the files putting them in the new location while deleting the files from the old location?

  2. Not suitable for the topic but my opinion.

    My computer is not the latest (i7-860 @ 4GHz, GTX-1080) and the current version 11.33r2 is virtually unusable. B737, KJFK on the runway, refresh rate 15. As a direct comparison, version 11.26r1 reaches the value 25 for the same settings and aircraft position. Only the old version can be used. Of course I can put down all graphics options but then the fun is over.

    I find it irresponsible to declare version 11.3 as a release version, spoiling the users of weak computers the day. Everything should run as a beta until a working vulkan.

    1. How much RAM? IMHO everything with less than 8GB won’t work, and 16GB RAM is highly recommended. Did you try clear sky just for comarison? IMHO clouds and other semi-transparant objects are a frame-rate killer .

  3. or just delete global scenery if you don’t want any generic lego airports. half the reason why I don’t update as often now is it’s tedious to remove lego airports and the generic kb in size Aerosoft airports, ieEGLL when there is a realistic EGLL available

    1. OR you could simple add a SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED line to the global airports or any airport you dont want to see in the Scenery_packs.ini file. This would mean that you would never have to do that again, even after an update.

      But sure, you can also delete all that stuff manually again and again ;-)))

      Cheers, Jan

    2. OR you could move your better custom airports ABOVE the global airports – then you would only see the airport you downloaded, because the corresponding airport is automatically suppressed!
      Go search youtube for some scenery ordering tutorial for X-Plane, I think you may find out some interesting facts!

      Oh, guess what: There is a video on the very subject on Laminar Research´s youtube channel!


  4. Ok, we have framerate and weather, who is going to ask about the seasons??

    1. How dare you even think about seasons when noone has asked about ATC yet? /s

  5. I run X-Plane 11.33 with WED 2004, now when I upload to the Gateway, I get a 404 error “wrong version of X-Plane”


    1. The gateway has a list of acceptable versions under which airports can be developed. Unfortunately, the gateway had missed 11.32r2 in that list until today. You should be able to upload that airport now.

  6. Updated today – wish I hadnt
    Cant file flight plans – just returns to file a flight plan menu
    Crashes that are remarkably similar to the recent craphics memory issues with 11.30
    We need a roll back updates to prevent this kind of frustration while they get it right
    This seems to be the pattern with updates – none too stable!

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