X-Plane 11.35r1 is now available. You should be able to auto-update from within the sim as usual with this version.

This update should just about wrap up the beta for 11.35. If you haven’t tried your add on with 11.35 yet, you have pretty much missed your chance as we expect to mark 11.35 final and roll it out for everyone soon.

Release notes here.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

13 comments on “First 11.35 Release Candidate

  1. Much better but, it still “eats” CPU, RAM, DISK (100%), ever access Windows virtual memory when it loads transition scenarios, for a few seconds …, …, …

  2. It’s not working for me. I usually get RC version without issue, but not for the version 11.35rc1. I’m unchecking on the beta version update and I always update from the installer.

    1. 11.35r1 is still a beta, so you must have “get betas” checked in the installer to get it at this time.

  3. How does the new VR command toggle work? Is it documented somewhere and if so, can someone plz point me to it.
    I get an error every time I start XP saying the VR headset could not be loaded even though I don’t use it with XP right now because of too low framerates. I hope this will help me with that issue.

  4. Hi,

    This may be unrelated to the current beta, but I’m having a problem with the mouse pointer in VR. Normally,you’re supposed to be able to switch on the mouse pointer so you can control stuff in the VR cockpit, and it used to work, but now suddenly the mouse pointer has gone away. I’ve tried disabling plugins and some other stuff, but all to no avail!

    I also browsed some forums and people have been describing the same poblem for quite a while now (as in over a year), and it seems nobody has come up with a cut and dry solution. Could this possibly be something for you guys to look into?

  5. Stuering, stuttering… stut..t…ering. Does’nt GPU… CPU 80-100%… follow everything the same or worse. Flashing cloud shadows: Pasticcioni.
    Sorry. It becomes unbearable. I leave you forever

  6. Hi, I tried to update to 11.35 but don’t see the option to, I tried from the installer, but it keeps giving me 11.34 instead.

  7. Everything was fine till this update for me. After gaining altitude above 10,000 the clouds are flashing and the scenery above the ground is completely out of character. Do you know what is causing that?

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