It’s officially out the door! (Steam should go “final” later this evening, but you can get the final now by opting into public betas — it’s still marked as a “beta”.)  This was a fairly large release, and here’s everything it includes.

We expect to do a bug fix patch in the next week or three, depending on the severity of the seemingly inevitable “bug that got away” during beta testing.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

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  1. Sounds great guys!! congrats!
    Will the next update (not the one with bug fixes) have Vulkan support?

  2. Hi – I’m sure its great work but I can’t update. The installer says “there was a problem updating X-Plane. Please try the updater again later or contact Laminar research tech support…” etc “The technical problem was: no such file or directory.”

    Both the installer that downloads when I select “quit and update now” and the one in the main directory…both do the same.

  3. Hi, it’s been a while since I enjoy converting scenarios I came across a problem that I can’t solve in the .obj file which command should I add to get that beautiful light with lightpole glow at airports? thank you

  4. Thanks to all involved! can’t wait to finally give it a whirl — But how can it be called “final” if it’s still marked beta… Just Curious

    1. Because on Steam the betas are easier to push than the release versions. So they updated the Steam “Beta” to the release for those who don’t want to wait.

    1. The VERY first line on changelog says:
      XPD-7871 Dark contrails instead of white.

      Why not READ stuff before asking?

      1. I think you should know the differece between a “Known Bug” and a “Bug Fix” . Check the Bug Fix and tell me if you see something realted to the contrail problem.

        1. I think that’s what “MrT” was getting at (maybe a bit too harshly). If it’s in the “Known Bug” section, then it’s not fixed.

          Now, let’s all take a deep breath… oooooohm!

  5. I’ve taken a performance hit since updating. Should I delete my preferences folder? I played last night on 1.34 and was 55-60 FPS. I just updated and now I’m in the mid 30s. Tested on same airport and weather.

  6. Hello guys,

    Big problems with the mouse cursor. At my community, Bora Simular? (facebook group) lot’s of people report it!

    1) The right click has malfunction while moving camera.
    2) Custom cursors are not showing when I point a region at some specific angle at aircraft panel’s.

    Please fix it! 🙂 thanks a lot and sorry about my english!

  7. I did not have much time to try it out a lot, but I found a few things that I think are new relative to the last stable release:
    Autogen airport traffic at KBFI drives on taxiways when there is a plane taxiing, and they even drive on the runway when a plane takes off.
    Once I’ve seen an autogen Kingair or a Baron (hard to say from the distance) that was up to take off, but it hit the end of the runway without doing so. So some dust clouds, and finally it was airborn…
    AI traffic isn’t very sophisticated: When you watch an AI pilot’s flight, ATC sends “resume own navigation” as soon as the plae is somewhat away from the airport, and the AI pilot don’t seem to have a plan where to go. Usually they circle around, going up and down (not touch-and-go, just changing altitude).
    What if AI traffic would follow some real flight plans, picked from a library of flight plans? The AI would be required to pick a flight plan that starts or ends at an airport nearby, and the flight plan has to match the plane being used and the weather (not to start or land with the wind).
    But my main concern is: It’s very hard to get a decent frame rate without having a (climate) killer GPU: With a Radeon RX 560 I only get about 26 fps with a clear sky. I don’t have to tell you what happens when fog rolls in, clouds or rain come up: Fps drop to 12 or worse. Before buying the Radeon I had Intel onboard graphics (Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600) which had about the same frame rates. The new graphics setup only has few controls, but I think with more controls I could get better frame rates while still having the details I’d like to see.

    1. Frame rate is dependent on cpu not gpu. Having AI traffic on will stress your cpu even more. X plane loves cpu frequency but only really uses 1 core. The closer you can get to 5ghz the better.

      1. That’s only partly true about the frame rate being CPU dependant. AMD GPUs have historically had really bad OpenGL support, so frame rates have been poor. Almost any NVIDIA GPU will give you better frame rates. This will probably improve with VULKAN implementation, so you may want to hold onto your current GPU until then. AI traffic is indeed a performance killer. I find that I have way better performance using the World Traffic 3 addon when compared to X-Plane AI. There is an update coming out soon for World Traffic 3 that is supposed to improve performance more, so you may want to check it out. I hope that LR will someday make significant improvements to ATC and AI traffic, but since there hasn’t been any mention of such things, I won’t be holding my breath.

      2. Pete, my experience is quite different: Frame rate is poor if you have CPU power, but no graphics power. Acually I have four times 4 GHz; that should be enough.

