Beta three is now available to LR customers, and we expect Steam to be available within 24 hours. This beta has the last of our planned code changes for 11.35 (in addition to bug fixes), so we expect the rest of the beta period to be focused on fixing regression bugs.

If you haven’t already, this would be a great beta to test your add ons in to ensure we haven’t broken them. If we have, get at us via the bug report form and be sure to include a copy of your add on.

Edit: 11.35b3 is live on Steam too now.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

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  1. Well, this beta took me immediately to the crash reporter after “New Flight” running on Linux. Anyone else seeing an immediate crash?

      1. Okay, I filed a report. I included the Log.txt and a gdb log stack trace for good measure. It’s happening somewhere in fseeko. I think it may be passed an invalid file pointer. Details in the report.

    1. Everything is fine for me on a default install, Ubuntu 18.04 :
      OpenGL Render : GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2
      OpenGL Version : 4.6.0 NVIDIA 390.116 (460/0)
      Intel I5 4690

  2. I’m sure this has been discussed many times and maybe I’m just no good at searching the forums, but why does the installer have to verify every single file when updating? I’ve never had any other software that takes sooooo long to make an incremental update. Five full minutes of verifying files, then 2 seconds to actually update the necessary files.

    1. Honestly there isn’t a great reason – it’s a trade-off of design simplicity vs performance. The problem is if we _don’t _verify we’d have to track every single possible version you might have and changes you’ve made locally might interfere with it. Our thinking is having it always work right is important.

      1. Simple is good, but would still like to see it, do a version check, than say, “your version xxx current version xxx, would you like to “A: verify files” “B: Update to current version”.

        That would save the few minutes of scanning especially if you dont want to update and just want to do a file check. And you will know exactly what your are getting

        1. Installers do that check for version without touching files, but when you want to update, it will check all local files which comes with x-plane and if there is any difference it will be updated.

          Many installers works same way. It will easily fill missing files, will replace corruped or manually edited files for recent version.

      2. The file verification isn’t a problem for me. Although I do wish there was a way to output all the files X-Plane verifies to you to keep… all at the same time. That way I can checkbox my way through all the files and folders I want to keep.

    2. My checking/waiting time is 6 minutes lol… sigh. One day when RAM prices have dropped, we can maybe put X-Plane on a RAM disk… then it won’t matter how many files Ben wants to check 🙂

    3. The difference between X-Plane and “any other software”, is that normally you’re not supposed to modify “any other software”. And if you do, you do it at your own risk.

      With X-Plane you are welcome to make modifications, and I actually like it that all files are checked, so if something gets messed up, I can just run the installer and have them fixed.

      Having said this, an option might not be a bad idea… scan all files, or update only files that were updated… if this is possible.

  3. I come to you on bended knee, once again to ask about the one subject that gets little to no attention, and I don’t even think would have been addressed by flight Sim Expo had someone in the audience not asked the question. You know what I’m going to say next, networking, networking, networking. Multiplayer/multi crew please include a category for this. I realize it’s not one of the sexier subjects, it’s not eye candy that you can see on the screen, it’s not a flight model that you can run out and test. It’s not some mobile language to address the masses. But it is an integral and very important part of the puzzle and so many of us would like to know what the status of all this is. I wish I can impress upon you how important this one subject is to such a large group waiting in the wings that you have no idea even exists. Give us your tired your poor your packet delivery and your state of networking affairs. You have an engineer why do you keep him locked in a closet and hidden away from the rest of the world. I hope you’re at least feeding him and changing his newspaper. These engineer types can be rather finicky to care for. For heaven’s sake please tell us what’s going on in some sort of detail like you do with all the other parts of the simulator. It will probably bore 99% of the people out there but there are a group of us to actually understand this kind of stuff I would love to hear about it. In the meantime keep up the good work and don’t forget to take your engineer out for walk once in a while.

    1. Hi Jim,

      We have shipped partial upgrades to the network stack in multiple patches to X-Plane, of which 11.30 was the latest. Jörg continues to work on this, and he’ll ship another update in the future. Jörg or I will post about this in more detail when the work is further along. In order to make statements like “we are damn sure X is going to work”, we need to have that entire pathway running on Jörg’s new code. Since we’re not there yet, improvements are not ubiquitous – that is, some users may see improvements and others may not. So we’ll go into more detail when there is an end-to-end pathway rebuilt.

