This version update includes the modified C172.acf and C172_G1000.acf that use the new nosewheel steering parameters, so you can try out the new bungee steering in default aircraft now. We’ve heard pretty positive feedback on the new handling from the pilots we’ve asked to try it so far!

The interaction of the nose wheel with the rudder and brakes now closely resembles a real C172: The nosewheel is no longer rigidly connected to the rudder, but by a spring-loaded steering bungee. This connection allows a steering angle of about 10 degrees, giving you three times the precision in steering that you had previously! But sometimes you don’t want precision, you just want to make a tight turn – in that case, you use differential braking. This will pull the plane around in a tighter turn, and with the new steering bungee, the nosewheel will follow that turn without skidding, because it can castor beyond the steered deflection.

If you don’t actually have hardware brake pedals, X-Plane will add the differential braking for you when you ask for maximum rudder (using your joystick twist axis).

For aircraft authors looking to incorporate the new parameter into their planes, there is a much more detailed description here.

Full release notes here.

Edit to add: As usual, Steam release will be delayed about 24 hours–expect it to be live sometime tomorrow.

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Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

24 comments on “X-Plane 11.36r2 is out

  1. XPD-10272 Fix plugin-commanded steering not working.

    Does the Fox above refer to Better Pushback not working?

  2. Hi,

    can’t update:

    0:00:37.653 I/DST: Beginning installation to D:\X-Plane 11/
    0:00:37.653 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step “Prüfe Speicherplatz” to “Installation”
    0:00:41.220 E/DSK: ————————————————————-
    0:00:41.220 E/DSK: Error writing to disk (4 – 13): Zugriff verweigert. Eventuell haben Sie keinen Zugriff auf das Verzeichnis oder das Dateisystem
    0:00:41.220 E/DSK: Writing file: D:\X-Plane 11/X-Plane.exe
    0:00:41.220 E/DSK: At: C:\jenkins\design-release\source_code\core\files\FILE_ops.cpp:1507
    0:00:41.220 E/DSK: ————————————————————-
    0:00:41.240 E/INS: Error processing D:\X-Plane 11/X-Plane.exe: Zugriff verweigert. Eventuell haben Sie keinen Zugriff auf das Verzeichnis oder das Dateisystem (C:\jenkins\design-release\source_code\core\files\FILE_ops.cpp:1507)
    0:00:41.240 I/DLG: Displaying alert:
    0:00:41.240 I/DLG: Während des Updates ist ein Fehler aufgetreten:


  3. Hi again, after system restart all good.
    Update successfully.

    0:01:08.385 I/DST: Beginning installation to D:\X-Plane 11/
    0:01:08.385 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step “Prüfe Speicherplatz” to “Installation”
    0:01:11.323 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step “Installation” to “Fertig”
    Clean exit from threads.


  4. Thank you Laminar!!! My nose wheel steering works again for ALL my aircraft! And….better pushback works properly again. Back to flying my favorite a/c…;)

  5. Since r2 update, all of my aircraft, add ons as well as Laminar’s pull to left side on takeoff roll and the external views moves off center to right . Can barely keep them on runway. After takeoff, they are fine except some autopilot hunting in roll. Have tried aircraft re-install, delete preferences and shader cache. All tested aircraft were twins.
    System was fine until this update.

  6. This isn’t not really relevant to the post, other than, umm, nose wheels rotate. But the blog seems to be the best way to communicate with the team.

    Is there any plan to support quaternion rotation in OBJs? Working with euler angles for complex technical animation (e.g. landing gear assemblies) is not fun at all.

    1. A little off topic, but…someday _maybe_. The really big missing feature is skeletal animation – right now we only support rigid body animation, which means we are always a bit at odds with all modern 3-d software. (If we weren’t spending so much rendering engine effort on Vulkan, we’d already have skeletal animation right now – it’s a top prio that everyone really needs.)

      I think in a world with skeletal animation, quaternion interpolation makes sense — you want to key frame your poses and let the interpolator do its work.
      As long as we only have rigid bodies, I don’t think adding quaternions adds a ton of value — realistically the kinds of mechanisms you can easily animate are ones with hinges, pistons, etc. where the euler representation is relatively obvious.

      1. Ben, does this mean you’re considering adding forward and reverse kinematics to X-Plane? Such as when the 3D position of an object changes, everything that’s linked to it moves to match?

        Also, does skeleton based mesh deformation figure into this, as in human figures? Or better yet, wing flex?

        Both of these will be very valuable in VR for copilot avatars and the like.

        1. We are _not_ considering reverse kinematics at this time. Skeletal animation would make the movement of human figures easier (but would do nothing to fix the uncanny valley – your humans will still look creepy as hell. 🙂 Rubber tubes and wing flex are also easier with skeletal animation.

          1. so when well you fix the specular bug where the sun comes though sold objects with no windows? how about some new AA modes and more AA options? water that doesnt look likes its from 1992? how about screen space reflection in place the SLOW awful cube maps that eat the frame rate?
            decoupling the flight model from the frame rate?
            it is unacceptable you cant hold 60fps ALL THE time in this sim in 2019 with 1080 and 4790k with settings that dont look like its 1992
            when will this sim have party with modern engines

          2. Reverse kinematics can be added by plugin. That’s just code.

            The key thing is that the OBJ8 format would expand to include skeletal animation with specific vertices “attached” to specific bones. I presume that’s a loose description of what you’re talking about. Agreed on tubing and wing flex, to be sure.

            Also agreed on the creepy looking humans. Especially if you may have seen the pilot figure in VTOL VR. 😉

      2. IF only there where 3d engines on the market that had these thing already done so you could just focus on the flight model…. OH WAIT THERE ARE

        really i think its about time XP12 move to an off the self engine for the video side of things or you going to get snowed under the moment a halfway good add on aircraft for MSFS20 comes out

        this “We have make everything our selves” you guys have is holding things back and the excuse that its a sim doesnt hold when its months away from 2020

        btw it looks like MSFS20 maybe using Unigine

        1. This topic has been discussed (even by me) a couple of years ago. And the answer back then was already that it’d be a huge effort to port X-Plane to an off the shelf 3d engine.

          I’m imagining that now, after all the time invested to port the sim to Vulkan, the same applies twofold… Humans also have this huge pitfall where after being invested into something, they will rarely change. An example is when waiting in a line for 5 minutes or so, you will not change to another line even if it looks to be a much better option at any point in time. Interesting stuff! 🙂

          1. yeah but how long have then spent on Vulkan with nothing to show for it and it wont even help frame rates where a new modern engine would how much time would take them to make a new engine with parity of Unreal 4 or Unigine a lot longer then starting with it

            im not saying port im saying start FRESH with XP12 new everything even if breaks everything from 11

        2. Your complaining, suggestions, rants on the blog post are old! Go take a cold shower and then go hike a mountain! And when you are done with that maybe you would be inspired to create your own sim! And gives us a progress update in 20 years 😉

  7. Question before I file a bug report. Is anyone having issues with the fmc freezing on approach? All buttons for me are not available anymore while on approach and the fmc freezes.

  8. Did test the new wheel steering with the Cessna: Tryied steering with rudder and left/right breaks at different speed looked good. I tried a landing and I just controlled the position with left and right brake ony. Also worked nicely. The turn radius looks reasonable, too.

  9. I can not start X-Plane 11.36r2. Every plugin causes a crash. Even if I disable the plugins, crashes X-Plane. It seems like X-Plane can not process xpl files.

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