    2. RX560 is low perfromance card. Better video player for PCs which does not have enough power for video playback. Anyway

      Currently AMD cards performs really bad becouse OpenGL drivers CPU overheads is really big. Even best AMD GPU Radeon VII performs worse than lowest NVIDIA GTX1650.

      It will be changed with Vulkan release, but it is like 1 year from now. AMD cards will benefit more as OGL overheads will be gone. Those are not that high for green cards and probably for blue team too, but there is no perfromance on card at all.

      26FPS is fine for your gpu and probably mediocore CPU which you do not mention

  8. Some curiosity: Is there any plane that has a fuel cut-off (I could not find either the plane, or the switch)? But I realized that the C172 does not!
    I wanted to see what happens when you try to start the engine when the fuel is cut off.
    I had filed a bug report for the Cessna, because it seems the Cessna actually allows to cut off the fuel (switch positions: left (9’o’clock) / both (12’o’clock) / right (3’o’clock) / off (6’o’clock)).

  9. My name is Alex Mihanovich, aka Axmiha, I’m a scenery designer and the latest update ruined my yellow lines. They’re now all black, as people on my blog were already complaining. My lines, like the default lines, use two layers in order for the lines to “merge” when they cross.
    S_OFFSET 1 39 80 121
    S_OFFSET 0 3610 3680 3750

    I’d like to know what happened with this last update and how to fix this problem. I will file a bug report just in case.
    Thank you.

    1. FYI, the above example does not meet the layer order requirement “numbered consecutively starting at 0”.

  10. Maybe with the next release (v11.40 ? ) there will be some progress on aircraft 3D and VR design tools. Currently Austin indicates that the complete lack of a coherent path to 3D/VR design is “right where we want to be.”
    A recent email from “the X-Plane Team” indicates that Austin et al will be at Oshkosh this year.
    Anyone here remember that in 2007 Austin had one single poster at the back of his booth at Oshkosh, and it displayed only my Rutan VariEze flying in X-Plane? The flight model of the real life plane that was parked over in Homebuilt Camping?

  11. Guys, after 6 days spending 4 hours a day trying to find the correct order of the files on scenery_packs.ini and having to rebuild a tile because it had inconsistency on the elevation data between two different airports at the same region, everything is working great…. and also, I don’t know what have you done on this version, but on VR my FPS jumped from 27 to 35fps on a huge loaded region (Mega Sao Paulo)…. it’s working like a charm for me….. thank for all the hard work….

  12. One nice thing that I don´t see someone talking about on forums is the metar interpretation improvements, now is possible to use Cirrus clouds and stratus clouds with realweather (stations)! To use cirrus you must use SCT020CIR or FEW**0CIR, to use stratos OVC***CIR.
    The cirrus clouds don´t decrease the visivility below then making the visual at higher altitutes very nice. The stratos clouds have a solid horizontal coverage with a less thicker height, making it nice to low celling approachs, comparing this type of clouds with overcast (OVC) the visual is way better at moutain areas because the peak of the mountains becomes more visible above the clouds.
    It is a very nice adition to future uptades to the weather pluggins.
    Thank you Laminar!!

  13. Hi, after upgrading to 11.35, I can no longer do multiplayer, either native or Hamachi or Radmin, I would like some help.

    1. There are forums for that on XPLANE org, no one else has reported the issue that I can see.

    2. I’m too, i’m flying with my friends normally, and when the update is out, all of us update your x-plane and after update, the multiplayer does not work.

  14. Would be great if Dev Team could shed some light on short-to-mid term roadmap beyond 11.35


  15. So quick question about 11.35r. Quite a while ago, Ben posted a blog telling everyone that shaders are a hands off item, and were never meant to be fooled with. Along with that, he warned that shader modifier programs would stop working at some point, and as the new shaders became more and more fragmented, along with changing what they control, it would become nigh impossible to de-construct them.

    With that said, a program I liked when it was free, but never bought because of Ben’s dire warnings, is Xvision. Now that 11.35 is final, it seems Xvision keeps chugging along. So before I waste my money, where does the shader situation stand? Will they be changing? Is there a time table of when they will change? I just don’t want to waste any cash on something that could change tomorrow, and become useless.

    1. The shader situation is exactly the same as when Sidney posted a year ago, which is:

      • We make no guarantee that our shaders will remain even remotely stable across versions.
      • We do not recommend anyone ship an add-on that modifies the shaders.
      • If you ignore that advice, there’s no telling when it will cause surprising stability issues in your sim, or stop working entirely.

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