      1. Thank you Ben, I really do appreciate your answering my query. at least now we know where the current state of networking and multiplayer affairs stands and I can go back to my “people”, and tell them “yes they are indeed working on this” and as soon as I know more we will all know more. There is a major virtual air show “VFAT” (Virtual Festival Of Aerobatic Teams) coming up on the weekend of December 7-8, streamed live on twitch (our 15 year anniversary). we know x-plane won’t be ready from a networking standpoint in time for this, we have hopes that by next year you guys will have true multiplayer capability. And we can move a portion of our show onto this platform. some of our teams are made up of real life former airshow pilots. we take this very seriously. And are very professional in our approach and in our presentation. many of us cannot wait for the day when we can present this air show on the X-plane 11 platform. you, X-plane 11 ,already have an amazing simulator , amazing graphics , amazing VR, amazing sound, amazing visuals overall and amazing flight models. and the ability of our airshow teams to custom design their own aircraft with utmost attention to detail. The only piece of this puzzle missing for x-plane hinges on being able to have airshow team members log into a single server from anywhere in the world and fly cooperatively with the tightknit professional formations and airshow routines in a virtual atmosphere. I look forward to the day when our simulator of choice for our shows is X-plane !.

  4. To have all files checked is, I think, a good thing for ensuring a correct installation, as we all tend to mess things up trying to “optimise” our setups…

    Still, I would be great to have the current version number displayed *before* launching the update process, so we don’t need to go through this lengthy file checking process just to discover, at the end, that we’re already current!

    Also, on MacOS, does the updater app (and all non-fullscreen apps, BTW) really need to hide the dock and the standard menubar?

  5. Not nearly as anoying as getting up to file number 86000 or so out of 99000+ to be told “there was a problem updating x-plane, contact Laminar for support.”
    Its a permissions problem on my mac that seems to be inside certain x-plane folders.
    If I remove (move to a sfae distance that is), aircraft, custom scenery and permissions folders, all is fine it updates and runs when I move them back (having replaced old files with new manually).
    Could the installation somehow be putting its own permissions on folders, overriding mine?
    I found this again recently having downloaded an update to the SR-71; I was not allowed to rename the folder inside the laminar folder of aircraft – permission denied.

  6. Loving everything so far! Just a small niggle – I don’t like seeing oil rigs and platforms, particularly where they do not belong just off the coast near Cardiff/Caerdydd, South Wales (EGFF). Nor do I much care for President Trump’s aggression in sending the Nimitz into UK waters!

    The only work-around I have come up with is to replace all those dynamic objects with a tiny sphere that I can no longer see! Would it be possible to give us the option to turn off ALL dynamic objects?

    1. On my trip around the world, flying in Russia, I defined an empty objects.

      nocarrier lib:

      # ships

      EXPORT lib/ships/Carrier.obj obj/empty.obj
      EXPORT lib/ships/Frigate.obj obj/empty.obj
      EXPORT lib/ships/Nimitz.obj obj/empty.obj
      EXPORT lib/ships/Perry.obj obj/empty.ob



  7. I don’t know if it’s a big or not but when exiting I get a major hang with x-plane crashing. I did see it on the forum somewhere. Though it’s running well during everything else it’s just crashing on exit. Is this already known or should I file a bug report? Do not want to file one if it’s already being handled.

    1. Always file the bug report. We don’t mind receiving duplicate notices, and it actually helps us understand how widespread an issue is.

      1. It’s possible that Tyrease is running the latest version of Skunkcraft Updater, which is known to prevent XP from closing down gracefully. AFAIK, this has not yet been fixed; in the meantime, I’ve removed it and the problem went away.

  8. Have to ask one question though. Are we still working on new facades objects for WED. Really need buses vans and you know the rest.

  9. Great performance improvements, now my X-Plane is stable at 30 FPS on VR, congrats for the great job so far…
    PS. it’s also very stable, not crashes so far.. I’m running it on windows 10.

  10. Would be awesome to get an update from Austin sometime on his ongoing flight physics work.

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