A minor patch is now available for LR customers. We expect to release this on Steam in about a day. You will need to run the installer and opt into betas to get this version. It includes improved C172 steering, an asynchronous map, and .lin fixes. Full release notes here.

Update: the announcement here says better C172 steering but actually the aircraft file has not been updated and behaves exactly like the C172 in the previous release. The physics model does have an update that allows authors to simulate bungee-cable steering (like the real C172 has) – we’ll enable this in the default Cessna soon.

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18 comments on “X-Plane 11.36r1 Update

  1. Care to elaborate on “Bumped max number of texture atlases from 64 to 128”?

    What is this supposed to fix/improve from user’s or scenery/aircraft designer’s perspective?


    1. X-Plane de-duplicates and merges all of the moving parts of a 2-d panel into a small number of texture atlases. The maximum internal number that _can_ be allocated (as needed, due to complex panels) was 64…a number that we thought no one would ever hit, as a typical aircraft should have 4-8 atlases max.

      Well..we had one third party hit the limit, so we raised it. There’s no perf implication at all – aircraft that didn’t hit the limit are unchanged, and the ones that hit it will have gone from “X-Plane won’t load” to “X-Plane might not be super fast.”

    1. I wonder how this was achieved (and only for this aircraft) given that no file changed in the default C172 folder when I upgraded to 11.36r1.

      1. It was not….the release notes are kinda right and kinda wrong. The SHORT version is the FM feature to make the C172 work is in, but the C172 itself is not updated…this was a weirdo compromise to (1) meet our coding goals for a very tight and packed release schedule for 2019 while (2) moving forward with realistic C172 steering while (3) Philipp is OOTO because he is becoming a real American! (I expect we’ll never beat the German exactness out of him, but maybe we can help him develop a taste for beer that tastes like grapefruit and fireworks. 🙂

        So the C172 works exactly like it did in 11.35 unless you go crack it open in PM. We expect to mod the aircraft itself in the next patch once we have reviewed the complete set of side effects of mucking with the ACF. The feature is also available now for third parties to play with.

        I’ll post more on this later.

  2. 172 steers better but parking brake or full toe brakes won’t hold the plane still on runway or taxiway but will if you run off onto the grass, I’ll file a bug

  3. yeah nose wheel steering is broken in a number of aircraft with this update the bug is also in Austins 11.40 sneak peak as well as some other fun bugs like the tip wake being insane with side loads which seems be related to wind side loads being almost 3 times higher then they should be which has been an issue forever

  4. After upgrading from xp11 to 11.36rc1, I can’t control the nose wheel direction of the A320U FF. I had to go back to 11.35.

  5. It’s the same with the Cessna 172 REP.
    Disabling “advanced steering” in the REP menu is a work around.

  6. Hey Ben,

    What happened with the CEF API? We had those blog posts over a year ago, and then nothing since then.

    By your own admission, the whole panel texture thing is a bit of a mess. It would be so great to render the panel texture in HTML; it would significantly reduce the barrier to entry for making complex panels.


    1. Re: CEF, the near term is just the status quo: we disable our own usage of CEF in the presence of a plugin that uses it, and multiple plugins each trying to use it will result in sadness. We are unfortunately short on both schedule time and brilliant ideas to solve this.

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